Ok... I really wish I would stop having random dreams about new stories. I REALLY need to focus on the ones I already started. (sigh) Doesn't look like I'll ever be able to just focus on one...


Fingers: When are you going to put me in a story?

Living: When you stop being annoying and just do the disclaimer!

Fingers: Fine... She doesn't own anything.

Living: There! Was that so hard?

Fingers: Will you put me in a story now?

Living: Maybe...

8 year old Dick Grayson was sitting in the stands, watching his parents do their acrobatic routine.

It was going great until he heard gunshots, and saw his parents falling.

Quickly, he jumped out his seat, and across the barricade to see them.

Lying there motionless, were his parents. Before he even reached them, he knew.

They were dead.

Not long after that, he was taken to an adoption agency, and adopted by Bruce Wayne, the one and only Batman.

But, during the chaos, something, or actually, someone was overlooked.

Dick's younger brother, Danny, had been hiding under the stands since he heard the gunshots.

He had been so scared, that he had just stayed hidden, until all the noise died down.

Slowly, he crawled out from under his seat, and walked up to the stage his parents had been performing on just an hour before.

Since Dick normally did the act with his parents, and Danny was on the other side of the tent from him, he automatically assumed his brother had died as well.

Believing his whole family dead, Danny burst into tears.

He was crying so hard, he didn't even hear the sound of the tent being opened and people talking.

"I bet it was a ghost that did this!" said a lady with red hair.

Turning her head, she saw the poor orphaned boy.

"Oh! Oh-my..."

She walked toward him, while her husband ranted about ghosts and fudge.

The lady walked up to him, closely followed by her daughter.

"What are doing here?" she asked.

Danny stuttered, trying to catch his breath, "My-my parents...they're g-gone."

The lady, whose name was Madeline Fenton, looked at him incredulously yet passionately.

"That's funny, they said they already took the son to the adoption center." she said, receiving a few surprised, yet happy looks.

Danny had caught his breath by this time, and his eyes were shining happily, "You mean my brother's okay?"

Maddy looked at the boy.

Even though his parents had just died, he quickly found the silver lining.

Danny soon found himself going into long, in dept stories about him and his family.

She looked at the six year old and smiled.

This boy was growing on her.

Not long after that, The Fenton's adopted Danny, and he went to live with them in Amity Park.

He quickly made friends with a couple kids named Tucker Foley and Samantha (Sam) Manson, and as we all know, when he turned fourteen, he received ghost powers from a freak lab accident, involving a badly made ghost portal.

His brother on the other hand, was fighting crime as Robin, Batman's sidekick, until they had a falling out, and he went on his own, starting a group called the Teen Titans based in Jump City.

Living: I think that was a pretty good prologue!

Fingers: eh.

Living: What? What's wrong with it?

Fingers: It just didn't flow...

Living: Well, I know that! That's just the best that I can do. SO KNOW FLIMS!

Fingers: Don't you mean "flames"?

Living: That too! I also noticed that you can't put double end marks, like a question mark then a exclaimation point. Weird huh?

Fingers: (muffled under breath) Not as weird as you...

Living: What did you say?

Fingers: Nothing!