Hey people! I'm Jen, or wolfy. This isn't my first fanfiction but it is the first one I've done in YEARS! I managed to get back in since my drawing got rusty and my old writing was incredibly bad. I had to redeem myself. No joke, my inner grammar nazi went nuts. This is literally what one says.(Note. It's a naruto sleep over story)

I was about to open the door when the door when Brianna and Katie(2 of my totally random friends like to do yaoi in the halls at our school just to be dumb...did I mention itz a private christian school?) Bri:Hey sexy?Me:D*nm I am sexy(She cosplays as naruto and I'm itachi and katie is sasuke so itz a triangle)Kat:What about me?Me:Go find bubalicious bubble gum or barbie I'm sure they think I look at the door and see a boy and a girl lookin like this0_:Hello who r u guys?(that soundid kinda rude)Guy:I'm Riku.(boyz thiz iz ur character)Girl:And I'm Kimiko but u can call me kimi if u want.(galz this is ur character)Me:Alright I will come in if u like make ur self :Hey is Shino here yet?Me:Wow u r :Shut up at least I wasnt a sasu fangirlMe:Okay1.I faked it and 2 at least I dont cosplay as :U cosplay as his bro and your not even emo.(soory 2 any itachi fanz)

So…how's your brain after that? You see why I needed to redeem myself? I was in middle school and must have thought it was cute. Famous back then but it's over. I already wrote a chapter for a sequel but it's on my laptop. Before I let you read I have to say that I am a CHRISTIAN! This story is fully fiction(As it should be to get on this website.)May he forgive me for this story does not glorify him at all. I pray he may use this story to do so however and prove me wrong even though this story will have things fully against the Bible. Anyway enough talking! Time for the story!

Disclaimer! All rights belong to their owners! Only thing that is mine is anything occurrence or character that is not in the original script.

'So sleepy'

We were driving for hours from the hospital. I was leaning back onto the seat with my best friend matt napping next to me with his head on my lap. I look up when I hear Sarah speaking.

"Please, God, don't make him suffer. Please make it work. Ne-"

Matt interrupts her and says, "You hear that talking to yourself is the first sign to losing it." "I was not talking to myself. I was talking to God." "Well threatening the creator of the universe is like…..step two. That can't be good."

I smirk at Matt and lightly flick his head.

"I was letting him know, simply, how precious you were to me."

I then look at Matt.

"You should be more sensitive to your mother, Matt."

"Thank you, Rikki."

"Welcome, Sarah!"

After a few seconds of silence Matt then sits up covering his mouth. "You gotta pull over, mom. I think I'm gonna be sick." "Very funny."

Matt then tenses up as I look at Sarah with an alarmed look.

"No! He's serious! Pull over!"

She then looks back at him then turns her attention back to the road and pulls over.

"Whatev- you two, just stay in the car."

Going against matt's wishes, I grab a clean rag and a water bottle and rush out the car and toward matt.

"I thought I told you to stay in the car, Rik-" Matt was then cut off by another round of puking. I smile sadly and rub his back.

"Matt, you know I never listen. "

After Matt stopped puking, I handed him the rag and water bottle. Matt nods, in thanks and uses the water to rinse out the residue left from leftover gall, and the rag to wipe off his mouth. I then, gently, take hold of his arm and lead him into the car. Inside the car, Matt lays his head back on my lap. With the arm closest to him I rub his back, soothingly.

I look down at my friend and think, 'He really doesn't deserve this..."


In my sleep I hear an incoherent voice call me. I awake and realize it's Sarah trying to wake me up. I sit up and look around to realize we're back at the house. I also find Matt already out of the car. I apparently slept the rest of the way home.

"How long was I asleep?"

"Three hours.", Matt replied. My eyes widen in surprise.

"How in hell's name did I manage to sleep for three straight hours?" Sarah gave me a stern look.

"Language, Rikki."

"Sorry, Sarah…..but seriously…how did I sleep that long?" Matt then stepped in.

"It was probably because you haven't slept in the last twenty eight hours."

"Did I? I honestly don't remember." I then shrugged and walked into the house with Sarah and Matt following me shaking their heads. It was four in the morning so Matt and I said goodnight to Sarah then headed to our room. Once I got in our room I dropped my bag on the dresser and started digging through it looking for my makeup remover. Looking through my bag I find my drivers license. I stare at my picture on the thin floppy card. I looked at my name, "Rikki Valentine". It must look weird when people realize I don't have a middle name. I then looked at the picture of me taken when I got the floppy peice of plastic.

I looked so happy. I was basically beaming. My black hair was nicely done and shiny like usual. My tan skin was the envy of anyone girl tannign on the beach. My best feature was my golden brown eyes that shone brightly like the sun...ok who am I kidding? I'm a regular mixed chick. I'm only part East Indian. I'm pretty, according to many people, but I'm not a super model either. Although, I wasn't kidding about my tan skin tho. I can go from a pastey white chick to bronze skin in two weeks without burning. Only problem is tan lines. My boobs and other area are all white.

In the mirror I notice Matt posing in a way outside the bathroom that his relection's elbow was leaning on my reflection's head. I pick up the closest object, which happend to be a wooden brush, and throw it at him.

"Ow! Did I deserve to get injured?"

"Yes, Matthew. You did."

"Oh come on! It was not that mean."

I huffed then started taking of my makeup. Once I finished, I changed into my boxer shorts. Not before Matt turned around. Such a gentleman.

"Go to bed, Matt."

"Fine. 'night, Rikki.

*Next Morning*

I wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. The smell of sweet delicious bacon is enough to get me out of bed. Not even being bed-ridden in a hospital could stop me from not eating bacon. The house knows that because I did it before. I hop out of bed and make a mad dash to the kitchen. Sarah laughs at my barbarianism as I drool from the aroma.

"Of course you would wake up if I cooked bacon."

"You know it pretty lady!" I then wink at her and continue watching her cook.

"Flattery isn't going to get you more bacon." I sigh sadly and dragged my feet out the kitchen and into the dining room. I pull out a chair and lay my head on the table.

"You ok, Rikki?" I look up to see Matt staring at me.

"I wanted more bacon, Matty.", I say with an upset look on my face.

"Hey you can have my plate of it if you want it."

My eyes beamed. "Yes!" I threw my fist in the air in victory.

"Considering your height you need it. You're a growing girl…or are you going to stay a midget?", says Matt in a brotherly fashion.

"5'3 is indeed short but look at you! You're only 5'8! Least it's cute when a girl's short! Short men get their ass beat by dominant chicks!"

Wendy, who happend to just put down a plate of food on the table, laughs at my remark.

Matt then gives me a glare and heads toward the kitchen to get water. I get up to help Wendy set the table. All three of us stop when we over hear Sarah say, "Nobody plans on having a child with cancer."

"You know that's not what I meant." At this point we all make eye contact with Peter's father.

"I know."

Matt moves past us and fast walks out the dining room. I follow him to the staircase where he sit's down.

"Matt…..I know it would be an incredibly stupid question to ask if you are all right bu-"

"But what!", Matt snaps at me. I then look at him with a shocked and sad expression on my face. Matt then sighs and pats the open space next to him on the stairs. I sit next to him then put my elbows on the stairs behind me and relax with my head facing forward.



"What was it like?"

"Hmm?"I then l look at him with an eyebrow arched.

"What was it like….. to be...dead?"

I then sit up and stare straight at the wall with a hard stare.

Matt then looks away as if he was regretting the question. I put my hand on my shoulder and look him in the eye when he turns his head back toward me.

"Matt, you don't need to think about that now. Not until you're on your deathbed as an old man, surrounded by your loving family."

"But Rikki-"

"Matt! I will not let this cancer claim you. I will die again just for you to live out your life. Unlike you, I don't have a family anymore. There's nothing here for me."

"Rikki, we're your fa"

Matt is interupted by a blonde haired boy that came out of nowhere.

"Hey guys, breakfast is ready!", says Billie.

"BACON! Let's go, Matt!" I hop up and give him a hand to get up. He takes my hand and shakes his head laughing.

"What is it with you and bacon?"

" 'Tis scrumptious, my dear, Matthew!" I say while dragging Matt down the hall.

Once I reach the dining room I push Matt towards his chair then jump 5 feet from my current spot and land in my chair.

"RIKKI! Stop trying to break the furniture!"


I tuned them out and stared at the sweet plate of bacon.

After we said grace Sarah then places a full plate of bacon in front of me. I look at her with eyes watering out of pure joy. I'm sure I was practically glowing.



"I love you, you you you...you WONDERFUL WOMAN!"

Well that's the end of this chapter! What did you think? It could have been longer but I was on here from 5pm to 11:38pm. I know. Look up. It's short. I didn't have writers block but I do however have adhd. I can't concentrate worth jack. I'm gonna start writing chapter two an hour or two from when I'm writing this maybe. Currently talking to my piercing pretzel pal(I'll explain that later. Prob use the story behind that as inspiration.) and would like to give her my attention. Plus I took an exam today and am slightly sick of writing and would like to play on my xbox.(Btw my name on live is 'AWWWWYEAAHHHH' Anyway I hope you liked it!

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