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Will Sophia flip? What color wolf will she be? Have to be the two most interesting questions about Wolf Lake. I sincerely, hope that over the summer, the ratings will boom! And, Wolf Lake will be re-newed and will be put in a highly coveted time slot, preferably after Enterprise on Wednesday nights.

Blah! Blah! On with the story—

……She picked the strong, healthy younger Alpha Male up by the shirt and literally tossed him across 10 yards, hurling him into his car. Strength that even the strongest of the pack has never displayed, in all of the packs history. Their bloodline was shallow, too shallow. They were strong, fast, and agile. But, she would be something more and greater. Simply, because of the depth her mother's human DNA, whose ancestry ran as far back as the packs.

She turned to see the human boy, look at her with fear and turn on his heals and make fast tracks to the safety of his home.

"Daddy, help me!" She pleaded with agony crying out of every fiber of her body.

He was startled by the glow of gold that flashed within her eyes. He could no longer deny it. He no longer was able to stop the change. Tonight his daughter, whom he promised his wife would lead a normal-human life, was going to "flip". There was no stopping it.

She was in so much pain; he could remember his "change" and the first time he flipped. The relieve that followed. And, he knew all he could do, was to help Sophia "flip" as soon as possible. To stop her suffering, he lifts her up and carries her out the door. He is admittedly met by Luke Cates.

"I'll take her." He said as he slid his arms under Sophia's body and took her from her father's arms.

"Like hell you will, I am her father." The man was angry, his eyes ablaze.

Luke did not care that the sheriff had murder in his eyes. He was taken his soulmate, the female he would call his mate. Making her the younger Alpha Female. He was IN-LOVE.

Luke now knew why Matthew Donner gave up his rightful place within the clan, as the Alpha Male. The sheriff was very strong and could have easily became Alpha. But, he fell in-love himself, with a human. And, for love of that human he gave up his place in the pack. Gave up "flipping" and Luke was grateful, because it meant the birth of his mate, Sophia.

He turned and carried her to his car, that had a dented hood and smashed windshield. He held her as she lay across his lap. And, he flew down the streets to the mountains on instinct. Matt did not simply stand there and watch, no he followed right behind; when the sheriff left his cruiser to take Sophia from Luke and take her into the woods himself. He was promptly warded off by a snarl and a flash of white fangs with flashing goldfish-red hue in the cub's eyes; even though, the sheriff could've easily handled the arrogant pup, he knew it was all too dangerous for Sophia-she might hate me, was what went through his mind.

"She's mine, now. I love her. Go home! I'll take care of her." Luke ordered.

And, out of respect for his daughter and the pack. Knowing that she would soon be a member of the pack. A very important member of the pack; Matt simply got back into the cruiser and prayed that his daughter would survive the transition and that her half-breed status only helped her and not hindered her. Because, she did not stand a chance if it did hinder her, she'd be ripped apart if she were not strong enough to defend herself. He started the cruiser and went home, to wait.

Deep within the woods, Sophia could no longer take the silent agony that was coursing through her body and mind. She screamed out. And, Luke sat her down gently; on her hands and knees. The tutored scream broke into a howl, she opened her eyes and they were glowing gold. Luke took her clothes off , so she would not rip them to shreds when she "flipped"; he then moved back and watched her "flip".

"My God!" was the only soft statement of awe, or anything else, that could escape Luke's body. She was beautiful. She was a rare, white female wolf. The one that legend destined to be the mate of the Alpha; he thought his sister, Ruby, was the one destined to be the Alpha Female of the next generation. Could this mean, what he hoped it meant.

**Luke!** the wolf was looking up at him, but his name filled his mind with ease. It was neither surprise nor fear; it was a command. And, took his clothes off as quickly as he could and "flipped"; they than tore off through the woods together.

They eventually made their way back to where they left their human clothing, but they did not return to human form, not yet at least.

Don't worry there will be more………