Chapter 15

It would be ten years before Harry and Susan would set foot back into Hogwarts. Harry had missed his first home over the years but never enough to subject him or Susan to any more aggravation. The years following the confrontation saw many students' hopes dashed as they were deemed unfit for the extended education. Some had even blamed Harry and Susan for it which had just confirmed to the staff and the partners that they were not the type of people they were looking for.

Saul had truly done an amazing job with the ministry. He shared the vision with the department heads and quietly dismissed those who could not see past their own greed. At the end of two years, the ministry had been transformed into an efficient organization whose whole purpose was to make life better for everyone.

Hogwarts thrived under the leadership of Filius and quickly became the premiere magical school the world. Many forms and disciplines of magic were added and taught as the years passed and as the school grew in students, the castle was completely opened up to where it reached maximum capacity for the first time in many centuries. The contracts enacted by Harry and Susan had made it all possible and allowed for all the magical races to be taught in one location. If that wasn't enough, there were wizard students from all over the world attending as well.

The success of Hogwarts created a new problem for Amelia, Filius, and the Heirs. The enrollment had grown so much over the years that they were going to have to turn away students for the first time ever as there wasn't any more room. It had never been considered possible to outgrow the castle's capacity. In an inspired move by the 'family' along with the Ministry and the other magical races, a new facility was constructed to house the continuing education classes. Upon completion of the building on the other side of Hogsmeade, it was named the Founder's University. Once this was done, Hogwarts once again started to grow.

The four betrayers were never quite the same after that night. They were shunned by most of the students as betrayers of the worst kind even though they were partly to blame as well. Hermione eventually went to a mundane university and disappeared back into the mundane world after no one would hire her in the magical one. Luna took over her father's paper until it finally closed down due to lack of subscriptions. After that, she travelled the world looking for her creatures. A rumor surfaced years later that she had been killed when she mistook a rather ferocious crocodile for one of her creatures. Neville and Hannah married and eventually became Lord and Lady Longbottom-Abbott. They had several children but never regained the respect their families once had. It would take their children to repair the honor of both houses. Neville never made an impact on the Wizengamot and finally settled for opening his own greenhouses. He employed Pomona Sprout as no one would hire her to teach. Minerva just retired and lived out her life in quiet. After several years and much soul searching, she sent a letter to Harry apologizing for her attitude and actions regarding him. Sadly, she never received a response.

Draco Malfoy embraced the new programs at Hogwarts and set about repairing his family's reputation. He succeeded so well that he and Tori eventually fell in love and married. He achieved something very few ever managed as he was completely forgiven and invited into the family. Their first child was the godson to Harry and Susan.

Pansy Parkinson also repaired her family's image and moved it forward into modern times. She and Zacharias Smith married and had several children. The talk she desperately waited a year for didn't go as she expected. On Daphne's recommendation, Harry accepted her but would not accept her house as a servant house to atone for the past. Instead, he asked her to champion the fight for equality among the magical races. She did so with a vengeance and eventually became the Minister of Magic due to the high level of respect she had earned.

The former Weasley twins had fallen back on their mother's family name and were now Prewitts. They repaid their debts to the Goblins and left soon thereafter. Before they departed, they approached Hermione and begged forgiveness. It didn't go too well as she ranted and raved about all that their family had cost her in her life. Many think it was that meeting that caused them to leave Britain forever.

Daphne was a different matter all together. Over the next few years, she dated but never found someone who she felt was good enough. She had set the bar at Harry's level and quite frankly, no one would ever measure up. She had moved into Marauder Manor after earning her Potions mastery and decided to take over for Amelia when she had retired to enjoy her family.

Daphne and Susan had become closer as the years passed and they took it upon themselves to convince Harry to take Daphne as a second wife. It took a while but Harry finally relented when he came home one day and found both of them waiting for him in the master suite without a stitch of clothes on. Harry did love Daphne and found her very attractive but would never even consider a relationship with her as he considered Susan his one and only. It finally took Susan grabbing their hands and asking Daphne to marry them to get the job done. Funnily enough, he couldn't even argue the point as he had given Susan the power to make decisions for the family when they first married.

Lily once again smiled down upon her son and extended the bond and gifts to include Daphne. Harry would be blessed with his two hot young wives for the rest of his life.

With the duties now shared between Susan and Daphne, they each managed to have fourteen kids apiece. They had managed to have twenty boys and eight girls which worked out perfectly. It must have been magic as between the three of them; they held the titles to twenty eight families of which eight were matriarchal. The three of them were attentive and loving parents who made sure no one ever felt neglected. It was also a rare family dynamic that was the Potter family. All of the children grew up knowing they had one father and two mothers. The issue of which mother actually gave birth was never a problem as all the children were theirs and the term 'my child' was never heard.

The Potters, as they preferred to be called due to the ever lengthening name, had joined with the rest of the 'family' and formed the Unity Investment Group. It was primarily ran by Harry, Ragnok, and Bearclaw and was not for the weak of heart. They were never afraid to take the high risks as they would give them the best returns. Most of the time, their instincts were correct and they made money off the venture. They may have been lucky but they were never THAT lucky. They did manage to lose their tails on some but they knew that you couldn't win them all. Their strategies did allow them to rebuild the fortunes to all their houses so that their children would have something to work with in the future.

Harry, Susan, and Daphne decided to do things differently than most other families. At the age of thirty, when their children were married and established in a career, they were given their titles and lordships. This allowed them to gain experience while still having their parents around to guide them. It worked out better than they had planned as it allowed the three of them to travel the world in their semi retirement earlier than most of their peers. Luckily for Harry and the girls, the fact that they retained their youthfulness until the end helped them to enjoy their life and each other in their later years. The Potters must have ended up visiting every nude beach on the planet as Harry could never get enough of seeing his hot wives frolicking in the surf. It was also an unspoken rule that if any of their children were planning on visiting them at Marauder Manor, they gave their parents plenty of time to get dressed before they arrived. The children had learned at a young age that their parents were barely dressed most of the time and after a few embarrassing encounters involving their friends coming for a visit, never made that mistake again. It actually made the Potter children more popular as the male friends were regularly coming over to hopefully catch a glimpse of the two goddesses that were the Potter mothers.

At the ripe old age of 150, the three of them decided it was time to pass on into the next life and rejoin the members of their family that had preceded them.

Never to do anything normal, they threw a going away party in which they were surrounded by their family and their extended family. They bid farewell to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren. The event was so full of love that Lily was able to appear directly in front of them and guide them away.

The Potters left a legacy of change for their world and had charged their descendents and their 'family' with the task of being the caretakers for the future.

The End

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