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It had been a week since the Birthday Party. Sevres's goddaughter had turn 1 years old he had been so proud of her. Emily and Harry had both loved their broom sticks and raced each other around the field out side of there warm inviting home in Godric's Hollow. He had took a picture of Emily catching the vase that her clumsy good for nothing brother had tipped over. James had been so proud of her and he kept boasting how she would make a great seeker for Gryffindor obviously. For once I sort of agreed with James, but I knew that Emily would make a far better Slytherin than Gryffindor . The brats Sirius, James, Remus and Peter were nicer and much more civilized towards him for a change. But it still had been awkward.

September 18 1980

I was such a wreck I don't know how could I let this happen . Damn I should have known this would have happened how am I going to explain this to lily. How am I suppose to say I put her family in grave danger that I had just made them lord voldemort's number 1 target? I had just received word from the dark lord and he told me he thinks it's the potter's son, so he decided to kill them all. I'm feel as though my heart is torn apart the woman I love and her beloved daughter will be dead and all because of me. I quickly flew to the potter's house and explained this situation to them.

Potters house

I lay in my bed crying my head buzzed with overwhelming confusion. The conversation before that had led me into screaming and kicking my best friend out of my house played through my head. I should have let him explain more there surely was more to this story than I had originally thought, he was probably under a spell or forced to. The severes I knew would have never gambled Emily's life willingly, that led me to the thought of him being tricked to do reveal information he wished to keep under the lock. Then again how could I barely guess the right situation with so little information. All Severus had said was, "The dark lord is after you he will come and kill your whole family and it's my fault I told him something that made you and your family his top target." What could Severus have ever said that could turn my family in to his top priority to kill? I closed my eyes again trying to sort through my brain it was a trick I learned form Severus. As soon as I thought of Severus a sharp pain jabbed my heart, I felt betrayed and double-crossed by my so-called friend. From that moment I knew I was going to die but I sure was going to put up a good fight before.