Risks and Mistakes chapter 6:

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Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear except we weren't speaking of the devil. Maia was in our grade and Math class. And she has had the biggest crush on Freddie. Did I mention she was a stuck up bitch. And she was supposed to be in Alabama for the week what is she doing here and of all places the movies.

"Hey Maia, nice to see ya," Freddie said clearly not noticing she is a flirt.
"Nothing just came to see The Hunger Games, love the book and the movie!" she exclaimed. Yeah right like she could even read. "Oh hey Samantha," She said. "Hi Maia, Freddie and I are just going to my house so I guess I'll see ya." I said. "Oh okay could I join?" like she couldn't even be anymore bolder. "Um no my mom got this new bikini and as a good friend I wouldn't want to spoil your eyes." I said matter-of-factly. But I wasn't lying, if she is in Vegas she probably is in a bikini talking or trying to win the heart of some rich dude. "Oh, anyways I had to go see my sister, she's in the hospital." Oh poor lil sister, like we care and you could so tell that she is trying to hide her disappointment. "Kay bye," I said giving her a wave.

"Come on Sam I know you're jealous but you don't have to be so mean," he said. "Whatever, we'll be late for the movie," I said, "But the movie is a DVD, how can we be late?" he questioned. "Look nub who…wait what did you say?" I questioned him "I said the movies a…" "No not that the sentence before that." "Oh, I said that you may be jealous." He said casually. Jealous, who said I was jealous. "What are you talking about?" "Aw, come on Sam! It's so clear that you didn't want Maia around, because you thought she would take all the attention away from you." He said teasingly. "Look, dude shut up or you'll spend the day alone on the streets like a hobo. "I said warningly." "Okay, but you aren't denying that you were jealous," he said. "That's it I'm leaving. Go talk to the hobos." I said and stormed off. I could hear him calling saying that he was sorry and blah-blah., but I was already walking down the road to my house and like I said before my house is just ten minutes away.

I was at home making lemonade. I know random drink but I was feeling for it. Then I heard a knock on the door.

"Sam, it's Carly." Carly shouted. Well I was expecting Freddie but okay. "Hey how was wherever you lovebirds went." I said as she and Brad walked into the house. "We went to the port to see the ships, where's Freddie?" she asked. "Oh we got into a fight and I left him to talk to the hobos." "What! He's still alive with no cuts or bruises, right? Tell me yes Sam." She said in a rush "Yes he is I love him that much that I won't hurt him." I said "Wow, first you're jealous and now you're in love. Wow I repeat, wow" I heard a familiar voice behind me. Dammit I knew I forgot to close the door…

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