Hi guys, this is a story I wrote for my blog and just thought that it would be cool if I changed the characters in the story. And use the KKM characters instead. So enjoy!

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There was a legend that says stars are immortal beings. They love to watch humans and demons go about their lives at night.

And if they took fancy to either race, the stars would gladly lend a helping hand to them.

But there was this star that fell in love with a demon and left everything...his family, his immortality and most of his powers. Just to be with this said demon and thus my tale begins.

In a kingdom ruled by a race called demons, lived a king with black hair and black eyes. Now demons are not what you people think.

They don't have wings or tails, they are just like humans but they are stronger, has longer life span and magical powers.

In short a lot better. Now back to the king, his name is Yuuri Shibuya. Now Yuuri is not that perfect, actually he has a lot of flaws.

He easily gets scared, hates doing paper works and studying with his royal adviser Guenter, he gets speechless when in front of noble ladies also he is very very clumsy and has no grace.

You may now think that he is a useless king, a wimp if people want to be precise. But Yuuri has a golden heart and treats everybody equally. He believes that arguments could be solved

by talking and tries his best to make demons and humans get along. He is the first demon king to have a gentle heart. But like everybody Yuuri has a secret . He might be cheerful at the outside but in the inside he is very lonely.

Of course as king Yuuri would never show his secret to his people.

He doesn't want the people around him to get worried and think that they are not doing their job properly.

Guenter would surely be crying on Yuuri's feet kissing it asking him what he wants. The problem is Yuuri doesn't know what he wants.

So just like every night after his godfather Conrad, would wish him goodnight. Yuuri would wait until he was sure Conrad was gone before slipping out of bed to go to his balcony.

Yuuri would look at his kingdom and sometimes the stars sadly.

Meanwhile up in the sky at the kingdom of the stars…

"He's at it again." Elizabeth told her blonde haired brother.

"I know." Wolfram replied.

"I feel sorry for him… he is the most powerful man in the world yet lonely." Elizabeth smiled.

"If you feel sorry for him why are you smiling?" Wolfram asked.

Elizabeth just smiled at Wolfram making the blonde angrier. All of the star clan knew that Wolfram is sensitive to his favored one.

Even though the star prince would always deny the fact that he actually favors someone. Elizabeth decided to leave her little brother.

She knew that Wolfram loves watching Yuuri at night.

"Like a stalker." Elizabeth smiled to herself.

Wolfram sighed as he sensed Elizabeth leaving. At last he would get some peace and quiet for at least a couple of hours.

Even though stars don't sleep at night and have more time to do their duties. Wolfram never seems to run out of tasks.

The only break he has is at night during Yuuri's bed time. He doesn't know why he is so drawn to that demon. Maybe it's how exotic he looked with those hair and eyes like a starless midnight.

Or maybe how alike they are. Both of them are lonely. The star prince blushed as Yuuri looked up at the sky to his direction. It's as if the king was looking at him. But that would be ridiculous,

he knew that people think his kind are huge hot balls in the galaxy. Not immortal being looking out for them.

As he watched Yuuri walk back in his room Wolfram had an idea. Why not give Yuuri a partner.

Maybe all the double black king needs is a woman or man to love and share his power. Wolfram smiled to himself as he started to process his gift for the demon king.

The following nights of watching Yuuri made Wolfram smile. The double black king was smiling as he looked at the kingdom.

Sometime he would even whistle and sing. During mornings when Wolfram would take a peak from Yuuri. He would always see the king doing something fun with Wolfram's gift to him.

It seems that Wolfram's decision of giving Yuuri a partner was a nice thing. Yuuri was happy for once…

But as days turned into weeks turned into months. The glow Wolfram saw in Yuuri slowly disappears. Yuuri and his lover were always fighting and Yuuri was always into tears.

Finally Yuuri's lover broke up with him at the castle garden. Wolfram tried to peak at Yuuri's face. Just to see Yuuri's facial expression. But he couldn't because Yuuri was bowing his head as he went to his room.

As soon as the doors closed Yuuri let out his anger and sorrow. He destroyed everything in his room using his power.

The guards called Guenter, Gwendel and Conrad but neither one of them could calm down Yuuri.

Wolfram tore his eyes from the cloud window it was all his fault. His sister tried to comfort him by saying that in relationship it doesn't always work. It was not Wolfram's fault.

Everybody undergoes break ups.

But it was his fault he knew it. If he choose wisely or if he never tried to help Yuuri. The king would not suffer this much. Of all the relationships that didn't work why did it have to be Yuuri's?

Hasn't the poor lad had enough?

But for a being who lived for centuries after centuries he knew one thing…life is unfair. The good was always punished. You have to be bad to be on top.

After several days of thinking for a solution for Yuuri, Wolfram realized something. He is in love with the king.

He knew that he was the only one right for Yuuri because he is the one who would never dare to hurt the double black.

He needed to go to him. But law states that any star who decides to leave can never come back. Was he willing to give up everything he has? The answer was simple… Yes he was.

Wolfram was at the great gates when Elizabeth stopped him.

"What if he won't accept you?" she asked.

"Then I'll make him." Wolfram replied.

"This is a huge mistake." Elizabeth warned.

"The only mistake I ever made was thinking I could choose somebody for Yuuri. When all along deep inside I knew I am the only one for him." Wolfram said.

"Very well brother." Elizabeth sighed. " I will be watching you. You'll become one of my favored ones."

Wolfram smiled at his sister and gave her a hug before he jump out of the gates.

He was falling to the direction of blood pledge castle when something hit him on the head and he fell somewhere else. The fall was so bad and it left him unconscious.

"Just wait for me Yuuri…"

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