Monday, October 29, 2012

So I have an announcement I have to make. Concerning I Need a Hero Idk whether it will be easier or harder to write this story. I assume harder since life seriously hit me hard across the face and all I want to do is sulk alone or be with my bestfriend...whom I just found out has leukemia. She has a heart condition so...well to be frank...the chance of her surviving to turn 21 or even 19 is very slim. So if I continue this story it will get much much worse.(Emotional, depressing and just everything I'm feeling right now since I know what it's like for my bestfriend/sister to be so close to death.) Things are about to get real. I truly need God as my hero more than ever.

Oh and on a final note...I like things to be in order so when I put up the next chapter(which I am re-writing again to fit how I feel.)it will be here. So until next time guys...later.