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Throne Room

Today was December 15th and the Olympians were arguing as usual. Lady Artemis was the only one who was not and instead had tears running down her face. Lady Hestia looked at her with concern, she knew what day it was and what it meant to her niece. Her family was still oblivious to her pain despite the amount of years passing by. Sometimes Hestia wished that her family was more observant, maybe then they wouldn't have had so many fights.

Artemis was still in turmoil, her mind was going through memories that bought pain, sadness, happiness, and love all at the same time. Today is the day he left, if only I was stronger. Why wasn't I stronger! Why, its my fault, all my fault, why did you have to leave? Why Perseus? She thought, an image of a young boy around eighteen years old looked at her with a smile. Aren't you going to come Arty? Her mind heard his voice, it was as if he was mocking her. I wish I can join you, but the balance is important. You would understand wouldn't you? She thought a sad smile appearing on her lips. Her left hand fildled with a pendant that was around her neck. It wasn't pretty but carried a great sentimental value towards her. To her this one item was her reason for not fading, her only motivation.

Turning towards her twin, Apollo, tears streamed down her face faster. Was it horrible for her to not find comfort in her brother? For all the secrets she held from him, from her family. Would they have understood? They didn't even know her real reason for her oath nor her hatred for men. It wasn't only because of how they treated women, no it was because of how they spat on his image. A true man and the only man she would ever break her oath too. After all I changed it, no one knows the conditions of maidenhood, no one but my hunters. Artemis was so deep into her thoughts that Apollo had to shake her shoulder to look at him. Apollo was looking at her with worry, despite his goofy attitude Apollo cared deeply for his sister. He frowned when Artemis gave a shaky smile,

"What's wrong? Don't lie sis, I know better than yourself." That appeared to be the wrong thing to say since Artemis started to cry even more. At this point all the others realized that Artemis was not being herself and questioned what Apollo did this time.

"I didn't do anything! She was looking depressed and I wanted to know why! This is the result from asking!" He exclaimed waving his hands around. Apollo was completely out of his comfort zone, he never seen his sister act like this. To him she was always the tough one and to see her like this made him feel lost on what to do. Ares with his stupidity opened his mouth,

"She's only sad about one of her hunters dying. She needs to get over the fact that all of them are going to die one day. They were only given semi-immortality. Its best she learns that now then later." Hesita winced, That was the wrong thing to say Ares. Artemis froze completely and before the Olympians could move much less blink they found her holding a knife on Ares's throat.

"I dare you to say that again! You know nothing of the pain I feel, so don't act all high and mighty." Stepping back from the now wary God of War Artemis left the room. Aphrodite to all the others surprise smacked Ares over the head with her purse.

"You really are an idiot!" she said and went back to fixing her nails.

Artemis Pov

I understand that there are chances of my hunters dying! I know it better than he would ever know! I ignored all the nymphs, satyrs, and dryads that moved out of my as I headed towards my palace. My hunters were staying at my palace but the were all in their own rooms mourning. I walked to the very end of my palace and pushed in a certain stone. A door opened up that I hid with the help of Aunt Hestia. Walking in I looked at all the drawings that were placed on the walls.

You're no fun Arty!

Lay back a little!

Hey, Arty? We're best friends right?

Let's make a promise! I promise to make sure your safe and smiling at all times!

Huh? What do you mean that you don't like chocolate! Chocolate is the best!

His voice kept appearing in my mind as I looked over all the drawings. So many memories we had together, of course there were many fights! I laughed a bit, some of them were even on the smallest things. My chuckles turned to sobs and soon I was on the floor clutching the pendant as a lifeline. What I would do to reverse that day, the day you were taken from me.

Let's go back to the throne room...

All the Olympians were quiet wondering what caused Artemis to become like this. Never in all the years they've known her did she act the way she was. Artemis was the more logical one between Apollo and her. To attack Ares with no hesitation was worrying for them. All of the Olympians thoughts were stopped by the arrival of the Fates. The Fates never stopped weaving the thread of life nor cutting it. It was a job that many of the gods never wished for the amount of power the Fates had was dangerous. They feared that any of them would turn insane just by knowing when their children would die and how. All of the Gods noticed the sad and pitying looks the Fates wore,

"It is time you learn of Artemis story. The story that made her heartbroken beyond repair and the story of our regret." They spoke in one. Before anything could be said by the Olympians the room around them changed to one of a forest.

2000 years ago

Artemis Pov

After the council "meeting" that my father forced all of us to attend we all went to our places. I went to the forest for some relaxation. The latest hunt that my father has given us is tiring. The Nemean Lion is hard to track and we suspect that the monster has an ally that is helping it. I was walking around the forest when I bumped into someone, it was a boy that seemed to be the age of adulthood. Before I could turn him into an animal, the boy quickly bowed to me,

"I apologize Lady Artemis, I did not know you were there. I was out hunting and should've watched for others that may also be doing the same thing. Please forgive me." He said. The entire time he was looking down at the floor. I was shocked at the politeness that this boy had shown. I observed him, was it a trap? Did he plan to trick me? The boy has stayed in the same position for over five minutes. Something inside me was telling me to let him go, curious on what would happen I spoke,

"Very well just this once I will let a man be. This is only because of your respect that you have shown. What is your name and who is your godly parent?" He had a different feel to the other mortals. The boy paused,

"My name is Pursues, Percy for short Lady Artemis. I do not know who my father is, my mother abandoned me when I was young." Sadly he was not lying so I could not change him for disrespecting a woman. I was about to question him some more but realized that my hunters would be wondering where I was. I left without saying anything.

Percy Pov

Well that was...interesting. I guess I'm one of the lucky or super rare guys to meet Lady Artemis and not be turn into an animal. I quickly checked over the snares I sent. Three rabbits were caught, resetting the traps once more I headed back to my camp. Everything I said was true, I don't know who my father is and I know I'm a demigod from the monsters hunting me. Mother abandoned me on the doorstep of an abusive home that used me as a slave. I ran away when I was five and started living in the forest ever since.

At least I know father cares for me. I thought, my father although he never spoke to me, he gave me gifts that would help me against the monsters or getting food. I got a bow and quiver of arrows on my seventh birthday. On my ninth I got two silver daggers that I usually used for skinning animals. I would sell the furs through a merchant and used that money for education. I learned to be a black smith and doctor by the time I became fifteen. With the help of the mist I made my teachers and anyone else forget I even existed. Although life was difficult I wouldn't change anything. I was having a good life with no worries.

Wanting to figure out who my father was I tried to see if I had powers but nothing occurred. I may be a son of Hermes but there was the chance I wasn't. Life can be so confusing at times! Sighing I went inside my tent and placed the animals on my table. Quickly I prepared a stew with some wild vegetables that I found nearby. When done with dinner I returned to sketching a herd of deer that I saw a while ago. Maybe I'll draw Artemis if I have the time. When done with my sketch I went to sleep.

Artemis Pov

When I reached the camp all of my hunters asked me where I've been. I told them that I went for a walk after the meeting was done. That boy, Perseus my mind supplied, shocked me. I thought that he would check me out or try to kiss me; instead he bowed to me and apologized for bumping into me. He gave me respect. Exhausted I decided to go to bed early. If I had known what changes that one boy would bring I would have avoided him.

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