Jr., bored out of his mind, walked around the Song of Nephilim, having just come back from the Durandal, simply exploring. A few minutes into his exploration, he discovered his white-haired twin sprawled across his throne. Raising an eyebrow, the redheaded URTV trotted forward to Albedo, tilting his head. Albedo was…asleep.

Compared to its normal haughty, psychotic expression, the younger twin's face was calm and peaceful. Jr. couldn't help the very tiny upward quirk of his lips, Albedo just looked so helpless like that. Slowly, a soft smile appeared on Albedo's lips, and Jr. slightly frowned. Was Albedo just pretending to be asleep?

Moving closer to his twin, the redhead brushed some of Albedo's hair out of his face. No doubt if the obsessive twin was awake, Jr. would be ensnared within seconds, but Albedo remained with his eyes closed. Just as slowly as it appeared, Albedo's soft smile vanished as he leaned into Jr's touch, causing Jr's lips to just barely twitch into a smile again.

Although still bored, Jr. had to admit that seeing Albedo looking so cute was rather entertaining. For a while, he just stood next to Albedo, finger-brushing his white hair, surprised that it felt so soft. After a few minutes more, Jr. cautiously scooted into Albedo's throne, pressing up against him. At any other time, his twin would simply just grab him and not let him go, but while he was asleep, the URTV simply unconsciously rolled to be closer to Jr.

The redhead fidgeted slightly as Albedo moved closer, but allowed him to. Jr. didn't even know if five minutes or an hour had passed, time was moving at a snail's pace. His bright blue eyes looked over Albedo's features lovingly, once again slightly smiling. Eventually, Albedo moved again, clutching at Jr's shirt like a child would do to a teddy bear.

His gloved hand shifted, now resting over the synchronized beating in Jr's chest, as if he knew his twin was there. Jr. froze for a long moment, his eyes widening slightly as he finally realized just how close Albedo was becoming. He could even feel his twin's soft breath ruffling his bangs. Calming down once more, the hot-headed URTV placed a hand over Albedo's, slightly petting it with his thumb.

Still asleep, Albedo lifted a leg, wrapping it around Jr's, his free arm wrapping around the smaller body to bring it closer. Instantly, Jr. had a trapped feeling, and everything was telling him to just punch Albedo and run, yet, something was telling him to just stay, and he did that. He didn't even know why, being this close to Albedo was rather terrifying.

"Albedo…?" Jr. whispered, gently shaking his twin's shoulder. "Are you actually asleep?"

In response, Albedo furrowed his eyebrows, letting out a muffled, drowsy groan. "…mmm…" he mumbled, shifting his position.

Sighing, Jr. pouted, furrowing his eyebrows back at his clearly-not-faking-sleep-twin, giving up on waking him. But just lying there was awkward for him, so he nuzzled against his brother, blushing a pale pink and hoping the other wouldn't wake. As his ears picked up Albedo's voice, he began growling. So Albedo had been faking sleep! When he looked up at Albedo with furious blue eyes, he widened them, having discovered that Albedo was still asleep, and simply sleep-talking.

Closing his eyes, he focused on the white-haired man's words, furrowing his eyebrows.

"…nnh… don't leave me…. Rubedo…" Albedo murmured, his expression becoming rather sad now. As if adding to the effect, Albedo began clutching at Jr's shirt, whimpering quietly.

Slightly nibbling on his lower lip, Jr. softly sighed. Wiggling out of Albedo's grip, he adjusted himself to whisper in his twin's ear. "I won't leave you…"