A/N: Just a little oneshot I threw together. I hope you like it and thanks for reading!

Percy felt as if his entire arm was being ripped off. Pain coursed through the left side of his body and his screams were so loud and powerful they literally shook the earth. He was teetering on the edge of consciousness. Blood dripped from his elbow into a pool on the ground. Tears leaked from his eyes; he needed the pain to stop.

The color drained from Poseidon's face. Never before had one of his children in such pain. He gripped Percy's right arm and tried to steady him as he began to work his magic. Percy's loud screams, however, broke his concentration. He knew the only way to heal him was to calm him down. Exhausted with worry, Poseidon wrapped him arms around Percy's waist and curled him into his chest attempting to calm him down.

"Percy," He whispered, "You need to calm down, that's the only way I can help you."

Percy acted like he didn't hear his father. His shouts, in fact, became louder and more forceful. Struggling to remain calm, Poseidon more forcefully said, "Percy, please calm down. You're fine. You're fine." He repeated this monologue many times, until at last the words registered with Percy, who slowly started to breathe deeply, stopping his screams. Curling into his father's shirt and gripping on tightly with his good hand, he whimpered, "It hurts."

Poseidon exhaled, progress, he thought. He scooped up Percy and carried him, like an infant, to his home in Olympus. There, he placed Percy gently in a bed woven with gold sheets and fluffy pillows.

Crying silently still, Percy buried his head into the softness, trying and failing to think of anything besides the ripping pain in his left arm. Sweat dripped down from his forehead and his father brushed it back, smoothing down his typically unruly mop of hair. "You're fine," Poseidon whispered once again, as he began to heal Percy. Sure enough, the blood became less fluid and the pain died down. Veins and muscle tissue repaired itself and relief washed over both father and son. Both thankful the pain had ceased.

When finally the skin had sealed itself, Percy moved his arm, wrapping it around himself and curling into the fetal position. He was pale and shaking and couldn't stop crying. Poseidon wiped away a tear and titled Percy's chin to look at him.

"How do you feel?" He asked softly.

Percy began to say something, but his voice cracked and a loud sob erupted from his throat. Poseidon's brow creased. He had never had a child before that he truly cared so much about and it hurt terribly to see him like this.

"Perce," He murmured, "You are okay. Everything is okay." Poseidon continued to say this and stroke Percy's hair. Percy wasn't listening though, he was upset and exhausted and all of this hindered him from calming completely down.

Gently, Poseidon climbed into the bed and cradled his favorite son to his chest, as he would a young child suffering from night terrors. Burrowing himself in the warmth, Percy began to feel better. Tears dried up and his mind relaxed. Sleep was overtaking him and Percy was not hesitant to give in.

As Poseidon felt his son fall asleep in his arms, he stayed lying in the bed for a while, thinking of all the years he had missed with his son. Thinking of all the other times when Percy had needed him and he wasn't there. So much time had gone by and now that Percy had rejected the Gods' offer to become immortal he knew time was running out. So, he stayed there with his sleeping son whom he loved. He knew he could never get back the years he missed, but he was definitely going to make the ones he had left count for something.