It was a typical Friday afternoon. The only difference was that it was almost Christmas Eve. Ziva was reading one a book on American slang, McGee was writing some ideas in his new Deep Six series, Tony was well…being Tony, and Gibbs was going over some cold cases. They had no cases and if it continued, they could leave by 0500 that is until a message popped up. *Ding* they all stopped what they were doing and looked up. They were all confused. They all clicked opened their message box and an email from Abby was shown:

Tomorrow Night at Maggie's Rock & Roll Bar

Come tomorrow night for a day of fun, laughs, food, singing, and drinks.

Help raise money for the CHILDREN'S CANCER FOUNDATION this Christmas

Please R.S.V.P to this email if you would like to join (Gibbs I know you're reading this you have to go)

Teams would be ordered by or you can pick your own.

The team that wins receives $500,000 for the charity

Courtesy of the Goth Forensic Scientist Abby and Director Jennifer Shepard

After reading the email they all looked at each other. Tony was the first to break the silence.

"Well I'm in" He grinned his thousand dollar grin at Ziva, and she just scolded him. "I'm in too"

Everyone turned their heads to the Probie on the corner. Of course, he would do anything for Abby. He was like a mad love-struck dog.

"Guess I'm in too." Ziva finally said after thinking about it.

Everyone turned their heads at Gibbs and he just stared at them and got out of his seat. He toke two steps at a time up to the director's office.

Tony: Oooooohhhh What do you thinks going to happen

Ziva: Do you have to get into everyone's earwax

McGee just makes a face of disgust.

Tony: It's bee's wax Ziva, Bee's wax!

Ziva: Same thing no?

They all sighed at went back to work

Gibbs climbed to the top of the stairs and opened the doors to go in. Cynthia was there, but of course he just ignored her and went in anyways.

Jenny was startled by the door slamming open.

Without even looking up she could tell who it was, "Jethro, to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"What is this?" He toke out the E-mail Abby had sent him and showed her it.

"Ahh, I see you got your E-mail. Surprised you even know how to use it."

"Stop with the jokes Jen, Do I really have to go to this thing?"

"Yes Jethro. This year SecNav wants all NCIS members there and you are part of NCIS. Plus last year you didn't show-up."

"And what makes the difference this year."

"Abby wants you to go."

With that sentence he storms out the door shutting it hard.

Jenny sighs and goes back to her paper work.

Back in the bullpen, Gibbs storms down and grabs his sig, badge, and coat. "Going for a coffee break, you guys go home."

Once the metal doors closed on the elevator, Tony turns to his fellow team mates.

"Do you guys really think he's going?"

Ziva: "He must be going. He said so himself"

McGee: "And I don't think he was happy about it."

Just then an instant message pops up on everyone's screen

(VampireDogs4U has signed in)

(Uknowzos195 has joined the chat)

(ElfLordMaster55 has joined the chat)

(MossadNinja12 has joined the chat)

VampireDogs4U: Hey guys, meeting my lab ASAP

ElfLordMaster55: Why cant we just talk on here? :?

VampireDogs4U: Because I need to tell u guys something….

MossadNinja12: We'll be in your lab in 5 min. Abby

Uknowzos195: KK sure Abs be down soon :P

VampireDogs4U: YAY okay see you soon.

(VampireDogs4U has signed out)

(Uknowzos195 has signed out)

(ElfLordMaster55 has signed out)

(MossadNinja12 has signed out)

The three remaining team members soon head down to Abby's lab to see what she wants and why it's so important.

5 min. later:

"HEY-OOOO!" Tony shouted over the load pounding music going around in the lab.

Ziva and McGee just winced as they were just standing right next to him. Abby spun around in her chair and grabbed the metal table in front so she'd stop spinning. The preppy goth grabbed the remote and lowered the music down.

"Hey guys!"

They all replied a "Hi" in unison.

McGee was the first to talk, "So what was so important that we couldn't talk upstairs?"

Abby: " That McGee is a very good question."

She hopped off the chair and went into her inner office/lab. She sat down on her computer desk chair and the others crowed behind her. She clicked a button on the keyboard and out came a document stating "LOVE PLAN". They skimmed through the rest and the key words they say were, Gibbs, Jenny, Fall in love, at the karaoke, or before Christmas, you in? They blinked and had the read it a couple of times to makes sure they see the right thing.

McGee: "So you us to make sure that Boss and Director get together?"

Abby: "Yup! So you guys in!"

Tony and Ziva: "I'm in!"

Eventually McGee sighed and nodded his head. He would want to see Gibbs happy for once and it was clear as day to anyone that saw him and Jenny together that they loved each other. They were just too damn stubborn to do anything about it.

Ziva agreed because she would like to see her friend happy for once and she knew only Gibbs could make her that happy.

Tony just agreed for the fun of things, but he would like to see Boss happy for once.

"YAY!" Abby screeched and everyone had to cover their ears.

"Okay guys here's the plan…."