Well this is just perfect. Shinichi sighed gazing down at his hands, or rather paws.

And of course it has to be raining. He glared up at the sky which had suddenly decided to release the downpour it had been holding in all day. As soon as the water had touched his back, soaking into his fur (fur! He had fur!), Shinichi had taken shelter in a tipped over cardboard box in an alley.

This sucks. Shinichi's ear flat against his head but he could still hear approaching footsteps. Suddenly his box was being lifted into the air. Shinichi let out a scared hiss making the man drop the box.

"Mangy cat!" the man yelped and kicked at Shinichi. The not-cat dodged, slipping through his legs easily. Another kick had Shinichi skittering out of the alley into two new legs.

"Get back here you-"the alley-man started towards Shinichi causing him to puff up, as well as he could with wet fur, and hide behind the person he'd crashed into. He let out a squeak when that person then turned around and picked him up.

"Say mister," the person holding him said. "Why are you attacking this poor, innocent kitten?"

'Is that your cat, boy?" the alley-man asked angrily. Shinichi mentally sighed and felt his dignity wither as he played the cute kitten, burying his face into the person's chest.

"… It is now and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't try to kill him." The person's arms tightened around Shinichi, making the teen-turn-kitten mentally 'eep' in mortification. The person holding him turned smartly and began walking away.

"Well now, how am I going to explain this to Okaa-chan?" Shinichi looked up at the boy's face, just barely keeping his gasp of shock covered. The boy was like Shinichi's clone. His hair, though much more wild than Shinichi's, was the same shade as the not-cat's human form. His eyes were an odd shade of indigo/violet which made him recognizable. From what Shinichi could feel, he was also more built than Shinichi as well (Shinichi hated to admit it but he was very slender).

"Nice to meet you, Neko-san!" his holder/rescuer was saying breaking Shinichi's analyzing trance. "I'm Kuroba Kaito; from now on I guess we'll be living together."

Nice to meet you… Shinichi mewed, feeling embarrassed afterward for trying to respond.

"Ne, Neko-san, you need a name." Kaito mumbled and Shinichi laid his ears back slightly.

Oi, oi I already have a name, Shinichi deadpanned, but Kaito wasn't looking.

"How about Lupin? I'm a big fan of him." Kaito cheered. Shinichi's mind blanked.


I decided to make my own 100 drabble/one-shot thingy. Expect updates to be few and far between.

Poison: Yah, it's a miracle to find her typing at all

Hoshi: Don't be so mean! She types

Hua: Sometimes

Mo~, you two are so mean!~ Hoshi is my only friend in the room.

Sketchy: What about me?

You too, Sketchy.

Sketchy: Sweetly doesn't own Detective Conan or Magic Kaito!

I take it back….


Shinichi pressed himself as far back as he could, the fuzzies hanging from his low ceiling tickling his ears. He kept his eyes trained on his attacker, batting at it with his claws when it got too close.

"Lupin-kuuuuun! You need to take a bath!" Kaito yelled when Shinichi's claws caught him again.

No way in hell!