Always Love, but Not Always Perfect

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Chapter 3:

It had been a tense few days for Cat, and for Frankie. Not that they had seen much of each other since the quickie. It frustrated Frankie, and she was getting no definitive answer from her lover over whom she was to choose. It killed her inside, but she tried to remain strong and hopeful.

The Scottish woman had many troubles to contend with, not least her affair with Frankie. On the one hand, she knew she was behaving irrationally with Sam and teetering on the edge of being found out, but it seemed Sam was oblivious to it all.

'I love you' were just three words; three words that Cat kept hearing from two different women, and she tried to rationalise it, make sense of it… All this love was for her, but she didn't know what to do with it, with them words. When she said them back to Sam, she meant them despite feeling desperately guilty. With Frankie however, Cat said them a lot, wanting to make sure that their love wasn't just a test.

The blonde was being clingier than before, wanting to speak to Cat any moment she could. It would be her birthday tomorrow; she had to see her.

'I'll be with Sam,' Cat sighed, and rubbed her temple.

'I know, but can't you make some excuse?' Frankie begged.

'I suppose so… Frankie Allen you are bad, so bad…But I love it,' Cat said, eventually, in a low and husky voice.

'Ha-ha! If I'm bad then what does that make you?' She teased – 'I love you Cat Mackenzie, and don't you forget it!' She grinned on the other end of the line.

'I love you too, see you soon,' Cat whispered, and the women agreed to meet tomorrow, figuring out the time and plans.

Cat knew it was wrong, all of it. She woke up that morning without that excited feeling she often got on her birthday. She entered the kitchen to find that Sam had prepared breakfast for her, with beautiful fresh lilies in a vase on the table.

'Morning beautiful, happy birthday', Sam smiled and kissed her.

As Cat sat down, an array of foods were before her and Sam said something about the preserves being in egg cups… But Cat zoned out for a second, thinking about seeing Frankie later that day. Sam waved a hand in front of her lover;

'Earth to Cat…' she joked.

Cat smiled and focused her attention on Sam, and to the present she received before her.

'It's the bag I wanted! How did you know I wanted this?'Cat asked her, in awe.

Sam grinned and told her she'd spoken to Tess.

The morning was a bit of a blur to be honest…Cat couldn't even touch her breakfast, despite Sam's kind and loving input towards it all. The short haired architect was distracted, lost in a reverie about being wrapped up in the arms of her skinny blonde lover and them being hidden from the rest of the world; it was all Cat wanted.

As Sam went out for her routinely morning run, Cat hesitantly picked up her phone and found two messages from Frankie:

'Happy Birthday to my one and only… I cannot wait to see you. I miss you. I love you. Frankie xx'

'p.s hurry up and get in my bed. I'm waiting ;) xxxx'

Cat couldn't help smiling to herself, and she was eager to get there. No longer did she want to be in her and Sam's apartment, with the flowers and the breakfast display making her feel ten times more guilty and ashamed. She was in too deep with Frankie now, it had gotten to that point where Cat knew the affair was in full swing, with Sam dropping her off at an abandoned building Cat said she was working from… Everything was risky now, from stepping on the pavement once Sam walked away, to knocking on the front door where Frankie lived, along with Tess and Lexy… Cat just knew that someone would find out about them soon enough.

When Frankie answered the door though, Cat's thoughts were stilled as she found the blonde's lips on hers and clothes were quickly discarded. Cat had a surprise for Frankie though, so she whispered that they should move to the bedroom.

'What's this surprise then?' Frankie asked and raised an eyebrow, leaning back on her bed. Cat grinned and stood before her, opening the buttons on her shirt slowly to reveal a black and red corset, showing off her cleavage.

'You like?' She asked.

Frankie nodded, amazed at the sight before her and clamoured to the end of the bed so she could kiss her.

'I want you to watch me…' Cat uttered, and pushed Frankie back on the bed.

Her fingers got to work, and Frankie peeled off her vest to give Cat some inspiration. The room got hotter, and Frankie's eyes were glued to Cat masturbating herself.

'Do you need any help?' Frankie asked, as she unbuttoned her jeans.

Cat shook her head, lost in a haze of lust, her arm reaching out to stroke Frankie's hair, and then her chest. She was whispering all the things she'd like to do to Frankie as she came and the blonde woman couldn't resist Cat's lips, leaning forward and planting a kiss on them. The whole morning was perfect, and they idly lay in bed, arms entwined and Frankie never breaking eye contact with her lover.

'I have a gift for you now', she smiles at Cat, reaching over her to grab a box. When Cat opens it, she sees a gold band bracelet.

'It's beautiful', she utters. Frankie's eager to show her the inside of it. Their initials are carved.

'It could be a bit risky to wear…'

'But that's why it's on the inside,' Frankie explains.

Someone is about to come back to the flat, Frankie stills for a minute and creeps out of her bedroom.

'Shit, its Tess!'

Cat cannot move, but she knows she has to.

The blonde opens her mouth in surprise, at catching the former lovers together in a clinch, and Cat felt her heart sink to her stomach in shock.

'It'll be ok, I'll talk to her,' Frankie soothed and they kiss goodbye.

Tess showered, still in disbelief over Cat and Frankie.

'What are they playing at?' she muttered to herself as she washed her hair. She thought that their relationship was over ages ago. And Cat had always expressed her dislike for her ex; ever since she had bolted to the States. Besides, her and Sam were solid. Or were they?

Tess knew she should stay well out of things that didn't concern her. But she was Cat's best friend, or so she thought. How had the illicit relationship passed her by? Tess tried to rack her brains over past events, missed signs… Turning off the water, Tess reached for a towel and her phone.

'Cat, its me. Don't worry, I wont say anything but please talk to me. What is this? Why didn't you tell me?'

Frankie was listening outside the door with worry. Her knee bobbed up and down, and she nibbled her fingernails, waiting for Tess to emerge.

'Tess!' Frankie halted her friend to speak to her.

'I-I don't want to hear it,' Tess brushed her off and went outside, Cat had just crossed the road, and was now waiting to cross the other.

'I know what I did, what we did was wrong but we love each other,' Frankie exclaimed.

'You always want what you can't have Frankie! Do you have any idea what this will do to Sam?' Tess cried.

Frankie hung her head, 'of course, I…'

'No, no you only think about yourself Frankie!' Tess saw Cat, out of the corner of her eye, the van, speeding along…

'CAT! No, don't cross!' She yelled. But the short haired brunette couldn't hear her.

Frankie looked in alarm, and rushed over as fast as she could. The course of true love never did run smooth…

She shoved her lover out of the way and took the fall… She felt the white van slam into her hip, knocking her clean out and she landed onto the scratchy pavement, a sharp blow instantly affected her head and she felt a dizzying sickness within her. It wasn't good… She heard Cat's scream first, was she hurt too? Frankie closed her eyes and succumbed to the darkness.

'Frankie, I love you…I love you.' Cat uttered by her side, and it was playing on a loop in Frankie's head as she was zoned out. 'Please wake up, please..' Cat's voice was a whisper, both their lives hung in the balance.