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Terra/Aqua, Saïx/Larxene
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Bonus chapter! To be honest, this was supposed to be included in the original one-shot, but I came across problems such as 1) the original dragged on too long if I added this, 2) when it comes to Saïx/Larxene, I have this nagging need to lengthen their interaction when I'm not supposed to (OTL), and 3) the ending – if I had ended the one-shot with this – just didn't feel right IMO. So! That's why this is a bonus chapter; the epilogue if you will. :)

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"Girl, don't be shy, I know you ain't
Cause I just wanna…"
~ Paint: Travis Garland and JoJo


Wiping the sweat off his brow, Terra examined his hard work thoroughly; very pleased to know that he and Aqua have finally finished painting the walls in the living room about six hours after they had originally started. Well with the painting and cleaning anyways. Who knew they could have made such a big mess with the paint; getting it everywhere from the floor to the walls?

…Don't answer that.

"I like it." Aqua cut through Terra's reverie as she wiped her hands on her black tank top; her blouse missing after their 'break' so to speak. Smiling contently, the blue-haired female brushed her bangs to the side of her face and glanced at him. "Good thing the paint was water-based otherwise we would've been in big trouble."

"With what? Stains of paint on the floor? I think leaving it everywhere would've left a great memory between you and me."

Aqua immediately flushed a deep shade of red before her frown returned after being absent for six hours. Rolling her eyes, Aqua shook her head and muttered loudly in exasperation. "Boys…"

Smirking, Terra walked up to Aqua and tugged her now paint-free blue locks. She habitually reached up to smoothed down her hair again and the brunet offered. "I was joking. We cleaned up good… With the living room too I guess."

Aqua wasn't convinced and scolded with a lifted eyebrow. "Quit giving everything a double-meaning."

Terra simply laughed before they both heard the sound of footsteps and muffled voices approaching the front door. A key jiggled in the lock and clicked; opening the door as two people – a blonde woman and a blue-haired man – stepped inside while squabbling. It was like neither person had realized Terra or Aqua were in the apartment with them.

"I don't care, Saïx. When I'm talking, you better damn well leave your phone ringing since you're mine when we're together on a fricken date," Larxene finalized while slapping her keys on the side table in the hallway.

Saïx deadpanned while keeping a straight face, though his eyes spoke volumes of aggravation. "Need I remind you that I'm not an object, Larxene?"

She hummed, tapping the side of her face rhythmically with her index finger. "Last time I checked, you're my boyfriend and boy toy, silly."

"…She seriously calls him that?" Terra blurted out in confusion, causing Saïx and Larxene's attention to focus on Terra and Aqua. The brunet mentally slapped himself whereas Aqua shook her head with a small smile. "Uh…"

"Oops, I forgot you guys were here doing…whatever it was." Larxene clicked her tongue passively. She peeled off her coat and dumped it – along with her handbag – on the couch that still remained in the hallway. "No wonder this thing is out here."

Saïx on the other hand was more aware of the situation and sneered at Terra accusingly. "…Why are you shirtless?"

Terra flinched and nervously scratched the side of his face while looking up at the ceiling with a trying smile. "Oh, um, I was painting…?"

…He wasn't buying it. Lucky for Terra, Aqua (bless her soul) diverted Saïx's attention away before Terra had to deal with an 'incoming storm' if he continued to answer Saïx's hardening questions. The brunet wasn't exactly Saïx's favorite person for dating his 'baby' sister… Then again, did Saïx ever have a favorite person that – supposedly – wasn't Larxene or Aqua? The blue-haired female threw Saïx's black shirt (the one Terra refused to wear earlier that day) over her older brother's head and it momentarily broke his concentrated glare. Almost casually, Aqua reminded while patting Saïx's shoulder. "You left this here last week. I forgot to give that back to you."

Larxene – who was leaning against the couch apathetically examining her fingernails – piped up when she caught sight of the black shirt. "Hey, that's mine!"

"It's a male-sized t-shirt and I don't ever remember giving it to you." Saïx sardonically snapped, pulling the shirt off his head while showcasing his trademark scowl.

"You didn't have to give it to me; not when I was wearing it that night you stayed over." A mischievous smirk touched the blonde's face as she twisted her antennae-like strand of hair around her finger.

That cracked Saïx's strict composure for an instant before he cleared his throat and quickly looked away. Needless to say, Terra was once again glad he didn't wear something that belonged to Aqua's brother. Larxene was…a bit too much for his tastes. How Aqua could stand her was a mystery, but it was even more puzzling that Saïx of all people decided to date Larxene. God, Aqua's bloodline was completely mental.

"…I'm borrowing your washing machine, Aqua." Saïx declared with obvious undertones as he turned on his heel and left the room; shirt in hand.

Larxene glared and shouted after him. "Oh, real mature. I'm your girlfriend, you bastard!"

Saïx was already out of the room, but he mumbled loudly enough for Terra to hear before disappearing completely. "And so help me god that will be the reason I don't wring your neck, you witch…"

How? Someone, please enlighten me. Terra refrained from sighing out loud. Now, he wasn't an expert on relationships, but Saïx and Larxene's was just plain weird. One minute they were near-civilized and the next they were antagonizing each other. Aqua had told him once before that they just expressed their apparent love/hate attraction to one other violently in the most verbal way possible, but of course, Terra knew Aqua was just being nice about the truth. In actuality, she really meant attraction in the most physically violent way possible. That kind of relationship was one not worth investigating no matter how amusing it appeared on the surface to others.

He soon felt his hand being squeezed by another's and Terra found Aqua beaming up at him. Terra couldn't help but return the smile; knowing that she was well aware of his exasperated state after having to see or deal with Saïx, Larxene, or both at the same time. She truly was a blessing without a disguise when he was overwhelmed with stress or the like. Kissing her forehead, Terra dropped her hand before running his fingers through his hair. "Well, at least the painting's done."

"I'll say. Everything's blue!" Larxene interrupted while glancing at each wall with a critical eye. "Huh. You did cover up all those scratch marks."

Aqua furrowed her eyebrows; exchanging a confused look with Terra before glancing at her roommate. "Scratch marks? You didn't tell me that those chips were caused by scratches."

Larxene hummed absentmindedly; hands on her hips. "Didn't I mention it? Oh well. Yeah; those scratch marks are my fault I suppose… Actually no; they're equally caused by me and Saïx." Cracking a suggestive smirk, the blonde sashayed past the both of them and made her way out of the living room to (intentionally) bother her blue-haired boyfriend. "I can't control myself when your brother acts like such a beast, Aqua; especially when we 'make up' after fighting."

Neither Terra nor Aqua visibly reacted during their pause; the sound of Saïx and Larxene arguing down the hall being the only noise that disturbed the silence. Closing his eyes slowly, Terra dragged his palm down his face and craned his head upwards with a groan. "'Make up' after fighting? I can only guess how many times that would be. God, those two are ridiculous together…"

"Terra?" Peeking through the cracks between his fingers, Terra noted Aqua's reddening cheeks as her eyes flinted in embarrassment. Playing with the hem of her shirt, she muttered nervously. "U-Um…the next time we…we 'paint', let's just do it at your place, okay?"

The brunet agreed with no objections. "I'm all for that." Changing the subject, Terra attempted to lighten up the mood. "So…today wasn't so bad, huh? I had fun."

Aqua's lips twitched before a full-blown smile replaced her then sullen mood. "Of course you did, Terra. But I won't lie…I had fun too; with or without the paint."