"UNCLE MONROE. WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" A course of high pitched voices squealed out and surged in between their grandparents legs to clutch at Monroe's. A large smile broke across Monroe's face and he squatted down to hug the eight little kids clinging to his legs.

"Hey kids, I missed you guys too," Monroe replied happily.

"Hey, uncle, whose that?" One pretty little girl asked, pointing at Nick.

"That's Nick, he's my mate," Monroe replied easily.

"He's a Grimm right?" One boy asked.

"Yes, Jason, he is. He's an honorable Grimm and wont hurt anyone. Plus he's a cop, a good one, and he protects people," Monroe replied.

"Oh, my mommy's a cop, hi I'm Angel." A red headed little girl said, scurrying over to Nick. The Grimm smiled brightly and squatted down to her level, getting to his knees.

"Hi Angel, I'm Nick, as you know, and it's a pleasure to meet you," Nick replied easily. Nick had always adored children and wanted several of his own, which basically caused him to adopt the kids from his former cases. He'd have to talk to Monroe about getting smaller pups then the ones that invaded their homes on a regular basis. Idly he wondered how Holly, Roddy, Barry, Gracie, and Hanson would mind baby siblings. A nine year old, at the oldest, came forward and looked directly into Nick's eyes.

"I'm Johnny, this is Tom, Chris, Sasha, Jason, Lulu and Agatha," Johnny said, face fierce and protective.

"Hello you guys, nice to meet you," Nick replied with a grin.

"Are you going to kill us?" Sasha asked, sticking her thumb in her mouth. Nick let his face drop in shock, mouth agape.

"Why would I do something like that?" Nick asked, surprise so clear the kids even understood. Sasha barely looked four years old and she was asking questions like that.

"Because that's what you monsters do," Lilly snarled out and stepping forward to protect her grandchildren. Monroe snarled out and went to protect his mate. Nick raised his eyebrow and let loose an exasperated sigh. The Grimm was sick of people of the suspicions and assumptions that he was like every other monster Grimm out there, only wanting to kill off the Wesen community.

"And that's not me Mrs. Monroe. I only stop the bad ones, just like I only stop the bad humans. I prefer being seen as a cop in both worlds. Besides, what kind of person would I be if I attacked an innocent child?" Nick said, cracking his neck. Lilly and Sean stared at the Grimm in complete and utter surprise, glancing at each other briefly. Both scented the air and listened to his heart, trying to see if they could detect if he was lying. Scent and heart rate changed when a person lied, unless they were that good. They were both surprised when they got absolutely nothing.

"Well, I like you, you seem nice," Angel said with a grin and glomped onto Nick's leg. The other kids looked at each other before crowding around Nick's legs, clinging to them in childlike glee. Nick's face brightened joyously, blinding Monroe and his parents with a hundred watt grin, as he got to the ground to hug the kids back. Sean and Lilly stared in shock as Nick talked and coddled the kids. Like most Blutbadden children, their grandchildren were picky with who they liked, mostly staying close to their own family packs. It evolved when they got older, of course, forming their own packs when they were ready.

"Nick loves kids, it's one of the reasons he became a cop, to protect them. He wants every child to be safe in a way he wasn't as a child. He's strong and healthy, and has a no mental problems outside of being an idiot. He is also very honorable and wont attack or kill Wesen unless absolutely necessary. And look at it this way, if other Wesen know there's a Grimm in the family, they probably wont mess with us," Monroe said, looking over at his parents. His parents shifted and looked at each other, contemplating what their middle son's word. Monroe made very good points, plus having a Grimm in the family made them look stronger to other Wesen, though Reapers would be a problem. Nick being good with the pups, so far, was winning points with both of them so far. In that one glance they had a full discussion about what they were going to do about Nick. In that one, quick, glance, they made their decision. They only hoped that their other boys, and their mates, would accept Nick into their family pack. Their silent conversation was broken by Nick.

"Monroe, they remind me of our little brood. Oh shoot, we should have brought Holly with us, it would have done her some good to talk to another female Blutbad," Nick said breathlessly as he stood up.

"They do huh? Maybe we can introduce them later if we don't get disowned," Monroe said with a shrug. He easily ignored his parents shocked faces and Nicks pout.

"You have pups Monroe? That's odd," A Booming voice said from behind them. Monroe was quick to respond.

"Shut up Roy, no one asked you. And no, Nick and I don't have pups, exactly. More like Nick saved their asses from past cases and collected them and now their ours," Monroe replied, turning to his brother. The kids let out a gasp at Monroe's use of a bad word, Nick gave him a glare that looked more adorable cause the Grimm looked to happy to properly glare.

"Uncle Monroe said a bad word Daddy," Lulu said as she ran over to Roy.

"I noticed pup. So Monroe, you mated with the resident Grimm, huh?" Roy said, scooping up the little girl. Roy had shockingly blond hair and dark, brooding eyes. Like Monroe and their father, Roy was disgustingly tall and broad all in the right places. And built like a lumber jack and a male model combined. A claw like scar scraped over his left eye and partially over his strong, straight nose, ruining the model look. His mouth was thin, and like Monroe, seemed to have a pension for plaid jackets.

"Yes, and?" Monroe growled out defensively, eyebrow raised.

"Hey, don't take that tone with me little brother, I ain't got no issue with you shaking up with a Grimm. I've heard about him and what I've heard is nothing but good," Roy replied, holding up one hand in defense.

"Monroe? You gonna calm down now?" Nick asked, both hands being held by two of the seven kids that were still on the ground.

"Yeah, Nick, every thing's good. Oh, we brought baked goods for the kid," Monroe said. The kids squealed again, making the adults flinch at the noise, before clambering near their uncle, dragging Nick with them. Nick smiled and followed Monroe to the car to get the sweets. The kids trailed behind and beside them much to their grandparents chagrin. Roy just chuckled as he watched he nieces and nephew's follow his brother and brother in law, glad his little brother was happy. He just hoped that their three other brothers would be more tolerable then their parents. From what Roy had heard, Monroe had made some very good points, especially since other Wesen would be weary and respect them. The reapers would always be a problem, but it was nothing that they, as a family, couldn't take. The two looked like a good, compatible pair, which was hard to come by in today's world.

Roy's grin faded as he thought about he's own mating to his daughters mother. Lulu's mother was a wild one and didn't take crap from anybody. Her attitude had worsened when she had been pregnant with Lulu and because of it, ruined her chances of being in a pack, again. The women had abandoned them after Lulu had been born, much to Roy's heartbreak. His family had come together and supported him and his daughter as much as they could have. It was Monroe that had helped the most, taking care of Lulu when Roy was at work or helping Roy with other things that he needed for Lulu. It was because of Monroe's major help in the past that Roy didn't out right attack Nick on sight. His grin widened again when he looked over at his brother and the Grimm. His dark eyes softened when he saw the happy look on Monroe's face. Roy was glad, very glad, that Monroe had gotten a good mate, the wielder deserved it.

"Hey Roy, you going to help us or keep standing there looking like an idiot?" Monroe grumped out. The man was holding a duffle bag full of his and Nick's stuff and a cardboard box full of goodies. Nick was currently holding two other boxes filled with treats for the family and the kids.

"Coming, coming. Geeze little brother, how much stuff did you bake? Enough for a third world country?" Roy said and walked over, setting his daughter down as he did so.

"For your information, I didn't bake anything, I don't have a talent for baking, unlike you. Nick did," Monroe snapped back gruffly as Roy got out three more boxes of stuff. Roy, Sean, and Lilly looked at Nick in shock.

"What, I was nervous about coming here, so I went a little over board. I bake when I'm nervous." Nick replied sheepishly.

"Nice, we'll be set until next Christmas," Roy grumped out. The three of them, plus kids, went to the front door to where Lilly and Sean were standing.

"So, may I please be aloud to enter your territory?" Nick asked politely, shifting on his feet. More politely then he ever did with Monroe. Monroe's parents glared deeply at the Grimm, warning him to try anything. Monroe stood behind his Grimm and glared heatedly in return.

"Don't do anything stupid Grimm, we'll be watching you," Sean snapped before stepping aside. Nick nodded his head, tilting just slightly in a small show of submission. Both Lilly and Sean's eyes widened, shocked that a Grimm would ever show any kind of submission to a Wesen. Nick didn't show his back or do a full out submissive gesture, but it was enough to show that he respected their territory and their rules. Monroe had talked to him about Blutbadden family dynamics the night before, explaining that a Blutbad's mate always should that kind of respect to the other's family. Nick followed them into the kitchen and was greeted by three other men from various ages and three females to go along with them. The three males looked enough like Monroe for Nick to understand they were related, the females were their mates, obviously.

"Jack, Cameron, Daniel, this is my mate Nick, be nice. Yes, he's a Grimm, no he's not going to hurt us, this will be good for our family. He's the good one that the other Wesen around Portland have been talking about," Monroe said, answering all their question before they even asked. Needless to say, it was a very, very tension filled dinner that night, filled with snapping and griping at each other. The morning when Nick and Monroe were about to leave was no better. On the way home, Nick leaned against Monroe with a happy smile on his handsome face.

"I'm glad it went better then what I thought it'd be," Nick mumbled against Monroe's neck.

"Me to," Monroe replied, taking a hand from the steering wheel to curl around Nick's face.

"I really like your family Monroe. You guys all seem so close," Nick said softly. His tone was wistful and slightly sad, as if earning for that familiar connection with parents. Nick had been an only child for obvious reasons, but it never stopped him from wanting them, or an actual family again.

"We are. Don't worry, they'll except you, they just have to get use to you first," Monroe said, sensing Nick's sad mood.

"I don't want to invade on your family Monroe," Nick replied, burying his face in Monroe's neck.

"You're not. You are mine, they will except that no matter what," Monroe replied with a slight growl.

"I know I'm yours Monroe. Do you really think they'll except me? I mean I hope they do, cause I don't want you to be at odds with them, but yeah," Nick trailed off softly. Monroe's face softened greatly and when they stopped at a read light just outside of Portland, kissed Nick's head.

"Yes, they will. As much as I love my family, they're power hungry assholes and like the thought of having greater power then other Wesen. They only thing that would make this better was as if you were part of the royal court," Monroe replied, petting Nick's side as the pulled into Nick's home. Nick nodded and they filled out. As soon as the car doors closed, the house door opened and six teenagers came tumbling out to glomp them.

"We missed you," Holly said, nuzzling each of them in the shoulder.

"We missed you to. Hope you didn't make a huge mess," Nick responded with a grin.

"We didn't, bring us anything?" Hanson replied cheekily.

"Yeah, left over baked goods," Monroe replied. The teenagers cheered and helped them bring in the left over boxed goodies.

"How was the family?" Barry asked casually as he got out some plates for them to use.

"Fine, they want to meet you guys at the end of next week," Monroe replied nonchalantly. Nick's face drained of color. Then Monroe realized what he said and his color drained to. His family was coming over to one of their houses next week.

"Oh crap," Nick and Monroe said in sequence. The kids just laughed at them.

Don't worry, I'll do a little one shot featuring Monroe's family coming over to meet his and Nick's 'pups.' It wont be more then a one shot, and can be read separately from this, I suppose. Hope ya'll enjoyed my mini trilogy