It had taken over a month for Nick to heal from his gunshot wound, but the healing process was a smooth one. Monroe had hovered over his smaller mate to the point of Nick actually screaming at the man on several different occasions. The Grimm appreciated the attention, loved how attentive Monroe was, he just wasn't use to it. His parents had encouraged his independence and his aunt continued on with that tradition after she took him in. When Nick would calm down from being a jackass, he'd blow Monroe on several, if random different occasions. Not that Monroe complained about having his throbbing, leaking cock shoved down his mates tight little throat, he just worried. A more primal part of Monroe noticed that he had never seen someone so eager to suck cock, which made both the man and beast shudder in pleasure. Monroe had also been surprised and elated to discover that Nick didn't have a gag reflex which made fucking his mouth so much more enjoyable.

Aside from the multiple blow jobs on both sides, they hadn't really had sex in a month. In over a month, Monroe hadn't claimed his pretty little mate, and he was getting anxious. It was becoming so problematic, that Monroe's wolf instincts were slamming against any ounce of control that he had. It wasn't as bad as it would have been during his mating season, but it was nerve wracking. Monroe wanted his mate badly, but his mate being fully healed meant more to him then fucking Nick into the nearest surface. Monroe and his wolf instincts just wanted to fuck Nick so hard, the younger man went completely stupid from it, making sure that the Grimm wouldn't leave the house until his instincts were satiated.

Nick, being the ever observant cop that he was, had noticed Monroe's tension and it rolled through him in uneasy waves. Nick didn't want his mate to suffer, and he idle wondered if Monroe would loose control with his instincts and felt instantly guilty for it. It was then a plan formed in the Grimm's mind, a devious little plan that would shatter Monroe's iron clad control. Two days later, Nick got a chance to put his plan into action. Monroe had out to get some groceries and to get some things from his house, things that would help pass the time for when Nick was at work. The Grimm was quick to pull out Monroe's favorite red wine, and the organic peanut butter cookies the wolf favored and placed them on the table. The cookies were the first thing Nick learned how to cook when Monroe started teaching him months ago. Nick had a great, natural, talent for baking, but he wouldn't have had enough time to mix and bake said cookies. Good thing Nick had thought ahead and had mixed the dough at Hanks house the other day. He popped the cookies in the oven and went to get dressed.

When Monroe came home, he scented his favorite red wine and cookies, making his stomach rumble in appreciation. He idly wondered when he missed Nick mixing the cookie dough while he followed the scents into the kitchen. His jaw dropped in shock at the sight of his mate. Nick was standing by the table, hip coked to one side, barefoot, and wearing what appears to be the shortest, reddest apron that Monroe had ever seen. The frilly little apron stops just below Nick's cock, giving little peeks when the Grimm shifted. It didn't help when the apron begins to tent and Nick's arousal is obvious in the air. Monroe swallowed hard, dark eyes wide and lust filled as he stared at his Grimm.

"Well, are you going to fuck me over the table or what?" Nick asked hotly, biting his lower lip in the way Monroe loved. Seconds later, Nick's pinned to the table, legs spread wide to accommodate his lover, and breathy from the quick movements. Monroe unzipped his pants, loving how Nick shivered in delight from the sound, before he unbuttoned them and pushed them down around his knees. Before Monroe can place his fingers in Nick's mouth for lubrication, Nick snickers mischievously.

"Already prepared myself earlier. Even bent myself over this table as I fucked myself on my fingers. I even begged for you as I did it," Nick said, making Monroe groan at the image of Nick fucking his own fingers. The wolf inside the Blutbad reared its head at the thought of anyone else, Nick included, thrusting anything into his mate. Monroe clamped his possessive instincts down as he pressed the tip of his length against his mates tight little pucker. He pushed his way in and was grateful when the Grimm's muscles gave way to him. As soon as he was fully seated, Monroe waited, giving his mate the time to adjust to being intruded upon again. Seconds later, after Nick clenched his inner muscles to signify that he was ready, Monroe's pounding Nick into the table. It'd been to long for either of them and their orgasms were fast approaching. Moments later, their painting gasps are interrupted by the shrill sound of a cell-phone ringing. Monroe's phone to be exact. The Blutbad managed to pull his phone out of his jeans pocket while still thrusting harshly into Nick.

"It's my dad," Monroe grunted out, one hand still gripping one of Nick's slender hips.

"Please tell me y-you a-rent going to-OH GOD!" Nick was cut off by a sharp thrust to his prostate. Monroe hit the 'talk' button.

"Hey pops," Monroe said, not stilling in his movements of fucking Nick into the table. Nick stuffed one of his fists into his mouth to keep his moans quite. Hopefully the older Blutbad wont pick up on it.


"No, I'm fine," Monroe said, responding to the unheard question.


"Distracted? No, I'm just with my mate," Monroe replied easily, hand tightening on Nick's hip as he pistons his hips into Nick's slender body.


"Yes, dad, I found a mate. All right, we'll be there tomorrow, bye." Monroe replied before he hung up and continued to make a wreck of his younger mate. Moments later, Nick screamed his release, whiting out as his seed splattered against the underside of the table. Monroe grinned as he finally let his own orgasm loose, his knot immediately swelling inside of a groaning Nick, locking them together for a good long while. The Blutbad managed to pull them to the floor and curled around Nick protectively and let his Grimm sleep it off