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Throne Room

Today was December 15th and the Olympians were arguing as usual. Artemis was sad and tears were rolling down Artemis' cheeks. Today was the day he left. Artemis was looking at the necklace that was wrapped around her neck. People say that Artemis will never fall in love, but she already did. She knew that no one will be like him. That was the reason why she made that vow. The necklace was everything to her and it was the only thing that kept her going. Her brother was talking to her. Maybe he was trying to annoy her but she didn't seem to hear. She sighed, wiped her tears, and started to listen to her bother.

"-I bet you're happy when a man dies, "Not every man" she thought."Of course you do because you hate men, you don't even have feelings!" that was too far for Artemis, she started to tear up and ran out of the room."I think maybe I went too far on the feelings part?" Apollo said.

"You think!" yelled the rest of the Olympians.

Artemis Pov

I ran to my palace. How could he think that? I have feelings. I just hide them. Today was the day he left. I can't accept the fact that he might be dead. I reached my palace I opened the door and went to a room that nobody knew about. There were pictures around the walls and in the middle of the room there was a book on a pedestal. I sat in a corner of the room and cried my heart out.

Let's go back to the throne room...

All the Olympians were quiet and wondering why Artemis was so sad, right then the fates came, Zeus asked why they were here, they said together in a rhythmic voice;

"It's time you know what's wrong with Artemis."

"What do you mean? She looks fine to us."(The Olympians chorused)

"Everything is not as it seems. Now on with the story...

2000 years ago

Artemis Pov

After the "meeting" we all went somewhere. I went to the forest because I wanted to take a break from the hunt for a little while so I decided to take a walk. I was walking around a forest when I bumped into someone, it was a boy. Before I could turn him into an animal, the boy quickly bowed to me and apologized for bumping into me. I was a bit shocked but, asked him what his name was and he replied with respect;

"My name is Pursues, Percy for short Lady Artemis."

I asked him who his godly parent was since he had a different aura around him from the mortals. He replied that he didn't know who his father was and before I could question him any further. I realized that it was getting late and my hunters might be worried about me. I left without saying goodbye.

Percy Pov

Well that was...interesting. I went back to my camp which I made myself. I've lived in the forest since I was mom never wanted she left me with another family when I was 3.I left at 5 since they would beat me, the rest is history. I would sell the food I got for money so I could go to school. I passed easily. I saw monsters in the mortal world, and to defend myself I made a bow and took me a week but it was worth it. When I was 9 my dad gave me a gift with a note saying he was watching me. The gift was a Sword then I didn't hate my dad. I'm okay with every weapon I have used. I have tried to see if I had any powers. Nothing ever happens. I might be a son of Hermes but then I might not be one this world is so confusing. I give up. I started to go inside my tent looking for my art book, I found it and grabbed a pencil and started to sketch Lady Artemis.I know what you're going to going to say, "That I'm a weirdo or you're a creep." but I like her, she was really pretty and I just had to draw a picture of her. When I finished I went to sleep.

Artemis Pov

When I reached the hunter's camp they asked me where I've been. I told them that I went for a walk. Pursues did shock me. I thought that he would check me out or try to kiss me; instead he bowed to me and apologized for bumping into me. He gave me respect. With that I went to sleep.

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