Okay guys I know you're angry that this is not an update but to tell you all the truth I've been having around 5 writers block on me. I tried to destroy them and was successful somewhat. The chapter I know you all want to read will be hopefully posted as soon as I can. I am now in high school and its surprisingly easy. Here is a list of my reasons.

A new story being posted since it wouldn't stop bothering me. Please do check it out and review.

The quality of the chapter was like the last one so I decided to take a break and renew my inspiration.

Ideas have popped up for the chapter but I'm having trouble on how to write it.

After reading many other stories and having Starblade176 back who is my inspiration I have finally gained back the desperately needed inspiration. Your reviews helped me go on.

The most likely time I would post would be near the end of October and the middle of November. I hope you all can wait that long and ideas are welcomed!

Also Harry Potter has mostly stole my attention but I have finally got all the pieces together.

I will post in two months that is the deadline I set myself on and if I don't I want PMs from you guys yelling at me that I broke it. You guys can insult me because anger helps me alot but don't forget to write in the end that your just motivating me. Until next time!