Juenes Filles Noires


It is a name of an ancient fate.

Two maidens who govern death

It was not in a biblical sense,

Instead, it was a change of fate.

"I am the true Noir."

A young girl would say,

Smiling in the process of maddened love and hungered desire

"Noir… it sounds so beautiful."

The much older woman had said while smirking out of a malicious trance

Grinning to her friend whose name is, Chloe.

In the name of Noir, she would send out violent letters of her assassinations to her friend, to remind her that she is alive.

And she would keep them with contented bliss, writing letters back to the killer.

Some were romantic some were just matters friendship.

When she came home to France,

It was like coming home to her other half.

She smiled and it out of the same longing for her partner,

It seems like the other one was similar, because it had the exact passion.

Coming from her own name,

All of her

She was smiling until

"Kirika, you make me… happy,

Right here and here,"

Said the younger woman named Chloe

Kirika, the older woman shook her head and smirked,

Her hands roaming to the pale nude skin she had cherished years before

"Heh, I see…"

That was the only thing she had said most of the time

Then, the younger woman had smiled sadly

"I see that you are happy as well."

After that, Kirika would stay there until there was no one else to keep her away from an obsession.