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The automatic doors at the entrance of the massive hospital eased open, welcoming the Doctor, Ava and Rose into a spacious reception/waiting area. Everywhere they looked was so white and clean and shiny… Completely unlike any hospital found on Earth. Ava hadn't had much experience of hospitals in her lifetime put aside getting her appendix removed when she was four, but she was pretty much sure that nowhere in East London anyway was as suave as this.

"…bit rich coming from you," Ava heard Rose finish off, immersed in an obviously riveting conversation with the Doctor.

"I can't help it! I don't like hospitals… They give me the creeps!" the Doctor exclaimed in his defence, wrinkling his nose at the way-too-clinical stench that was wafting about the air.

"I know what you mean," Ava agreed, fighting back a sneeze which she felt developing. "I feel like I can't do anything without someone complaining about my personal hygiene."

Rose snorted. "Says the girl who has never really been in a hospital before. You'd understand if you actually got ill once in a while."

"I do get ill!" Ava said a little louder than intended. "Just not that ill. Your mum forces you down to A & E if you've got a bloody cold."

Ava was pretty sure that she heard Rose reply, but she was too busy studying the nurses which were travelling to and fro across the hospital. Their faces were hidden with a white, fabric cloth and they wore white cloth robes that matched the funny hats which were perched on top of their heads. Ava wondered what faces were hidden under those cloths; were they alien? Or were they just human?

Just human. Ha.

When she noticed Ava wasn't going to give her a reply, Rose followed Ava's gaze across the waiting area. "It's very smart. Not exactly NHS."

"No shop!" the Doctor whined, looking suddenly deflated. "I like a little shop!"

"Well, it's not like you're going to go souvenir shopping in a hospital is it? Hospitals are the places you kind of wish to forget, not buy mementos." Ava remarked.

The Doctor looked even more depressed. "Well. Thanks for killing that one, Ava."

Ava fluttered her eyelashes and offered the Doctor a sarcastic smile. "No problem."

"I thought that this far in the future, they'd of cured everything." Rose suggested, looking at the Doctor.

"The human race moves on, so do the viruses. It's an on-going war." the Doctor sighed.

The conversation subject totally dropped when a cat, in a nurse's outfit, crossed their path and nodded politely at Rose. Rose stared back at her rudely; without realising.

When the cat passed, Rose's eyes were widened to an unnatural extent. "They're cats!"

Instead of being shocked, Ava just nodded. "O-oh! That's what was underneath those sheets!"

The Doctor glared at the two teenage girls. "Now, don't stare, or talk excessively loudly. Think what you look like to them…"

The Doctor studied both Rose and Ava up and down, assessing their looks and trying to come out with something that would not offend either of them. "All pink and yellow." he said to Rose, who let it slide. "And pink and… Ginger."

"Ginger!" Ava gasped, and then flushed as some of the visitors in the hospital turned to stare at her. She immediately lowered her voice. "I am not ginger!"

Rose turned around so Ava couldn't see her giggling.

"Oops," the Doctor pulled an apologetic face as he gestured towards Ava's locks. "Well, I…"

Ava pulled a strand of hair out of her hat and shoved it in the Doctor's face, who looked slightly alarmed at just how angry she was. "This, this is not ginger. This is the result of trying and failing to dye my hair red, Doctor, but it is not ginger! You hear me? Not ginger! It's brown. Plain brown."

"What's wrong with being ginger?" the Doctor queried. "I'd love to be ginger! You know, all the best humans are ginger."

"Name two." Ava asked, but quickly interrupted and pressed a finger to the Doctor's lips when he started to reply. "That I've heard of."

The Doctor's shoulders sagged as about a thousand names were crossed off his mental list. He drummed his fingers against his chin, his brow furrowed with concentration. Ava had never seen think so hard. "Aha! Good queen Bess!"

Ava offered him a blank look.

"Elizabeth the first! The most mighty virgin queen of England! Well. I say virgin…" he quickly cut off the topic when Rose shot him a look. "She was a magnificent ginger!"

"Wasn't she really ugly? Yeah, I know, don't judge people by their looks… But weren't her teeth absolutely horrible?" Ava questioned.

The Doctor glanced upwards with a cheeky nostalgic grin on his face. He didn't say anything for moment, then coughed and returned back to Earth. Sorry, New Earth. "Her teeth were a bit off, and, yeah, she didn't bath all that often, but she had an amazing head of ginger hair. Oh, that hair was incredible. Well, you had to say it was incredible, otherwise, y'know…" the Doctor pulled a face and drew a line across his throat. "And believe me; I've come to close to that a few times."

Ava raised an eyebrow. "Okay… Fine. I'll give you 'Good Queen Bess'. Only because she was the Queen, though. Girl power and all that. But you still owe me one more cool ginger."

"Oh. Right." the Doctor looked anxious and glanced at Rose for support, who looked away before she broke into giggles again. "Erm…"

Ava folded her arms, clearly not impressed.

The Doctor muttered something which was inaudible to Ava.

"Speak up, time boy!" Ava grinned, "Not all of us have super-sonic hearing!"

"Ron Weasley!" the Doctor blurted.

"Ron-" Ava started, but the Doctor was already pacing across the room.

"That's where I'd put a shop!" the Doctor pointed to an empty area, plain eager to change the subject. "Right there!"

The Doctor pressed a button on the side of the wall and two doors shot open, revealing some sort of elevator shaft. He promptly stepped in and Ava followed, not letting their conversation drop.

"Ron Weasley!" Ava exclaimed. "Seriously, all you could think of was Ron Weasley? Mind you, Rupert Grint…"

"Yes. Exactly. Rupert Grint." the Doctor assured Ava. "That lovely Rupert Grint. He's King of the Gingers is Rupert…"

Ava eyed the Time Lord disapprovingly. "You do know who Rupert Grint is, don't you?"

The Doctor blinked and scratched the back of his neck. "Yes. Of course I do. Everybody knows who Rupert Grint is. That… gingery… God. But all I'm saying is Ron Weasley is the best ginger out there."

"Riiight." Ava dragged out her word. For a Time Lord who knew practically everything, he had a pretty low selection of knowledge on one of her favourite subjects: British actors. "We better…"

"Ward 26, thanks!" the Doctor announced, cutting Ava off as the doors clamped closed.

"…for Rose." Ava shook her head and sighed.

"Hold on!" Ava heard a female voice call out just as the metal of the doors clanged together, and a fist being pumped against the door.

The Doctor clicked his tongue and leaned against the door. "Oh, too late… We're going up."

"It's alright! There's another lift!" the muffled yet enthusiastic voice called out back.

The Doctor glanced at Ava. "Ward 26. And watch out for the disinfectant."

Ava nodded, then was whacked with realisation. "Wait… what disinfectant?"

"Watch out for what?" the voice was more muffled.

The Doctor waved a hand dismissively at Ava and continued to reply to Rose, shouting this time. "The disinfectant!"


"The di-" the Doctor decided against shouting. "Oh, she'll find out soon enough."

Ava didn't like being out of the loop. "What disinfectant?"

The Doctor opened his mouth to speak, but the rude lady on the intercom got there first.

"Commence stage one disinfection."

The Doctor closed his eyes and Ava was about to shout at him, when a huge spurt of water from the ceiling absolutely soaked her, making Ava let out a scream.

"DOCTOR!" Ava screeched, not enjoying the ice-cold wash unlike her companion. "I'm going to kill you for this!"

The Doctor was revelling in it, scrubbing a hand through his deliciously chocolate-like hair and remaining completely calm about the whole situation. In the end, Ava felt she had no choice but to take off her hat and let the water rush through her tresses. After all, she had no idea when she'd be able to wash her hair next. She was still going to kill him later thought, however hard that might be due to his two hearts.

Ava gasped as the shower ceased and the lift emitted a puff of chalky powder. The Doctor had an even bigger grin on his face and barely reacted, looking like the smug git he actually was.

As the blow dryer engaged, Ava combed back her hair with her hands.

"See? Not so bad, was it?" the Doctor said, actually admiring how dashing he looked with his coat blowing up in the artificial wind.

Ava smiled sweetly back at him, pulling her top down. "I'm still going to kill you later. Not here, though, because we're in a hospital. That would be too inhumane."

"Oh yes. Because killing in other places would be more acceptable." the Doctor waggled his eyebrows at the teenager.

The doors shot open when the pair were completely dry. The Doctor looked very well groomed and his hair was tidy for once. Although, Ava sort of liked the slightly dishevelled look…

The Doctor led Ava out into the ward which, like the rest of the hospital, was incredibly spacious and filled with people.

The Doctor snaked his arm through Ava's. "Let's go and find our patient, shall we?"

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