shadowkitten: Okay. This is my first Samurai 7 fic and I tried to make it unique and special as possible because it may be the only one I write (even though I LOVE the anime so much that I cried at the end… mostly when Kyuzo died, of course.) But it's just a take on the Disney movie 'Mulan', Samurai 7 style with a few tweaks. And the girl who plays Mulan is the seriously ignored daughter of Manzo, Shino. Kyuzo plays Shang and the following character roles you will find out soon enough.

But first,

Lawyers: She hasn't the brains to own it so please do not sue.

shadowkitten: (mutter) more brains than you buffoons…

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Btw, this chap is rather short, 'cause it's prologue.



It started in times where future and past met in very odd ways.

The hulking Nobuseri which were once on the side of the noble samurai, had traded their souls and bodies for the immortality of iron flesh. The ones who decided to remain human had been wise enough to see the events that would come because of the selfishness of such acts, decided to sentence them to exile.

This however had caused many of the robot warriors to become enraged, and that rage had caused one to slaughter the very village he had been raised in.

This caused an immediate uproar which then burst into war.

In a land where woman were treated as rags to be used and then thrown away by many a man. Any woman who tried to make something of herself, even to run her own business, was immediately executed. Needless to say what would happen if a woman was to try and enter the war.

But after 20 years of war, a woman stood up to prove herself and other females as much more than pretty faces and creatures only to bear sons.

She did it for the sake of love, and nothing other. This is her story.

shadowkitten: Alright, all I request is ONE review to continue and it shall be so. I have issues with writers block a lot and am CONSTANTLY distracted, but I promise to work hard.^_~