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This is an AU rewrite of series 2-6 featuring my OC Ava. This story was supposed to be different, but I changed it because it got complicated. Ava is Rose Tylers best friend, so I'm playing with the idea that Rose wasn't the only companion on the TARDIS... Leading up to series 6 when everything changes. This is going to be a major project for me, so please stick with me!

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The snow was beginning to fall, thick and fast. After the day I'd had, this was really the last thing I needed. First, there was that freaking great big spaceship hanging above London for ages, and all those people going on roof's and stuff. I didn't really know a lot about that, to be honest. I was so busy in the kitchen cooking that ridiculously massive turkey to really bother looking out the window- and then, my brother couldn't even be bothered to turn up to eat it. Being a vegetarian, I had deeply thought about my morals while stuffing that innocent bird into the oven. Now, I'd just wasted twenty-odd quid on a turkey which was now being left pointlessly to rot.

Two, my flat had a leak. Not just a tiny, stuff-a-bucket-under-it leak, but a bloody great gaping hole in the roof. My bedroom and a good deal of my hallway were now covered in about 3mm of rainwater- and now, of course, the snow was flooding in. I couldn't stay there, not today; I would've complained to the landlord, but he was away on a family holiday in Barcelona for Christmas and wouldn't be back until the 29th.

And three, my best friend, Rose Tyler, would not answer her phone. And this really wasn't the time to be talking away to an answering machine because I needed help. Now. I had nowhere left to go with her flat destroyed, and I wasn't on speaking terms with my parents. And my brother, God knows where he was.

Trying Rose's number one last time, I clamped her mobile to her ear. The metal frame was numbingly cool against my face, and a just as icy response met me when I realised that it was yet another failed attempt. I sighed, letting out a long stream of mist from my lips. I didn't want to turn up at Rose's uninvited on Christmas day of all days, but I didn't really have any other choice. Unless I fancied curling up in a water-soaked mattress to sleep tonight. Which I definitley didn't, by the way.

Shoving my hands deep into the pockets of my khaki anorak and throwing my hood over my hair, I steadily crunched through the snow up to the entrance of the Powell Estate. The snow was still falling fast, and it didn't show any signs of stopping any time soon. The temperature was gradually beginning to fall to a ridiculous low and the white flakes were starting to freeze rather than stay soft like a blanket. I tried my best not to slip while I was walking. Believe me, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

This really wasn't the best of Christmas's.


The door flung open just seconds after I knocked on it. Jackie, Rose's mum, Jackie, was standing in the door way; sporting a red paper hat and a grin a mile wide. That grin soon dissipated as she registered the deeply unhappy facial expression on the young girl who was standing opposite her, who was shivering way more than she should. I.e., me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but Jackie's overwhelmingly motherly instincts butted in first. She could not stand seeing anyone, never mind a girl who had been best friends with her daughter since forever, that upset. I honestly don't know what I'd do without Jackie Tyler.

"Jackie, I…" I started, but Jackie silenced me before I could say any more.

"You don't have to explain, dear," Jackie ordered, "Get that coat off and I'm sure Rose has some clothes you can borrow. We've just finished having dinner, but I'll do something for you."

I shook my head but despite my protests, Jackie was having none of it. I was like a second daughter to her, and I had always been here for her during the year Rose had been gallivanting off with some Doctor. That year was just horrible for Jackie and it was just as horrible for me; but I didn't let it show. I stayed strong and I was determined, and without me that year I doubted that Jackie would've been able to get through it at all; Rose meant so much to her. So, so much to her.

"Get yourself into the living room and warmed up, we're just watching the TV." Jackie said, hanging my coat on the edge of the radiator. I paused for a second, looking at Jackie with an are-you-sure look. Jackie shook her head, simply horrified by the idea. "Off you go! We have a guest you haven't met, but I'm sure it won't take long for you two to get acquainted. You're quite alike."

My face relaxed into a smile. I don't know what I would've done if Jackie had said no. "Thank you, Jackie. Thank you."

"It's no problem, Ava," Jackie reassured me. "You're welcome any time."

I flashed one more smile at the woman I could call my mother more than anyone else, before walking down to the kitchen/living room. I creaked open the door, but the three people gathered round the TV didn't notice.

Rose was sat on the sofa, her long blonde hair in loose waves round her shoulders. She was smiling that massive smile, the one that had never changed since we first met back in Primary School. I had been the new girl, just moved down from Manchester to London- completely lost. Rose had taken me under her wing and we've been almost inseparable ever since; apart from that year she'd went missing and didn't bother to call or text or anything. I still didn't know the full story of that, because she'd disappeared off again. Travelling, Jackie had said.

But what exactly did 'travelling' mean?

Next to Rose but perched on the arm of the sofa was Mickey. Mickey Smith. Another person I had known for a long, long time. I had dated him back when I was fourteen, but it didn't work out –like most early teen relationships- but we still remained good friends. He was a little slow, was Mickey. But a good friend. When he started dating Rose, I was happy for them, of course I was. It was weird though.

I had no idea whether they were dating still or not. They had a weird relationship, ever since Rose went off 'travelling'. It was like, before she went off, Rose loved Mickey with all her heart. But now… Oh, how was I supposed to know?

Jackie was right about there being a guest whom I didn't recognise. Sat on the floor to the right of the telly, was a man wearing a pin-stripe suit. He had chocolate brown hair gelled up at the front, and his eyes were wide and laughing.

He was good looking, I couldn't deny that. Was this the man Rose had been travelling with? For some reason, when Jackie had said she'd been travelling with a friend, I had always guessed he would be partially-bald with sticky out ears. For some reason.

"What? What, Rose? You cannot deny that EastEnders is possibly the worst television programme ever produced! It's so unrealistic!" the man was talking animatedly about the EastEnders Christmas special which was playing on the TV. Rose was laughing loudly, her eyes watering. I shuffled down a bit, and the man paused and looked straight at me. "Oh. Hello!"

Rose and Mickey instantly snapped their heads round, me for the first time. I smiled weakly. "Um. Hello. Jackie let me in, I hope I'm not…"

"Don't be an idiot!" exclaimed Rose, jumping off her spot on the sofa and running to her me. She grabbed me in a tight embrace, hugging me like we hadn't spoke for years. Well, close enough to years. "Oh God Ava, I've missed you!"

"Well, I tried ringing, but…" I explained, "But you weren't answering."

Rose let go, looking slightly guilty. She glanced briefly at the man sitting on the carpet. "Well, you know, I've been a bit busy. Travelling."

"What she means, Ava," quipped Mickey, he too jumping off the sofa and greeting me with a kiss on the cheek. Mickey was too cute. "Is that she's sorry about being a complete disappearing act."

"Yeah. And that." admitted Rose. "I'm sorry."

I shrugged, smiling. I couldn't help but accept her apology. "It's fine. Don't worry. Everyone… needs to travel at some point."

The man in the corner coughed, like he was begging to be introduced.

"Oh, right," Rose grinned, pushing the man forward. "Ava, meet the Doctor."

The Doctor struck his hand out, and I shook it willingly. "Hello there. I think I need to apologise too, I've been the one whose stole Rose away from you for so long."

"Don't bother," I smiled, only now noticing that I was still gripping his hand. "I'm Ava."

I didn't even bother to question the reason behind the name 'Doctor.' I couldn't deny the fact that from the moment our eyes latched on, sparks were beginning to fly. There was something about this man, maybe it was just his face, but it made me like him.

And I was pretty sure that there was something about me that the Doctor liked too.