Always Love, but Not Always Perfect.

Hi all, I've been wanting to write a Frankie and Cat story since series 1! Having seen the first episode now of series 2, I am more convinced that they should be together! I was inspired to write this story before I saw the episode however, seeing that clip of Frankie and Cat in the toilets – Hot! I hope you enjoy; Lip Service does not belong to me, nor the characters sadly. This is a work of fiction only.

Chapter One:

Back from holiday and back to reality. Only reality was a little more complicated for Cat now. How she had found herself in this predicament again, she had no idea. She thought she was better than that; knew better than to fall for fucked up Frankie again… Only, what she and Frankie had was something that couldn't be defined…

At Rubies, the music was thumping and being in Sam's embrace soon became too warm for Cat. Frankie was sitting directly opposite her, and the Scottish woman felt the blonde's eyes bore into her. She hoped no one had noticed but with them, it had always been obvious. Cat willed herself to not start playing footsie under the table…

She escaped to the toilets; weird as it sounded she gained perspective when visiting public restrooms. Little did she know Frankie was in a cubicle, with her good friend Charlie just moments before. Exiting the cubicle, she shot Cat that lustful look that Cat knew all too well. As Frankie brushed her fingers over her button nose and sultry lips, she noticed Cat's reflection watching her. The tension couldn't be more unbearable if it tried. Frankie's eyes glazed over, as she watched Cat turn the tap on – a nervous habit that reared its ugly head when she felt she wasn't in control of things. A playful smile was tugging on Frankie's lips, watching her ex-lover come undone in front of her, but knowing she was trying desperately to hold it together.

Cat couldn't help herself, Frankie's arm reached over to get a paper towel and she could actually feel the heat rising from it. A simple movement, sure. But to Cat it was the catalyst for whatever was to happen next. She gripped the basin

and stared into the mirror. Then, Frankie motioned to leave and they faced each other as Frankie's arm extended, to pull Cat's clip out of her hair.

'You're losing your clip,' she said.

That's not all I'm losing… Cat thought, as the gap between them nearly closed; heavy breathing, hard staring and the sexual tension more palpable than ever before.

Frankie left, and Cat's brow furrowed deep in thought.

A stolen moment between them said more to Cat than Frankie could ever express to her by voice. Cat was so turned on in that moment; how could she face going back to the group? Back to Sam?

**** break ****

An argument here, an argument there… The honeymoon period for Cat and Sam had abruptly ended it seemed. Cat's guilt was the trigger; wanting Sam to end it with her would be the easier way out for Cat. But she knew that Sam would never do that because she was insanely in love with the short haired brunette. Fuck. Of course Cat loved her too, but trying to describe that love to other people was hard. The sensible side of Cat knew that Sam was the one; strong, reliable, loving, but the more wild part of her knew that deep down, it had always been Frankie.

With complete silence in their bathroom, Cat threw up down the toilet bowl, realising that either way she couldn't bear to hurt anyone, but desire for the blonde, whom she once considered to be 'the love of her life' had risen up again, like the acid in her gut. Concerned, Sam listened outside to her girlfriend splurge the contents of wine and food she'd cooked that night spill out.

'Are you ok?' She asked.

Cat took a few moments to compose herself and battled with telling the truth…

'Yeah…I think I drank too much,' Cat wiped her mouth and opened the door, where Sam's arms were outstretched. They embraced and Sam whispered,

'Poor baby. Go to bed and I'll be in to look after you soon.'

Cat half smiled, but dread formed in the pit of her stomach. How could she cheat on Sam? The last time she had cheated, Cat knew that Jenny wasn't right for her so she had no qualms really; plus, she thought that Frankie was a sure thing, but look how that turned out…. Cat curled up, wondering how she had got here and wondering what she' do next, because honestly, she had no idea.