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They were both naked and had been that way for quite some time. Their skin was slick with sweat and their hair was plastered to their flushed faces. Ukitake was lying on his back on the eighth Captain's futon with his pale legs parted wide to give Shunsui as much room as he needed to pump his index and middle fingers inside his panting lover. The foreplay had gone on for what seemed like hours and every time the bearded man's fingers would brush against that sensitive area inside the thirteenth Captain, the white haired shinigami would moan loudly and arch his back. Ukitake had been on the verge of cumming so many times that night and every time he thought he would be granted release Shunsui would pull back.

Unknown to the thirteenth Captain, Shunsui did this on purpose. He loved to hear his pale best friend lose control and wanted to hear him beg to be filled. The eighth Captain was so hard that it hurt, but he would endure it long enough to hear the desperate voice of the panting man on his futon. The dark haired Soul Reaper inserts a third finger causing another groan to escape the white haired man.


The time had arrived and Shunsui wanted to hear it…no, he needed to hear it, "What do you need, Ju?"

The thirteenth Captain swallows back a moan as he tries to speak, "Please…(gasp) please…"

The bearded Captain continues pumping his fingers at a steady rhythm in and out of his friend ever so slightly brushing against his lover's sweet spot, "Please what, love?"

"I need…" The pale shinigami closes his lust dilated eyes as he pushes down against Shunsui's fingers, "I need you (moan)…to be…(sigh) to be inside. D-don't make me…wait any-any longer…(gasp) I want to…feel you."

The larger man shivers at Ukitake's words of pleading. When he removes his fingers, the thirteenth Captain almost cries from the loss of contact, "Shh, you'll get what you want soon."

He grabs the lubricant and quickly slicks his heated erection making himself groan in need as he hears a breathy 'hurry' from his lover. He gently lifts Ukitake's trembling legs, placing them over his own broad shoulders, and aligns the head of his weeping cock with the quivering entrance of his long time friend, "You ready, Ju?"

Ukitake lets out an anticipation-filled whimper, "Please do it, Shunsui!"

With one powerful thrust of his hips the eighth Captain is fully seated deep inside his white haired lover. The thirteenth Captain lets out a very audible sigh of relief at feeling Shunsui stretch him and the dark haired shinigami grits his teeth to keep from pounding into the inviting, squeezing heat he was encased in until he got the go ahead from Ukitake. Finally, the pale Captain nods, "Don't make me…wait any longer, Shunsui."

The dark haired shinigami looks deep into those pleading eyes as he pulls almost all the way out and wastes no time pushing back in. It takes him a few unsteady thrusts to work through the tightness his preparation could never stretch out, but he soon finds a steady rhythm as he pumps forcefully in and out of the writhing man beneath him. Eventually, Ukitake begin pushing forward to meet his thrusts causing the bearded man to let out a loud groan, "Oh, Ju…I-I'm not (gasp)…gonna last long!"

"Harder, Shunsui!" He grips at Shunsui's sweaty arms attempting to gain more leverage to help push his friend's large cock even deeper inside him.

The eighth Captain smiles at Ukitake's request, "You always did…l-like it rough (sigh)…huh, Ju?"

"S-so rough!"

Shunsui complies with the request and increases the force of their love making. He knows when he finds that special spot inside his lover by the way the white haired man lets out a sharp cry and his opening flutters around the thickness inside him. The eighth Captain lets out a pleasure-filled moan himself at the increased pressure around his over sensitive erection, "I'm gonna…cum soon!"

The bearded Soul Reaper knew he shouldn't have waited so long before entering his friend, but he had to hear those desperate pleas. He knew his release wasn't far away, but he also knew Ukitake's wasn't far off either from all the torturously wonderful foreplay before hand. The eighth Captain's thrusts become quickened and erratic as he draws nearer to completion and he notices the smaller man reaching between them to grab his own ignored cock and roughly stroke himself.

The thirteenth Captain squeezes his eyes shut as he speeds up his frantic strokes, "I'm almost…there!" He finally lets out an urgent moan, "I'm c-cumming!"

When the pale Captain came, Shunsui feels the warm evidence of the smaller man's orgasm spill between them as those tight walls become even tighter as they clamp down around him, "Oh gods, Ju! I'm…I'm gonna cum!"

Ukitake pants breathlessly as he opens his eyes to look into the beautiful eyes of his best friend, "Cum, Shunsui…cum inside me. I love you."

Just from hearing those words and the wonderful feeling of thrusting into that spasming hole made him release and fill the warm tunnel he's residing in with hot liquid. As his orgasm reaches its end, he leans down and captures Ukitake's lips in a wet, passionate kiss, "I love you too."

The thirteenth Captain smiles and Shunsui pulls out to lie beside his lover on the futon as he wraps his sweaty arms around Ukitake.

That was a week ago…a whole week since the thirteenth Captain had gasped in pleasure underneath his lover and a whole week since the eighth Captain had caressed and kissed every inch of Ukitake's pale, flawless skin, a week since the white haired Soul Reaper stopped breathing and was rushed to the Squad Four Barracks by none other than his very best friend Shunsui Kyoraku.

For a whole week Shunsui had done nothing but sit next to his unconscious friend. He'd listened to Ukitake gasp for breath, but not from pleasure. This gasping was for survival and from pain and the only touch the bearded man could give him was the warmth of his large hand around the clammy, trembling one of his ill lover.

The thirteenth Captain's illness had become more prevalent and more debilitating in the past year, but the sick man never once complained or said he was in pain. He was the only man Shunsui knew that could be asked on a scale of one to ten how was the pain and respond with a nine, but still have a smile on his face.

After a whole week of hearing nothing but Ukitake's ragged breathing and agonizing groans, the eighth Captain was somewhat surprised when he heard the unconscious man speak. The words were soft at first, but finally the thirteenth Captain opens his eyes searching for the name he has called out, "Shunsui?"

The dark haired shinigami smiles as he bends down and wraps his arms around his sick friend, "I'm right here, Ju. You don't know how happy I am to see you open your eyes! Of all the times you've been sick this time scared me the most."

"Shunsui, you're squeezing me too hard."

The eighth Captain quickly releases his friend and sits up, but not before grabbing Ukitake's hand in his own, "Sorry bout that."

"Where am I?" The white haired man places a pale hand on his forehead as he tries unsuccessfully to take a deep breath.

"If you don't recognize Squad Four by now then you're in worse shape than I thought." With his free hand, Shunsui gently brushes a stray piece of snow white hair away from Ukitake's face.

The ill man rubs his forehead and closes his eyes in concentration, "How did I get here? I don't remember."

The larger man squeezes the thirteenth Captain's hand as a look of despair comes across his usually jovial features, "I brought you here, but I thought I'd lost you."

The pale man opens his eyes and looks at Shunsui in confusion, "Lost me?"

The bearded Captain takes in a shuddering breath and his voice trembles with his next words, "We were sleeping after…well, you know, and I just felt really weird. So, I woke up and your reiatsu was almost non-existent. You weren't breathing and I thought I would be too late, but I got here as fast as I could." He stops his story and swallows the lump of worry in his throat, "Luckily, Retsu fixed you right up, but if I had waited just a few seconds longer…" A tear slides down his cheek, but he quickly wipes it away, "But, you're safe and that's all that matters."

The thirteenth Captain licks his dry lips as he digests what his best friend has just told him. Finally, he gives his lover a puzzled look, "But, Shunsui, your beard…it's so…shaggy." He reaches up and places his thin fingers in the uncharacteristically long whiskers, "How long have I been here?"

Shunsui cradles the pale hand against his cheek with his own hand as he presses his face into the touch, "You've been out for a week, Ju."

The green eyes of the pale man widen in disbelief, "But, that can't be right!" When the eighth Captain doesn't crack a smile or proclaim that he'd been joking, Ukitake lets his hand slide away from his lover's hairy face as he looks at his unshaven friend again, "Did you stay here the whole time?"

"Of course I did…where else would I go while you're sick?" A look of incredulity is etched on his face at the thirteenth Captain's questioning of where else he would have gone.

"I have to get back to my squad." The white haired shinigami attempts to sit up, but Shunsui places a hand on his chest and pushes him back down.

"Your squad is fine. You shouldn't worry so much…you know as well as I do that you taught them well enough to look after things while you're sick. Not to mention, Retsu, Nanao, and Old Man Yama have been checking up on them." The Captain of Squad Eight gives his friend a smile trying to get him to stop worrying.

A defeated sigh escapes Ukitake's lips, "And, how is that supposed to make me feel any better, Shunsui?"

The smile fades from Shunsui's face and is replaced with a perplexed expression, "Well, it should make you feel better knowing that your squad is being looked after while you're sick. If the Head Captain cares enough about you to help look after your squad then you should feel…"

"Embarrassed!" The thirteenth Captain finally pulls his hand out of his lover's large one and threads his own slender fingers through his white hair, "It is shameful that the Head Captain has to stop everything he's doing to check on a squad that I am the Captain of!"

This unusual outburst causes the ill man to begin coughing violently finally making him have to sit up to expel the blood gathering in his mouth. He tries to catch the red liquid in his hand, but it seeps through his fingers trickling down his wrist and onto the bed sheets. Shunsui grabs a towel placed beside the bed just for this purpose and helps clean the bloody Soul Reaper's face and hands, "Now, look what you've done. You got yourself all worked up." The eighth Captain helps his friend lie back down, "You shouldn't be embarrassed. You're sick and that's not your fault. No one blames you…it's not like you planned this. Not to mention, Old Man Yama loves you like you were his son and he'd do anything to help you."

Ukitake lets out a shuddering sigh, "I'm sorry…I'm just so frustrated because I don't know what to do." He reaches for a glass filled with water, but finally has to settle for Shunsui handing it to him because he can't reach it himself. He takes a long drink before speaking again, "I thought that after all these years of being sick that I would be ready when the time finally came, but I…"

The white haired Captain stops talking when he notices all the color drain from the hurt face of his lover, "W-when the time came…what?"

"Shunsui…" A sigh or worry slips out of the thirteenth Captain's mouth as he covers his pale face with his blood stained hands not wanting to see the devastated look on Shunsui's face, "Surely, you have felt it."

The dark haired Soul Reaper shakes his head in defiance, "No…no…don't do this, Ju. Don't confirm my fears. I-I thought I was just being paranoid."

The sick shinigami uncovers his face and grabs the eighth Captain's hand in his to try and sooth his worried friend, "For the past year, my illness has gotten worse and the attacks are becoming more frequent." He swallows loudly before continuing, "Also, for the last five months or so my reiatsu has lowered little by little every day and at first I tried to hide it, but eventually it was low enough for you to notice and I know you noticed because you were more gentle with me." He takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it back out trying to ignore his best friend's horrified face, "Each time I get sick it lowers significantly and I fear that it won't be long before it disappears completely and I go with it."

The eighth Captain turns his head to the side to hide his face from Ukitake's view as silent tears stream down his face and disappear into his shaggy beard, "How can you say that?" He finally turns to look at his white haired lover causing the said lover's heart to break at seeing the wetness on that usually happy face, "Your reiatsu always lowers a little when you're sick, but it returns to normal when you get better. It'll do that this time…y-you just have to be patient."

He squeezes the bearded man's hand lovingly and tries to hold back his own tears at seeing his friend cry, "I fear you may be wrong this time, Shunsui."

The large man sniffles and wipes his eyes with his free hand, "What makes you say that, Ju?"

The thirteenth Captain shifts uncomfortably in the hospital bed before he meets his best friend's sad eyes, "There's something I need to tell you, but you aren't going to like it."

Shunsui moves closer to his friend and if at all possible his face looks even more worried, "What is it?"

"While I was out…" His forehead wrinkles in distress at the pain in his heart at what he had to tell his long time friend and lover, "I had a long talk with Sogyo no Kotowari and I won't tell you everything we discussed, but right before I woke up (sigh)…they told me their good byes."

The eighth Captain's bottom lip trembles as new tears stain his face, "Why would they do that? Don't they know you need them? You aren't dead yet! They should be by your side until the end!"

Ukitake notices the anger in Shunsui's tear-filled eyes and tries to calm him down with an explanation, "I know that Sogyo no Kotowari can be mischievous and pranksters, but they were quite genuine with this. The three of us agreed that this was best and it wasn't a hasty decision." The white haired man lets out another sigh before continuing, "They decided that they didn't want to see me suffer and they wanted to be able to say their good byes properly. I agreed that I didn't want them to see me at my worst and I…I wanted it to just be…to just be you with me in the end." The bearded man sits silently with a glazed over look in his eyes, "Please, say something, Shun."

"What am I supposed to do without you? When you go I'll lose my best friend, my lover, my fellow Captain, but worse than that I'll lose my heart." The tears flow feely from both men's eyes at this statement, "Don't you see, you're not just a piece of my heart or even a large section…you're everything to me and you own my whole heart! If you die I'll just have an empty, gaping hole in my chest that nothing and no one could ever fill! I will be incomplete for the rest of my life without you."

The Captain of Squad Thirteen grabs Shunsui's lapel and pulls the larger man's lips down to his and holds his best friend's mouth to his until he deepens the kiss. After several seconds of them passionately kissing, Ukitake pulls back and cups the eighth Captain's face in his hands, "I am not dead yet, Shunsui! Your tears hurt me and make me feel as if I'm doing something wrong. I know that this is painful for you, but please do not tell me good bye yet." His voice trembles as new tears spring to his own eyes, "I can handle Sogyo no Kotowari telling me good bye…it hurts, but I can deal with it. I cannot handle it if you tell me good bye as well." The pale man takes in a breath and wipes the tears from Shunsui's eyes with the pads of his thumbs, "I want nothing more than to see the smile and hear the laughter that made me fall in love with you. I don't want to see your tears…they don't suit you at all."

Shunsui places his hands on Ukitake's hands, pulls them from his hairy face, and places a kiss on each of the thirteenth Captain's pale hands, "You're right, Ju. I'm sorry…you will not see me shed another tear. If that's what you want then that's what you'll get."

"Thank you, Shunsui." A grateful smile appears on the ill Captain's face making the dark haired man smile as well. The two shinigami are quiet for a long time, but finally Ukitake breaks the silence, "Perhaps, you should go to your barracks and check on your own squad and get a shower as well as trim that beard."

"I'm not leaving…have you lost your mind, Ju?" He gives his ill lover a stubborn expression.

"You have to shower some time and that beard looks ridiculous. Not to mention, your squad is probably terribly worried about you." When that stubborn look doesn't go away, Ukitake tries a different approach, "Retsu will be in here to check on me soon and you know that she'll make you leave the room. You might as well use that time to your advantage."


"I assure you that I am not going anywhere just yet." He gives the worried Captain a gentle smile, "I will be right here when you get back…I promise."

The eighth Captain's stubborn look finally turns to one of compliance, "Okay, but if I go then you have to eat the food when they bring it. I know how you try to skip meals when you're sick, but it's been a week. Promise me you'll eat."

"I promise." He gives his best friend a warm smile.

Shunsui reluctantly stands up, "I'll tell Retsu you're awake on my way out." He begins walking toward the door when Ukitake stops him.

"Shunsui?" The pink clad man turns around to face his lover, "I love you."

The bearded shinigami smiles, "I love you more." With that statement, Shunsui leaves the room.

Twenty minutes later, Shunsui barges back into the room to see Ukitake sitting up. Noticing the fresh sheets on the bed and the clean clothes on his friend, he realizes Retsu must have come and gone already. The white haired Soul Reaper's eyes brighten when his friend walks in.

"That didn't take long, Shunsui."

The eighth Captain takes his seat beside the bed looking like himself again, "What did Retsu say?"

"She said I should stay put for another week." The pale man rolls his eyes in annoyance, but Shunsui doesn't comment.

"Did you eat like you promised?" He tries to give Ukitake his best serious face, but just makes himself look foolish.

"Yes, I did." He points to a space on the other side of the room, "There is my empty tray…just like I promised."

A mischievous smile appears on Shunsui's handsome face, "I already knew you'd eaten."

The thirteenth Captain's black eyebrows come together questioningly, "How did you know that?

"Because…" The dark haired man grabs his friend's chin to hold him still as he licks the corner of said friend's mouth, "You missed a spot."

An appalled look passes across Ukitake's face, "Shunsui! That is not appropriate in the Squad Four barracks!"

Shunsui chuckles softly, "When have I ever been appropriate?"

The pale Captain shakes his head in disapproval, "Not often enough, that's for sure." The eighth Captain doesn't respond as he bends over and lays his head on his lover's lap. Ukitake doesn't object and begins stroking the wavy locks of still slightly damp hair, "Shunsui?"


"Do you remember the first time we made love?" Before Shunsui can answer, Ukitake adds another sentence, "And, I don't mean the first time we had sex because that was awkward and embarrassing."

The bearded shinigami smiles at his friend's description of their first sexual encounter, "I know what 'make love' means, Ju and yes, I remember."

The thirteenth Captain trails his hand down from Shunsui's hair to stroke his newly trimmed beard, "It was summer during one of the few breaks we had from Academy."

"We were supposed to go visit our families, but we stayed together instead." He snuggles his head against Ukitake's stomach as he continues to reminisce, "It was the first break we'd had since we'd gotten together."

A soft laugh can be heard from the pale Soul Reaper, "And, I'm almost certain the place you took me was off limits to students."

"You know me too well, Ju, but you liked the place, didn't you?" He reaches up and grabs the slender hand of his lover and pulls it down to his mouth to kiss the delicate but calloused fingertips.

"I did enjoy it and it was a very beautiful garden. The trees were perfect and cast just the right amount of shade and I'd never seen such beautiful flowers." His face beams at the memory of the student forbidden place he'd been taken to.

Shunsui releases the thirteenth Captain's hand and it resumes its stroking of his hair, "It was really beautiful, but nothing there was as beautiful as you were." He feels his best friend's breathing hitch at that comment, "It's true, Ju. You were wearing that royal blue yukata that looked so bright against your skin and hair. It was such a stunning contrast to your green eyes and it made me really notice how green they were, but the best part was the light pink flowers that matched the obi. I remember you saying you picked pink because you knew I liked it."

The smaller man lets out a satisfied sigh, "You really do remember, Shunsui."

"I said I did…how could I forget us making love by that stream using only my robe to separate us from the ground?" The eighth Captain feels the hand stroking his hair stop and he waits anxiously for his lover to speak again.

"That was the first time that you ever told me you loved me." He takes in a deep breath and smiles as he lets it back out, "I'll always remember how sincere you sounded and how happy I was."

The larger Soul Reaper is quiet for so long that Ukitake thought he'd fallen asleep, but finally Shunsui vocalizes, "What ever happened to that yukata? You never wore it again and you looked sexy as hell wearing it."

"I seem to recall someone being so anxious to remove it from my body that they ripped it."

Shunsui laughs as he sits up to look at Ukitake, "I did rip it…I completely forgot." A perverted look appears on his face, "I have to say, you looked a hell of a lot sexier with it off."

The thirteenth Captain lets out a defeated sigh, "You're a pervert."

"You like perverts."

Ukitake rolls his eyes at Shunsui's declaration, "I only like one pervert."

"Okay, so I ripped it…what'd you do with it?" He looks curiously at the pale face of his best friend waiting for his answer.

"Well, it was no good to me ripped." He looks away from the eighth Captain's eager face, "I threw it out."

The bearded man's eyes widen as he gasps, "You threw it out? Ju, you could have mended that! It was just a small rip and I would give anything to see you wear that yukata one more time!"

"It's a little late to worry about that now, isn't it?" He notices the way Shunsui's face falls at this information, "Besides, you seem to have a very accurate memory of it."

The dark haired shinigami smiles, "Someone once told me that memories dim severely in comparison to the real thing."

"They sound very intelligent to me." He returns the smile knowing Shunsui had been talking about him, "I'm very tired, Shunsui."

Shunsui knows this is his ill lover's way of asking him to help him lie down and the eighth Captain complies, "You comfortable?"

"I'm actually a bit cold." He pulls the blanket up to his chin and shivers.

"I'll get you another blanket."

"No, that's not necessary." He lifts the corner of the blanket up as he casts a pleading look at his lover, "You could always warm me up better than any blanket."

"I don't think I'm supposed to get in bed with you, Ju." He tries to look anywhere but at those pleading eyes.

Ukitake pouts at his best friend, "And, when have you ever done what you were supposed to?"

Not being able to resist those eyes and that pouting face, the bearded man slides in beside the sick shinigami and wraps his warm arms around him as Ukitake snuggles his head against Shunsui's broad chest, "Gods, Ju, you're freezing! Why didn't you say something sooner?"

The cold Captain just shrugs as he breathes in the smell of the freshly showered eighth Captain, "Shunsui, I want you to know that I love you more than anything or anyone in the whole world and nothing has ever made me happier than you."

Shunsui tightens the embrace as he listens to his friend's words, "I know that, because I feel exactly the same way about you, love."

"Would you think any less of me if I admitted that I was scared?" He tries to hold back his warm tears, but they spill out against his will.

When the dark haired man feels the wetness of Ukitake's tears seep through his clothes it makes him angry at the whole situation, but he doesn't let his lover know this, "You know I would never think that, but if you need to confide in me you know I don't mind."

The thirteenth Captain trembles, but not from the coldness of his skin, "I'm scared for my squad and for you. All the things I thought I would always be around to protect…"

He doesn't have to finish his thought for Shunsui to know what he means, "Your squad is full of smart people because you trained them and they'll miss you, but they won't disrespect you by letting the squad fail. I assure you they'll be fine." He gulps loudly before addressing Ukitake's next fear, "As for me…I have Nanao and she's a good kid, a real good kid. She'll make sure I do my work and get to my Captain's meetings on time and see to it that I take care of myself." The bearded Soul Reaper lets out an agitated sigh, "I'm scared too, Ju."

"Of what, Shunsui?" The smaller man can hear how fast Shunsui's heart is beating against his chest and new tears involuntarily trickle from his green eyes.

"All my favorite memories have you in them and before when I pictured my future, you were always right there beside me." The eighth Captain grits his teeth to stop the tears he'd promised Ukitake he wouldn't shed, "Now, when I try to picture my future everything is blank. It's as if my brain is telling me that there's no future worth living in without you."

A loud sob erupts from the white haired Captain, "I never deserved a friend like you, Shunsui."

"I think you're confused because it's the other way around. I didn't deserve a friend like you." He places his chin on top of Ukitake's head smelling the fragrance that only his friend owned.

"For two men who didn't deserve each other we sure did make a life of it, didn't we?"

Shunsui lets out a quiet chuckle, "We sure did, Ju and I loved every second of it."

In the silence of Squad Four, the two shinigami fall asleep to the sound of each other's breathing and heart beat with the thirteenth Captain nestled lovingly in the arms of the eighth Captain. Sometime late in the night, the last bits of warmth leave the ill man's body as the last vapors of his life ebb away. The bearded Captain wakes knowing he will never see his best friend alive again. He doesn't cry or even call for help, he only holds his lover's body tighter against his own as the daggers of despair and loneliness pierce his chest and break his empty heart in two.

The morning finds Shunsui still holding tightly to his friend's lifeless body when Retsu Unohana walks hesitantly into the room. If she didn't know any better she would have thought the thirteenth Captain was simply sleeping. The fourth Captain, however, knew better.

The eighth Captain doesn't look up when Retsu walks in, but acknowledges her presence with words, "He's gone, but I'm sure you already knew that."

She walks further into the room and closes the door behind her, "You're right. I felt it last night, but there was nothing I could do. That's why I didn't come to help." She doesn't walk any closer to the dark haired man not knowing what he may do. He'd never been a violent man and he had certainly never done her any harm, but when some one was grieving over a friend they loved more than themselves they tended to behave differently, "You are oddly calm about this, Shunsui."

He cradles Ukitake's head against his chest as he rocks slowly back and forth, "I told him I wouldn't cry, but it's harder than I thought it would be." He finally looks at his fellow Captain and she notices that his usually shining eyes are dull, "You know it's weird…this feeling I have. He's so peaceful that my eyes want me to believe he's just sleeping, but my body doesn't believe my eyes. I have this gnawing, cold feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me something's not right. I can't feel his heart beat or hear his breathing and the warmth from his reiatsu is gone."

A few rebellious tears trickle down his face even though he'd been desperately trying to hold them back. Unohana attempts to break through the eighth Captain's rocking trance with a few suggestions, "Perhaps, you could think more clearly if we took walk or had a cup of tea to relax you."

The bearded man breaks eye contact with her and seems as if he hadn't heard her suggestions at all, "This isn't how things were supposed to be, but things never turn out the way you plan do they?"

She shakes her head in agreement, "No, they don't."

"We were supposed to retire from being Soul Reapers years from now when we were old…a lot older and we were gonna have a house together and spend the rest of our days there just me and Ju." He smiles a little at the future that can never be, "We were gonna die together if for no other reason than because we were just too god damn old." He catches her gaze again, "That's just a stupid fantasy now."

"It isn't stupid, Shunsui. I'm sure Jushiro would have loved that." She walks a little closer to the bed, but stops when she notices the bearded man's grip tighten protectively around his lover.

He brushes a strand of white hair away from Ukitake's face and gazes lovingly down at his friend, "What am I supposed to do now? What does my future hold without him?"

"No one knows the answer to that but you." She gives him her warmest smile before speaking again, "You will always miss him and things will constantly remind you of him. You will never forget him, but you will eventually learn to accept it."

More tears slide down his cheeks at her words, "I don't think I can ever accept this."

She dreaded the next proposition she would have to make to the grieving shinigami, but she had no choice, "I'm going to need to be alone with Jushiro to…perform an autopsy for official records as well as begin preparing the body for…burial." A noticeable change comes over the usually calm man and she notices a possessive gleam in Shunsui's eyes as well as the way his body stiffens in anger at her words, "Perhaps, you should go clear your head."

"No! don't touch him!" He gathers Ukitake's body in a more protective embrace as she moves closer, "I'm not leaving him! He needs me!"

"Calm down, Shunsui. I'm not going to hurt him." She walks closer causing Shunsui to back up as far as he can without toppling off the bed.

"I don't want to hurt you, but I will."

She is now close enough to touch them if she stretches her arm out, "You don't mean that." She slowly reaches toward them, but when she feels Shunsui's reiatsu rise significantly she pulls back.

"I said don't touch him!"

She steps back a couple of paces as she raises her hands, "Bakudo number one, Sai!" His arms quickly release the lifeless form of his lover and pin themselves to his body, "Bakudo number four, hainawa!" Her second bakudo attack his used to make sure the extremely strong Captain doesn't break free as the golden ropes of reishi twist around him. She quickly approaches him with a powerful chemical used to sedate him and render him unconscious. He finally falls limp against the bed, "I'm sorry I had to do that, but you will realize that it was for the best."

To Be Continued…

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