Author's Note

I've started writing 100 word Drabbles to try and ease the writer's block/muselessness. I'm using a new word every day as 'inspiration'.

I've never written X-Men fanfiction before, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Bona Fides

Raven – Mystique – stared at her reflection.

Blue, scaly skin, so soft it would make a baby envious. An intricate pattern of scales created even more unique features.

Brilliant, red, shoulder length hair, shiny enough to make the prettiest model faint. She thought it made her look like a garish, abstract piece of art.

Her gaze traveled over her body until it met her yellow eyes.

She hated her eyes, her hair, her skin. Her forme naturelle.

But not Erik. Erik who accepted her. He thought she was 'perfection'.

She thought she'd finally believed him.

But she wasn't perfection.

bona fides

n. good faith; the state of being exactly as claims or appearances indicate