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Hyperspace - Part 2.


Captain Jonathon Archer, captain of Starfleet's NX class flagship, NX - 01 Enterprise, was staring out of his viewport as Enterprise orbited the planet they were surveying, had been surveying for the past few days. Sitting in his ready room, Archer was simply catching up on the latest news from Earth and Starfleet cartography, Starfleet Science and Starfleet Engineering. It had been a year since NX - 01 - 04 had arrived in the Delta quadrant, and in that year the number of aliens, worlds and technologies that had been encountered and catalogued had risen in all four directions. So far they hadn't encountered any hostile races, but as they moved deeper and deeper into the quadrant arms of the galaxy the fleet were exploring, it was only a matter of time before they met a serious threat. It had happened.

He'd heard reports that the Gamma Quadrant crew had encountered a hostile empire known as the Dominion, and so far the Dominion had been defeated by the sheer power of Starfleet's finest, samples of their ships and their genetically engineering super soldiers, the Jem' Hadar had been sent for analysis to Facility 4. Archer wasn't worried, he was a long way from there, and he knew the Gamma Quadrant wasn't all hostile, that some of it wasn't even touched by this Dominion.

The Jem'Hadar had already proven themselves to be vicious and merciless, but so too was Starfleet technology. Archer was grateful for that, just as he was grateful for the alternate technologies picked up by Facility 4, like the Defiant for instance. Their advanced weapons kept them off balance.

Archer hoped that Starfleet was able to reach out the hand of friendship to them, but somehow he doubted it. From what they knew already the Dominion was a beligerant organisation, and if it came to war, they'd be able to throw warships and soldiers without breaking sweat, but Starfleet with hyperdrive technology, would pack a stronger punch, especially when the tactical analysis was finished.

Archer also took the time to think about the crew of his ship, and he could honestly say he was proud of them. Trip had worked miracles time and time again, and he loved every logged hour tinkering with the engines and the alien technologies they came across.

Travis Mayweather's skill with the helm was now legendary, and Archer was proud of him and his expertise, which had helped more times than they could count.

Hoshi Sato was more or less out of her shell, and working to understand the various cultures of languages. Archer had to smile, everytime he saw her study languages, see her grin, her twinkling eyes...he had to grin at the enthusiasm for learning something new.

Archer's smile faded somewhat as he thought to himself about his tactical officer. Malcom Reed was highly recommended when he'd looked through the files on selection of tactical. Reed had Maco training to go with his skills, honed by experience of fighting in the Kzinti conflict. But Reed wasn't a social man, sure Archer had tried to get him to talk but Reed was of the school that believed the captain should be a step or two above his crew.

Archer didn't believe that. He believed that if you were going to serve with anyone, be they captain, helm, tactical, chef or engineer, for long periods of time, and it was a given fact that Starfleet expected the NX program to last for a long, long time. The last thing Archer wanted was a tactiturn and socially stunted officer aboard. He wanted the equivalent of friendships, akin to a family.

Shaking his head, Archer had decided to keep Reed at arms length, but he wasn't going to hesitate in talking to him on occasion whether he liked it or not.

Then came his science officer. Archer's face split into a small smile at the thought of T'Pol. It was clear that a year of working and living with humans on a starship had done wonders for her. She was still haughty, but she was looser with her arrogance. She now had a dry sense of humour; Archer had no idea if that had been because of him and his crew, or simply if she'd had it all the time and he'd never seen it because she was busy suppressing it.