"Come on, Shinichi-niichan!" A young brunet tugged on his older brother's hand. "We're gonna miss it!"

"Miss what, Conan? You never said what we were going to go see." The teen sighed as he let himself be dragged into the library.

"Kid-san is reading today! He promised me a mystery book this time." Conan pulled Shinichi past the Children's section and into the heart of the building. Shinichi blinked in surprise; Conan was able to read and understand books that left many adults confused and frustrated, why would his brilliant little brother need to be read to. They wove in and out of the shelves repeatedly until they found a small room in the very back. The room had windows that made it possible to see into the space. Inside a man in a white suit sat in a rolling computer chair; around him were five chairs, two of which were filled. Conan hopped up to turn the doorknob, standing on his tiptoes to reach it, and walked inside.

"Conan-kun!" One of the two small girls in the room cheered, leaping up from her seat to hug the boy.

"Ohayo Ayumi-chan." Conan smiled, directing the girl back to her seat before claiming one for himself. "Ohayo Haibara."

"You finally decided to arrive, Kudou-kun?" The young blonde girl smirked. Conan rolled his eyes.

"Shinichi-niichan got held up with a case on our way over here." The boy turned to glance at his older brother in the doorway. Shinichi was leaning against the doorway engaged in a sort of staring contest with the man in the white suit.

"Hello." The man in white grinned suddenly. "I'm assuming you are Co-chan's brother?"

"Yes, my name is Kudou Shinichi." The older Kudou offered.

"Oh, I know." The man leaned back in his chair. "He was ever so excited that you were coming home from University the last time we met up. He promised to bring you to the next one as long as I promised to read a really good mystery novel."

"Come on Niichan!" Conan jumped down from his seat and patted the chair. "We're gonna start soon!"

"We still have to wait for Genta-kun and Mitsuhiko-kun though…" Ayumi piped up from her seat as Shinichi hesitantly made his way over.

"We can start and they can come in later." The man in white smiled gently. Shinichi sat down and lifted Conan onto his lap. He'd missed his little brother while he was at college; the crime classes had been dull and the professor's hadn't liked his corrections on their material. It was nothing like being with his tiny protégé, teaching him and being taught by him.

"I picked a classic this time." The man in white cracked open a book, flipping to the first page. "There really is nothing better than Sherlock Holmes for mystery, ne?"

Conan grinned excitedly and leaned back into his brother's chest, getting comfortable. Beside them Ayumi and Haibara did the same. The man cleared his throat before starting. Shinichi blinked in surprise at the smooth cadence that poured from the man's voice. He could feel himself sinking into the words, imagining the story in a completely different way. He had read A Study in Scarlet multiple times and had never thought to look deeper than what was on the page. The man reading never halted or paused but he added sentences and left others out.

Suddenly the door opened and two boys stuck their heads in. The man finished the paragraph he was on and looked up.

"Ah, Mitsu-chan, Gen-chan. Welcome." The man slipped a white piece of paper into the book to save the page.

"Sorry Kid-san…." The smaller boy mumbled.

"We had to do chores before we left home." The larger one offered.

"It's not a problem. It was time for a break anyway." The man shrugged and waved at the audience in front of him. "Go stretch your legs. I'll start up again in about ten minutes."

"Ok!" Ayumi jumped down before jogging over to the door. Haibara followed close behind her, she waved at Conan as if beckoning him to join them. Conan looked up at Shinichi and smiled before running after his friends. Shinichi watched them go with a fond smile before his gaze moved to stare at the man in white.

"Ugh." The man stretched in his chair, a giant yawn opening his mouth wide. "All this sitting can't be good for me. Come on, Kudou-niichan. I'll get you a coffee."

"I'd prefer if you didn't call me that." Shinichi frowned as he followed the reader out into the main library.

"Ok, Shin-chan." The man grinned at him cheekily. Shinichi frowned and opened his mouth as if to tell him off but the stranger interrupted quickly. "Co-chan told me that you're planning to be a detective."

"Uh, yes." Shinichi sighed. "Although it'll be more like a consultant. The police force has a bit too many regulations for me."

"So you'll be like Mr. Holmes then!" The man grinned.

"Yes." Shinichi smiled. "What was your name? I need something to call you in my head other than 'that-guy-in-the-white-suit'."

"Ah, my name is Kuroba Kaito." The man chuckled as they reached the coffee machine. "I rushed over here after my last performance for the day. No time to change and all that."

"So you're a performer. A magician perhaps?" Shinichi eyed the man's cuffs and pockets.

"How'd you know?" Kaito grinned, taking out his wallet.

"Well, you're a bit too flamboyant to be part of a band, you could be in things like opera except you seem a bit too energetic. You could be an actor but your concentration is a bit off shown by your adding things into story. You don't have the right body type for a dancer and those who do sports call themselves 'athletes'." Shinichi counted off on his fingers. "There are also white bird feathers in your hair and your gloves have been washed more than a few times."

"…" Kaito blinked, staring at Shinichi while the vending machine behind him poured coffee into a paper cup. Shinichi smirked and snatched the cup.

"It wasn't that hard to deduce."

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