Logos I

A/N- If you have read any of the Obernewtyn Chronicles this fic will seem somewhat similar to the first book in that series. I read that book years ago and absolutely loved it. But I have promised not to read until they are finished because I hate waiting for books to be published. I highly recommend the series, I that find the first three books really are my personal favorites.

NejiTen will be the main pairing because they are my absolute favorite. They always will be my favorite pairing and I hope they happen.

This chapter will be a prologue because I want to set the setting. I like to start out stories by describing geographical location and events happening. I also want to introduce the main characters Neji and Tenten and others.

Thank you for reading!

Chapter 1. Prologue.

The city of Konoha lies within the bounds of fire country, which is ruled by a fake republic. The republic is filled with political puppets. They in turn are controlled by the group called the Akatsuki.

The Akatsuki are a fierce group of ninjas that ban the use of chakra and other ninja arts. They desire to be the sole controller of the land by being the only group of ninjas.

They condemn those who are ninjas to be sent to the compound of Konoha in the most northern reaches of Fire country.

Konoha can only be reached by a dangerous trek through mountains. Snow often avalanches onto innocent travelers, so few ever venture to the northern city. In fact, the Akatsuki have ordered no one except ninjas to go to that city.

The city of Konoha is mostly just a compound for the captured ninjas. The environment surrounding it makes the use of chakra impossible within the confines of the city. This is so that those forced to live within the city cannot escape.

The city itself is a main structure that was built before the disaster and before the Akatsuki had control of the fire country. This is where meals are served to the prisoners as well as sleeping arrangements.

The person in charge of the compound is named Itachi Uchiha. He and his partner Kisame make sure no one escapes from Konoha. They are kind to the prisoners most of the time. It is widely known that Itachi holds fellow ninjas in the highest respect. But he also holds his loyalty to the Akatsuki in higher respect.

Not much is known of Kisame. He keeps mostly to himself, hidden within the walls of the compound.

Together these two rule over Konoha.