Zeke and Luther: What just happened?

By: Heamic08

AN: Hey y'all! I'm still working on my A&A story! Please review my Kickin' It and Zeke and Luther crossover fanfiction! Anyway, hope you like this! This is mainly about Zeke's Last Ride in his POV. So, this starts when he fell. Plus, I'm going to add something in between the hospital. It's in the ambulance. Please R&R!

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Pain. That's all I felt when I hit the ramp. I saw my skateboard land a few feet away from me. I could hear people shouting my name. I heard sirens in the background, also.

"Zeke? Are you ok? Come on, man!" I heard Luther shout. I wanted to tell Luther I'm ok, but my lips wouldn't work. I heard the ambulance arrive and heard them getting the stretcher out. I felt Luther right next to me and saw him.

"Zeke! Oh gosh, just keeps your eyes open, ok? The ambulance is here. I'll be by your side through the whole thing." He said. My eyelids felt like a ton of bricks.

"Mr. We need you to move out of the way so we can load on this young man. Do you know what his name is?" I heard the paramedic tell Luther.

"Yes sir. And his name is Zeke Falcone. I'm Luther." He said, moving while the paramedics loaded me onto the stretcher. I felt them put a breathing mask over my face. I opened my eyes to see Luther hovering behind the paramedics.

"Bro, it'll be ok. You'll be fine." He told me. I tried to nod my head, but it hurt when I barely moved it. I was finally loaded onto the ambulance and we were headed to the hospital. A lot of medical terms were thrown around inside the ambulance.

"He's suffering a concussion."

"He's has abrasions and contusions on most of his body." And so on.

I saw Luther sitting next to me and putting a hand on my shoulder. I guess he was trying to comfort me.

"Z, listen man. I'm really sorry this happened. Your strong, so I know you'll get through this. Anyway, just keep fighting." He said. That's the last thing I heard and saw before I passed out.

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