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The Revelations of one Harry James Potter

It was the end of year five of Harry Potter's education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and things weren't going so well. It all started a week ago when he led some of his friends on a mission to rescue his godfather. His arch enemy had given him a false vision through their shared mental link that showed him that Sirius Black was in trouble. Every method Harry used to contact Sirius was met with either non answers or lies. In his panic, Harry was leaving to go rescue the only family he had left.

Harry was more than willing to go alone and even after his friends insisted they come, he told them it was too dangerous and that he didn't want to see them get hurt. Of course with all good friends, they volunteered to go as they didn't want him doing it on his own. He finally relented and off they went to the Ministry of Magic on London.

To make a long story shorter, they were attacked, outnumbered, and injured during the battle until they were assisted by members of the Order of the Phoenix. Sirius was one of these members who responded and like Harry, he was doing everything in his power for the only family member he had left. Sadly, Sirius was hit by a stunner as he was standing too close to the Veil of Death and he fell through. A distraught Harry flew into a rage at Sirius' opponent and began chasing the crazy Bellatrix Lestrange through the Ministry.

Their confrontation ended up in the atrium where Harry met his long time foe (Voldemort) once again. During this 'meeting', Voldemort managed to possess Harry with all of his friends watching. Needless to say, they were terrified and most of them had to leave quickly to go change their underwear.

They made it back to Hogwarts and while the others were sent to the infirmary, Harry was taken to the Headmaster's office where he learned of a prophecy that foretold of the whole wizarding war coming down to between Harry and Voldemort. Harry didn't take this news too well as he had just witnessed his only family being taken from him and managed to destroy quite a few things in the office. Harry stormed out of the office without uttering another word.

To ad to Harry's misery, he used his invisibility cloak to sneak up to see his friends in the infirmary. Once he arrived, he overheard them talking about how one day Harry would get them all killed. Of his five friends, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were the most vocal and were trying their best to get the other two, Neville and Luna, to agree with them. After a while, Neville finally nodded his head but Luna never even replied.

Harry was torn between disgust and sadness with all the revelations he had faced tonight along with the death of Sirius. He finally snuck off and wasn't seen for the rest of their days at Hogwarts and even on the train ride home. Unknown to Harry, he wasn't as alone as he thought. Always behind him and out of sight, a pair of tennis ball sized green eyes kept a silent vigil over the devastated young wizard.

When they arrived at Kings Cross Station, Harry once again used his invisibility cloak to hide and managed to sneak past everyone and find his Uncle and Aunt. Once he located them, Harry saw that there was a group of Order members surrounding his family and giving them a hard time. Harry immediately pulled off his cloak and stepped right in the middle of the 'talk'.

Harry looped his arms in his uncle and aunt's and said "Come on Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, let's go home and get away from these idiots. I don't think I can handle much more of them this year."

The Order members looked dumbfounded and were about to say something when Harry held up his hand and said "You know, I really don't want to hear any of your crap right now. Leave me and my family alone."

The still shocked group stood there as Harry and his family walked to the car and drove away. Once inside the car, Vernon was about to blow when he said "The nerve of those freaks!"

Harry just said "I couldn't agree more Uncle Vernon."

Petunia turned and said "Hmmm, that doesn't sound like you. What has happened to cause this change in attitude?"

"Well Aunt Petunia, to start with, I had an evil bitch of a teacher giving me hell all year long. To make it worse, none of my teachers would help me even when there was evidence of torture. Then, I kept having these visions all year long and now everyone thinks I'm either crazy or a danger to them. I had a vision of Sirius being tortured and well, it's Sirius and there's no way I wouldn't go and try to help him. So anyway, it was a fake to try and trap me and Sirius came to try and save me like I was trying to save him. His bitch of a cousin cursed him and he ended up dying."

Petunia said "Sirius is dead? OH I'm sorry Harry."

Harry gave her a strange look and then said "Then, Dumbledore sends me back to his office where he tells me there's this prophecy that says either me or Voldemort has to kill each other and that we are the only ones who can. If that wasn't enough, why couldn't he tell me sooner? I mean I asked him three years ago why Voldemort was after me and he told me I was too young. So after I destroyed half his office, I snuck up to the infirmary to see my so called 'friends'. I stayed hidden while I listened to them talk about how dangerous I was and how they couldn't be my friends anymore for fear of being hurt."

"I'm so sorry Harry. I know your friends meant a lot to you. I know you didn't have many around home and that was mainly our fault. I promise you we will talk about all this more when we can sit down with something to drink. It may help."

Harry nodded and said "Well after all that, I just hid out for a few days until the train left and I just hid out until I saw those jackasses harassing you and you know the rest."

Petunia looked at Vernon and said "Dear, I know you have been dreading this day for a long time but I think it is time to come clean about everything and help Harry toward his destiny."

Vernon said "Yes, I think you are right. Harry, I have been dreading this time because I would have to face up to how I treated you and tell you why. Just know that it was for your own good. Some of the lessons may have been harsh but you learned to only rely on yourself. I'm sorry to say that we can't help you in your world but we did try and raise you to be hard enough to survive in it. I would say I'm sorry but in all honesty, I'm not. I think I did my job well and once we get home, you will understand it even more. If it makes any difference, we are proud of you and the man you are becoming."

Harry just stood there with his mouth open. Petunia laughed and said "Close your mouth before you catch a fly."

When they arrived at #4 Private Drive, they led Harry into the sitting room while Petunia went up to her bedroom. She came back down with an envelope and pulled several pieces of parchment from it. Vernon got back up and said "Hang on a minute." He stepped out and walked back in with six bottles of ale. He uncorked three of them and handed one each to Petunia and Harry while keeping the last one for himself.

They all took a long pull on their ales before starting the conversation.

She said "Okay Harry, just sit back and listen and if you have any question, just stop us and we will try our best to answer."

Harry nodded.

Dear Vern and Tuney,

I really don't know where to begin this letter. I guess the beginning will have to do. Tuney, I have taught you as much as I could of this world so that you would be aware of things and have enough knowledge to help my son if things go badly. Currently, the wizarding world is in the middle of a war. The bad guys are led by a dark lord called Voldemort and are winning. They are truly bad people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Right now, they want James, Harry, and I dead all because of some rubbish prophecy. You see the thing about prophecies is that they have no meaning unless someone believes them. Sadly, this prophecy is about how our Harry has the power to defeat Voldemort. I know it will only be a matter of time before he finds us and we will die in front of him.

We have taken some steps to help Harry if he survives us. The first thing you need to know is that we are including the latest copy of our will. This is our true will and there is a copy of it with the Goblins of Gringotts. In it we detail our true bequeaths to our dear loved ones and also deal with several legal matters for Harry. The only way this will can become public knowledge is if you and Harry both go to Gringotts to enact it.

Now, we had to use some subterfuge but we have left Dumbledore with the impression that our relationship is strained and that you absolutely hate magic. Tuney, my dear sweet sister, please know that we don't think that way at all. We just know that if something happens, Dumbledore will place Harry in your custody to have him beat down and moldable into a weapon for him to control. In the will that he knows about, we added that under no circumstance will Harry be allowed to live with you. That sneaky man I married actually felt it the best way to make sure Harry ends up with you.

Now here comes the hard part, Vern and Tuney, I know how much you love Harry from the times you have spent together but I must ask a favor. If and when you get Harry, make his life hard. Make him work hard, discipline him hard and physically but not brutally, and make him hard mentally and emotionally. I know I ask a lot of you but it is the only way he will be able to stand tall in the future that is ahead of him.

Okay, I'm sorry for asking you this but it is necessary. We love our son with our whole heart but even we would have pushed him hard to make him into the Lord he must become.

One day, the time will come that he will become aggravated at the world he has joined. It is then that you should read him this letter and then give him the letter I left for him. There may even be one from Sirius that he needs to read.

Just know that we love you both and would not trust our precious son with anyone else. When the time comes, take Harry to Gringotts and everything will be taken care of. We have seen to it.


Lily & James

Harry sat there stunned and couldn't even speak for a few minutes. He finally said "So it was all planned? My whole life has been one big training session?"

Petunia said "Yes Harry, it has. I love you but I'm not sorry for what we did. Now, I have a letter for you from your parents and another from Sirius that came last night."

Harry opened the first letter and started reading.

Dearest Harry,

I want you to know that your father and I love you very much. If you are reading this then we have died and have taken steps for your future. I'm sure Tuney has read her letter to you and you have some questions. The first is probably why. I won't claim to know everything about the wizarding world but I do know that it is a hard and tough world to live in. We chose this path for you to make you into the man you need to be to Head the House of Potter. I love you my sweet little man but don't let your heart over rule your mind. You need to be strong for the future ahead of you if you are going to change it. Please don't be angry at Petunia or Vernon as they did as we asked. I can promise you it hurt them deeply to act that way towards you.

Now, another thing you need to know is that there are few people you can truly trust in our world. You can always trust Vernon and Petunia. The others that I know for a fact will never betray you are your betrothed and Sirius Black. Yes, there is a betrothal contract for you. I think you will be very pleased if her mother's looks are anything to go by. Sirius is a different matter. He took a blood oath as your godfather and there is no way he could ever betray you.

Next let us talk of the people you should NOT trust. The top of the list consists of one Albus Dumbledore. Don't let his grandfatherly demeanor fool you. He only cares about the greater good and that is what ever is best for Albus Dumbledore. Next we have any of the lying weasels known as the Weasley family. They are sworn enemies of the Potters and will stop at nothing to gain our wealth and power. In the past, they were the pawns of Albus. If you have any female muggleborn friends and I hope you do, keep them away from the Weasleys. They will try and make her a sex slave for one of their sons. If she somehow betrays you, know that she is more than likely under their power and there is nothing you can do for her. I also need to tell you NOT to trust anyone in the Order of the Phoenix. If they are members, they are completely under Albus' control.

Another thing you need to know is that Voldemort is a creation of Albus Dumbledore. We did some research and found that Albus made a Horcrux. A Horcrux is dark magic at its worst. It takes killing an innocent and splitting your soul to create one. You see Dumbledore made a Horcrux and transferred his evil side into a young man named Tom Riddle. Tom went on to become Voldemort and created even more of these vile objects. If Albus follows his normal trend, he will also have put a Horcrux in you to try and take you over. Now, don't worry, in my research, I discovered a way to keep this thing from taking you over and performed several rituals to make sure you were safe. The Goblins have my notes and will help you with it when you ask them. They will also help you get rid of the others.

The last thing I have to tell you is to go to Gringotts and claim your inheritance. Also have them remove any blocks on you and deal with the Horcrux. Take Petunia as it will be necessary to gain full access.

We want you to know that we love you and are sorry for the way you were brought up. Things would have been different if we had lived but we had to insure you would be who you were destined to be.

We Love You,

Mum & Dad

Harry sat there in shock at all he had just read. He looked at Petunia who gave him a half smile and said "I know it's a lot to take in but it was how it had to be."

Harry nodded and then opened the last letter.

Dear Pup,

Where do I begin? Well first things first, if I have died, and I'm guessing I have if you are reading this, then know that I loved you as my own son. I'm sorry I was an idiot and got put in Azkaban for going off half cocked. Okay, now that that has been said, there are a few things you must know.

First, as I'm sure your mother has already informed you, do not trust the Order. Period. That includes Remus. He is so far up Albus' butt that he even spied on us for him.

Secondly, I love you like a son becauseā€¦..you are my son. I've wanted to tell you for so long but couldn't. When you were a baby, I blood adopted you. It doesn't change anything with your Mum and Dad but makes me like a second father to you. Now, as I was the last remaining male Black, this left me with the title of Lord Black. With you as my heir, you become Lord Black at my death. So here's what I need you to do. Go to Gringotts and claim your inheritance. Not just Black but for House Potter also. You will become Lord Potter-Black and let me tell you that you are now very well off. You will not have to work unless you so choose. My advice is to use it and have some fun. Merlin knows you deserve it. Not only that but you control quite a bit of power in the Wizengamot. The Goblins will explain everything.

Now, I know that Albus will try and keep you away from the will reading so I am sending Petunia a summons to the reading. Albus may block your mail but he doesn't hers. It is also coming through muggle mail. When asked about it, use that excuse. By your accepting your inheritance, you will be emancipated. I am leaving Petunia as your legal guardian. In reality you won't need one but it might help. Now like your parents, I did the whole false will thing too. It also states I leave you everything but makes Remus your magical guardian. I also put Petunia as your legal guardian in this one. Fortunately Albus supported the will completely. The Goblins have the real one and will enact it once the reading is held.

I cannot stress this enough, you and Petunia need to go to Gringotts as soon as possible. Tomorrow if you can. Albus will try and get his hands in the Black fortune in a heartbeat as he tried to do with the Potter fortune. I can tell you he did steal from your personal vault but could never access the family vaults. If I were to guess, he took close to a half a million galleons before you ever saw it. He has also set up a marriage contract with the Weasleys. Now before you get mad, it is invalid as only a Lord Potter can enter a marriage contract for any of his family. Since there hasn't been a Lord Potter since your father, it is illegal and any money taken from you for the contract can be used against them.

One of the last things I need to tell you is about your friends. The Luna girl I'm not so sure about but be careful around her. Her perception of things is unlike anything I have ever seen. I think if you asked her to swear a fidelity oath to you she would because I really don't think she is not trustworthy. The Weasleys, well you already know about them and you should keep your distance. I had fully intended to kill Ron at the same time I took out Pettigrew but Remus stopped me. Now as far as Longbottom goes, I'm not too sure about him either. I knew his parents very well and they were good people. You might need to treat him as you do Luna. Now let me get to the last one, Hermione Granger. I know for a fact that she is a willing slut who puts out for anyone. When she stayed in the house, it was a running joke that she would go down on anyone. She didn't try it with me because of our relationship but I caught her with both twins, Ron numerous times, Severus a few times, and even Remus.

I have even heard that she pleasured Ginny, Tonks, and had her face in that fat hairy muff of Molly's. I know you thought a lot of her but she is completely under their control and is their willing little whore. Never trust her again as she will give you up every time.

Since I am on the subject of friends, I know all about your marriage contract and let me say that I think you will be very pleased. I know I would. You also don't have to worry as she is from a reputable family and if I might say so, quite the looker. Just take your time with her and things will work out for the best. Another thing about her family is that they are neither Light nor Dark. I guess I would classify them as grey, much like you, myself, and your parents. The Greys or Neutrals believe that magic is based on intent of the caster. Your father came from a traditionally light family while I came from a dark. Our views met somewhere in the middle as should yours. Just think about it. If you were to declare yourself Grey, I think you would have a lot of support in the Wizengamot.

Sorry but I just thought of something else. As Lord Black, you have the power to kick anyone out of the family and therefore in turn bring someone back in. It would please me greatly if you would annul the marriages of Bellatrix and Narcissa and then call all the debts due to House Black by Houses Malfoy and Lestrange. This would effectively destroy their wealth and therefore their financial support of Voldemort. As soon as you have done that, kick their sorry Death Eater asses out of the family along with Cissy's death eater spawn. At the same time, I love my cousin Andromeda dearly and would like nothing more than for you to reinstate her to the family. The only problem I see is that Nymphadora is her daughter and by reinstating Andromeda, you would be welcoming her into the family. I would not do this unless she gives a vow of family fidelity to the new Lord Black. IF she will not, then state it plainly that Andromeda will remain outside the family.

Lastly, I want you to know that I love you. If I died protecting you or in bed with three young blonds, I died happy and fulfilled. Know that I will be watching over and with you always. Your parents and I will be happily waiting for you to join us but don't make it too soon. I wish you a long and happy life with your future wife and family.

I Love You,


This letter affected him worse than the other. His parents were of his dreams while Padfoot was real. It really helped him to know that he was loved. He turned to Petunia and said "Aunt Tuney, will you take me to Gringotts tomorrow? I think we have some business to conduct."

Vernon said "We will all go. It's about time your world felt the presence of a Lord Potter once again."

"Thank you both. If you will excuse me, I am a bit drained from all this and need to sleep and process it. Oh and Uncle Vernon, it won't be a Lord Potter but a Lord Potter-Black. Sirius passed on his Lordship to me too."

Vernon just looked stunned.

Petunia said "Your friend Dobby stopped by earlier and asked if he could redecorate your room. I hope you like it."

Harry climbed the stairs and went into his room and stared. The room was lavishly decorated with a large queen size bed. Dobby was waiting for him and said "I hopes Harry Potter Sir likes it."

Harry replied "It's great Dobby, thank you so much. If ever there's anything I can do for you, all you have to do is ask."

Dobby just blushed. "There is one thing the great Harry Potter could do for Dobby."

Harry knelt down in front of Dobby and asked "Just name it Dobby, you have always helped me well maybe not my second year but since then."

Dobby blushed again and said "Dobby wants to bond with Harry Potter Sir."

"I thought you liked being a free elf."

"Dobby does like it but being bound to Harry Potter won't be like being bound to old nasty masters and Dobby be wanting to help Harry Potter always."

"Ok Dobby, what do we need to do?"

An excited Dobby said "Master Harry Sir be placing his hand on Dobby's head and saying Dobby is his elf."

Harry placed his hand on Dobby's head and said "I Harry James Potter, claim Dobby as my personal elf."

There was a flash of light and then the two of them could see a tendril of magic joining them. They both felt a surge of power go through them and Dobby actually stood straighter and grew a couple of inches. His frail looking body started filling out and he was easily the most buff elf that Harry had ever seen.

Harry asked "What just happened Dobby?"

"Master Harry has bonded Dobby."

"I know that but I've never seen an elf as big as you before."

"Well Master Harry, our bond is unique as you not only bonded me as your elf but as your friend. The bond was strengthened by the love we showed each other."

"O kay, I'll take your word for it."

"What can Dobby be doing for Master Harry?"

"Hmm, well Dobby, I have just learned a lot of upsetting things and need to rest and process it all. Do you think you could watch over me and keep me from being bothered? Also, under no circumstances may any members of the order approach this house. I would also like for you to protect my family."

"Master wants Dobby to protect mean nasty muggles?"

"Yes Dobby and while I am resting, ask Aunt Petunia to explain my life to you and maybe you can help me understand it all a little better."

"Dobby will do as Master Harry asks." Dobby popped away as Harry got ready for bed and lay down.

Dobby sat down with Petunia that evening and after their conversation, Dobby had a better idea of Harry's life and could better help Harry to understand things. Dobby vowed to Petunia to always watch over Harry and help him through all he faced. Dobby was quick to understand that what Harry had been put through was to gain his self worth and self reliance. Harry's early upbringing would help him stand tall as the Lord of two Ancient Houses.

Petunia asked "Dobby, could you do me a favor?"

"Yes madam."

"Would you please go get a new wardrobe for Harry? One that befits him and his status."

"Yes madam, with pleasure. I will set a few wards to keep everyone out and your family safe while I'm gone. I shall not be gone long."

Dobby clapped his hands a few times and then disappeared. Unknown to a sleeping Harry, the wardrobe in his room would occasionally make a bumping sound as clothes were added. After about an hour, Dobby stepped out of the wardrobe and went and lay down on the sofa in Harry's room. Dobby wanted someone to be there for Harry in case he suffered from any nightmares. He knew too well that all the recent revelations in Harry's life would be more than a little overwhelming and wanted to keep an eye on his Master/friend.