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-From this day on I own my father's gun-
-We dug his shallow grave beneath the sun-
-I laid his broken body down below the southern land-
-It wouldn't do to bury him where any Yankee stands-

April 1867

Edward POV

The wind still had the bite a winter in it, even though March was over and done, and we was now fixin' to enter the second week of April.

I stood by my parents' grave, hat in hand, lettin' the words flow that I'd been holdin' in my heart.

Once I left outta here, I knew there'd be no comin' back to this place, not durin' my lifetime anyways.

"Pa, I'm sad to the core ya ain't comin' with me like we planned. I never knowed what a selfish man I truly was 'til now, 'cause I'm missin' ya somethin' fierce." I lifted my arm and wiped at the tears with the sleeve of my jacket. "I know for certain and for sure that you're happy 'cause you're in heaven with Ma, but I ain't askin' your forgiveness for sheddin' tears like a newborn, 'cause it ain't every day that a man is forced to say goodbye to his Pa."

I touched the stone marker on my parents' grave as I thought back to the last time I seened my Pa alive and drew in a deep breath, the cold mornin' air makin' me cough a little.

Once I'd stood there longer than a workin' man had a right to, I put my hat back on my head.

"I reckon I'll be on my way now. Take care a each other 'til I see ya again."

I looked at the freshly turned earth coverin' my Pa's grave afore glancin' one last time at the grave beside his that hadn't been disturbed in over ten years. For the second time in my life, I said a silent goodbye to my Ma and my baby sister, who left this world without ever takin' a breath, and I walked away.

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