A/N: Since so many of you liked it, I'm giving it to you in...KOTOHA'S VIEW! YAY!

It was soft and melodic. As melodic it could be.

Kotoha's flute played in the moonlight, letting the wind carry what it tunes it could carry. Kotoha knew things, but there was one thing she didn't know that night. She was being watched.

Watched by her lord.

Kotoha's flute playing had hypnotized Takeru into coming to the window. She played her best that night, wondering what would happen once she parted ways with the other vassals. Especially Takeru. Of course she would miss him. Who wouldn't? She would come back one day.

She would come back for him.

As much as she wanted to, it was forbidden for her to fall in love with Takeru. But it was too late. She already did. She didn't know how it happened, but she fell in a most dangerous and unbreakable love she could ever feel for Takeru. Being that it was dangerous, she could never tell him how she felt about him. The way she really felt about him-not as a vassal, but as herself.

Little did she know, he felt the same way. It was too dangerous for them to fall in love. Dokoku was still out there...Juuzo would just kidnap her...the words of their fellow Shinkengers...it would put them both under a pressure they never expected to feel. Nevertheless, it made them enjoy each other's company. They could just be themselves, and no one else. It was too scandalous. What would other clans think of them? No, they would think too highly and criticize them for even falling in love.

But, their status never mattered. All that mattered was once Dokoku was defeated, they could be together. Kotoha pulled the flute from her lips, wishing that it was Takeru and only him kissing them.

"Tono-sama..." Kotoha whispered. "Once everything has dispersed, I will say to you that I love you."

She smiled, looking up at the moon and disappeared inside the Shiba household, letting Takeru watching at his window take his leave to his bed.