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Torn Yukata, Forbidden Garden, and Love Confessions

Jushiro Ukitake had listened to his roommate/best friend/best friend with benefits/Shunsui Kyoraku beg him for three days to spend their week long break from Academy together. They were supposed to spend the break with their families, but Shunsui had deemed that too boring and had pestered Ukitake ever since about hanging out just the two of them. After several half hearted no's and watching his brown haired friend pout, Ukitake had finally said yes to the idea. He secretly wanted to say yes all along, but he knew Shunsui would feel more accomplished if he resisted at first.

The dark haired student had been so happy at Ukitake's compliance that he'd nearly squeezed the life out of him with a rib crushing hug and had spent the rest of the day making secret plans for the days they would spend together. When Ukitake would ask what he was planning, the larger man would just smile and tell him it was a surprise. Ukitake had learned a long time ago that surprises with Shunsui usually led to sitting in detention when it was all said and done.

The white haired student had finally convinced Shunsui to allow him to visit his family for the first three days of the break and advised the brunet to do the same. This still gave them four days together and that was enough for the dark haired man. They had decided on a place right outside their dormitory to meet after the three days of family visits.

While Ukitake was with his family, he tried his hardest not to think about his best friend, but he found it easier said than done. He and Shunsui were in their last year at the Soul Reaper Academy and the two of them had been best friend's for a while, but they'd never had sex until recently. Recently meaning two weeks ago and they had only had sex twice within those two weeks. He'd told Shunsui that it was just sex because he knew that's what the brunet wanted, but it still hurt Ukitake when he saw his best friend with someone else. He secretly wanted to confess how he felt about the large student, but he knew there was no way Shunsui felt the same way about him. So he just kept his mouth shut and enjoyed the moments when the flirtatious man looked into his green eyes and held him like he was the only person in the whole world. It felt nice to be held in those big, warm arms while they were naked and breathing hard, but as soon as it was over and Shunsui relocated back to his own futon, the white haired student felt empty and used, but couldn't say anything because it was his idea for it to just be sex.

The pale man lets out a sigh and tries not to think about Shunsui's hard, broad, hair covered chest, the way his brown hair stuck to his forehead as he roughly plunged his rigid cock in and out of Ukitake's seizing entrance…NO! He was with his family and it would just be rude to excuse himself and…masturbate. Needless to say, Ukitake was going to be very horny when he saw Shunsui again.

Shunsui on the other hand had no qualms about excusing himself to the bathroom while visiting his family and did just that. He'd been thinking about how cute Jushiro's face looked right before cumming and how warm and tight that clenching hole felt around his shaft as the smaller man climaxed. He felt himself getting hard and excused himself from dinner…yes, dinner…and headed to the nearest bathroom where he began wiggling out of his now too tight pants. The brunet lets out a relieved sigh when his pants are finally down and his erection is freed from the confines of fabric. He grabs a bottle of lotion from the counter and sits on the floor with his back to the door. He rubs the lotion between his palms as he thinks about he and Ukitake sparring and how the sweat had made the clothes stick to his white haired friend's body, the way his clothes were all askew with his shoulder and chest showing. The dark haired man lets out a low moan as he grips the base of his length and spreads the lotion up his shaft, "(sigh) Jushiro…" He circles the head of his leaking cock with his thumb and lets out a louder groan than he meant to as he pictures Ukitake's face contorted in absolute pleasure with his green eyes shut tight and that perfect mouth open calling out Shunsui's name, begging for more or for it to be harder or deeper.

He lets out an ecstatic cry as he finds the perfect speed for his hand to slide up and down his swollen, aching cock. He begins bucking his hips up into his own hand just wishing and imagining it were the warm, convulsing inner walls of his roommate, "Oh, gods…I'm gonna…r-really give it to you…w-when we meet again!" His hips begin lifting and falling faster as his hand movements become more erratic and he starts to feel the delicious tension right before orgasm, "Yes, I'm…so close…oh, Jushiro!" He finally cums all over his hand and the bathroom floor with a shuddering moan. He realizes too late that he'd been extremely loud with his release when he hears a knock on the bathroom door and the voice of his older brother on the other side.

"Shunsui? What are you doing in there?"

His eyes widen as he begins cleaning himself off, "Uh…nothing! I'll be out in a minute."

He hears his brother sigh on the other side of the door, "Well, stop jacking off to your dirty fantasies of this Jushiro chic and come out of there."

Shunsui's cheeks turn red and he knew he couldn't deny what he was doing considering how loud he'd been, "Right, sorry."

"You'd better clean all that up." He then hears the sound of his brother's footsteps retreating down the hall. He leans his head back against the door and lets out a confused sigh. He didn't know what he was going to do about these feelings he had for his pale best friend. At first he was all about it just being sex, but now he thought about the white haired student all the time and wanted nothing more than to be with him all the time.

He eventually pulls his pants up and washes his hands. Jushiro would never feel the same way about him. He lets out another sigh and hoped he didn't say anything stupid when he saw the sexy man of his 'dirty fantasies' again.

When the day finally arrived for them to meet again, Ukitake had been waiting for Shunsui for thirty minutes passed the time they had agreed on. Eventually, the brunet comes into view and Ukitake waves at him trying to get his heart under control before the larger student got there, "You're late, Shunsui."

The dark haired man smiles making Ukitake's heart skip a beat, "Well, it wouldn't be like me if I was on time, now would it?"

"I suppose you're right. How was your family visit?" The white haired student waits for an answer, but when Shunsui never gives one he clears his throat to get the brunet's attention.

He finally averts his eyes from the royal blue yukata with pale pink flowers decorating it and matching pink obi to look at his face, "Have you always had that yukata?"

He shakes his head making his white hair swish around his face, "No, my sister made it for me." He smiles at having captured all of Shunsui's attention with one yukata, "Do you like it?"

Shunsui nods slowly not wanting to take his eyes off his friend in that yukata that fit just right, "Hell yes, I like it."

"My sister thought the blue looked nice against my skin, but I chose the pink because even though you pretend not to like it I know that you really do." He waits for Shunsui to speak again, but he's too transfixed with staring, "Stop undressing me with your eyes! I thought you were taking me somewhere?"

A sly smile spreads across Shunsui's face as he places his hands on Ukitake's shoulders, "I could undress you with my hands if you'd like that better." Before the pale student can say anything, the larger man covers Ukitake's lips with his and slides his tongue into the white haired man's mouth. Even though Ukitake wanted to kiss the brunet he attempted to push Shunsui away because they were right outside the Soul Reaper Academy dormitories and there were still a few students who stayed during the break meaning there had to be a few teachers there as well.

The green eyed student finally pulls his lips away, but the brown haired man moves his lips to Ukitake's neck and places soft, wet kisses there, "Sh-Shunsui, we shouldn't…not here."

Shunsui snakes his hand into the folds of Ukitake's yukata and rubs his thumb over the smaller, protesting man's nipple causing him to moan, "Why not, Ju? I want you so bad."

S-someone could see us." He continues to struggle against his brunet best friend, but the said best friend moves his hand that isn't currently fondling Ukitake's nipple to the other side of the yukata and begins pulling it away from the white haired man's body.

Suddenly, they both hear a loud ripping sound making the two men stop everything, "Shunsui? What was that sound?"

He stops rolling his green eyed roommate's nipple between his fingers and gulps nervously, "It certainly wasn't me ripping your yukata."

Ukitake lets out a gasp as his eyes widen and he shoves Shunsui away from him to inspect the damage done to his yukata, "I can't believe you ripped my yukata! My sister made this especially for me!"

"I didn't mean to!" He holds his hands up in front of him in his defense, "Oh shit, Ju…I'm sorry. I'll pay to have it fixed!"

The white haired student discovers that the rip isn't that bad and sighs, "No, that's not necessary. I'll just have my sister mend it when I see her again."

Shunsui bites his lip nervously, "So, you're not mad?"

"Well, I'm certainly not happy about it, but I suppose it would be childish to get mad over a ripped yukata." He finally grabs Shunsui's hand in his slender one and smiles, "I thought you were taking me somewhere?"

The brunet returns the smiles and begins leading Ukitake to the surprise location, "This is going to make up for me ripping that yukata."

When the two future Soul Reaper's arrive at the location Shunsui had been keeping a secret, Ukitake frowns up at the large gate surrounding what looks to be a huge garden, "Are you sure we're supposed to be here, Shun? That gate doesn't look very inviting."

"Who cares? No one will know." He attempts to drag Ukitake through the gate, but the smaller man resists, "Come on, Ju. Don't be so uptight. The only teachers that stayed are watching the only students who stayed. No one will catch us."

The white haired student gives his friend a skeptical look, "You always say that yet, I've found myself in detention more times than I can count because of you."

Shunsui laughs at his friend's reluctance, "Where's your sense of adventure? Besides, if they didn't want us in there they wouldn't have left the gate unlocked."

The brunet opens the gate and begins walking through it making Ukitake follow him against his better judgment, "Why did I ever become friend's with you?"

"Because of my winning personality and my good looks, of course." He shoots the pale man a sexy smile very proud of his witty comment.

Ukitake rolls his eyes as Shunsui closes the gate behind them, "Of course." As soon as the pale student turns around and takes in the garden behind the gate, his eyes widen in amazement, "This is biggest garden I've ever seen! It's astounding!"

A proud smile spreads across Shunsui's sparsely whiskered face at how happy his best friend looks, "Do you like it?"

"How could I not? Everything here is so beautiful!" He turns in circles trying to look at it all, "Those trees are enormous and those flowers are so unusual. Have you ever seen flowers like this? I wonder where they come from?" He looks up and smiles, "I wonder what kind of bird that is?"

The larger man chuckles, "Slow down, Ju. One question at a time." Shunsui stays quiet for a moment watching his friend's eyes dart from flower to flower, but he soon finds his voice again, "You're right it is beautiful here and it's amazing to look at, but it's not

nearly as beautiful as you and I'd rather look at you any day."

Those gorgeous green eyes flicker in his direction for a moment, but he turns his gaze away from his brunet roommate as soon as a deep blush spreads across his pale cheeks, "Shunsui…"

Shunsui's smile turns into a frown at the embarrassed look on Ukitake's face, "Why do you do that?"

"Do what?" He keeps his eyes looking anywhere, but at Shunsui.

"You always act as if I couldn't possibly think you're attractive." He walks up behind Ukitake and puts his arms around the pale student's waist and rests his head on Ukitake's shoulder.

"It's not that…it's just that I'm not used to hearing it from…men." He places his hands over Shunsui's hairy ones resting on his stomach.

Shunsui's smile returns as he kisses the side of Ukitake's neck, "Get used to it from me. You show up looking sexy as hell in that yukata…just looking so fuckable."

Even though he should be used to Shunsui's say anything personality, Ukitake sucks in a sharp breath at his friend's words, "Shunsui!"

The very horny brunet continues kissing and now occasionally biting Ukitake's pale neck, "It's true…please, let me have sex with you."

The white haired man twists out of his roommate's lecherous grasp and straightens his yukata, "Not now, Shunsui." A pitiful expression plays across the grey eyed man's face at Ukitake's rejection to his caresses, "We can have sex any old time. I want to look around some first. Aren't you enjoying this?"

"Well, yeah, but I just thought that we could enjoy doing something else first."

Ukitake shoots him a disgusted look, "And, be all sweaty and sticky?" He shakes his head at the idea, "I don't think so. Later…I promise."

The brunet crosses his arms over his chest and pouts like a kid being denied a toy, "Okay, I guess."

Shunsui tries his hardest to respect Jushiro's wishes by letting him look around the garden, but each time the white haired man bent over to smell a flower and that perfect ass was in plain view the brunet wasn't ashamed to say that he was getting harder by the second. After Ukitake had looked around for half an hour, Shunsui just couldn't take it anymore. He was harder than he'd ever been in his whole life and his roommate was just taking a leisurely stroll as if he Shunsui's boner wasn't a serious matter! Shunsui finally makes up his mind and walks to stand behind his friend, grabs that friend's shoulders, and spins him around right into a hungry kiss. Ukitake was so surprised by this that he let out a little gasp giving Shunsui the time he needed to plunge his tongue into the warm, moist cavern called his best friend's mouth. Before Ukitake can do anything the larger man grinds his very hard crotch against him moaning into his mouth.

When the kiss ends, Shunsui remains holding his caught off guard friend next to him, "Shunsui, I…"

His next words are stopped by Shunsui's index finger being placed on his lips, "If I can't have you right now I'm going to explode." He once again rubs his clothed erection against Ukitake's body and lets out a satisfied groan, "Can you feel that?"

"Yes, I can feel it! Now, stop that!" He manages to escape from his friend's hold and can't help but stare at the very obvious, very large bulge residing under said friend's clothes, "Do you always make decisions with your other head?"

"Yeah, pretty much and it's worked out okay so far." He looks up and down Ukitake's body wishing he could get the pale man naked, "Please, Ju…I've wanted to be with you for the whole three days I was home. I'll bring you here anytime you want and you can look around all day, but right now I need to have sex with you."

Ukitake lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes, "You need to or you want to?"

"Oh, I definitely NEED to." He begins advancing on his roommate, but Ukitake holds a hand up to stop him and he stops coming toward his white haired friend.

"Fine, we'll do it your way, but can we wait until we get to that stream so that I can at least wash myself off afterwards?" He gives Shunsui a pleading look with those sparkling eyes.

Never being able to resist those eyes, Shunsui lets out a frustrated sigh, "Okay, that's fine…I guess."

The smaller man laughs softly as he closes the distance between them and gently takes Shunsui's hand and they walk to the stream together, "Even though we're probably not supposed to be here I still think it was a nice idea and I'm glad you brought me here, Shunsui."

"I was just trying to get you alone and have my way with you without having to be quiet because we're in the dorm."

The green eyed man smiles at this statement, "Well, it was a nice gesture anyway." They finally make it to the stream and Ukitake lets go of Shunsui's hand, "Now, you stand over there." He points to the left of where they're standing.

A confused look shows on Shunsui's face, "What for?"

"Just do it, Shunsui. Do you want to have sex or not?" Shunsui nods his head and Ukitake smiles, "Then stand over there for just a moment."

The brunet does as he's told and stands a little ways from his friend, "I don't know what you're up to, but that twinkle in your eye tells me I'm gonna like it."

The future thirteenth Captain gives his friend a sexy smile and winks as he kicks the geta from his feet. He then unties the pale pink obi, slides it off, and throws it to the ground letting the blue yukata spread open to reveal his pale, unblemished skin. He notices how his grey eyed roommate licks his lips at seeing the body he can't wait to touch. A playful look glitters in the half naked man's green eyes as he rolls his shoulders back allowing the royal blue fabric to land in a pile at his feet.

Shunsui almost cums right there at seeing his friend completely naked not to mention the sexy way he went about becoming naked, "Decided on the no underwear look today, huh? If I'd known that…"

"If you'd known that I would have been fucked hours ago." His smile widens at the shocked look on Shunsui's face at his use of the 'F' word, "Come and take what you want, Shunsui."

The dark haired man immediately forgets his shock and kicks off his own footwear as he makes his way to Ukitake at a fast pace, but just as he reaches his naked friend said naked friend steps out of the way and shoves the fully clothed Shunsui into the shallow stream. The horny man lifts his head from the shallow water spluttering to the sound of Ukitake's laughter, "Hey! What was that for?"

"That was for ripping my yukata." He laughs even harder when he notices the look of realization on Shunsui's wet face that he'd been tricked with sex into falling into the stream.

"You sneaky bastard." Ukitake's eyes are closed as he continues to laugh uncontrollably and never realizes that Shunsui is reaching for his wrist. He opens his eyes too late to stop Shunsui's dampened hand from closing around his slender wrist and pulling him into the stream still completely naked. The white haired student emerges from the water just as surprised and wet as Shunsui. A loud laugh erupts from the larger man's mouth at the sight in front of him, "That was for tricking me with sex."

An annoyed growl can be heard coming from Ukitake as he starts splashing his hairy friend with water. The two students eventually find themselves in a water fight, but after several minutes of intense splashing, Ukitake trips and falls onto his friend causing them both to splash into the stream again with the green eyed student lying on top of the brunet. They look into each other's eyes for a few seconds before their lips crash together in an eager kiss with Ukitake desperately trying to get the wet clothes off of his roommate to make him equally as naked.

With Shunsui's help they successfully manage to get the dark haired man naked. They break the kiss long enough to breathe and smile briefly at their accomplishment before connecting their lips again. Their tongues slide against the other as their hands roam each other's wet, naked bodies. The brunet finds himself sitting upright in the stream with Ukitake straddling his lap. He lets out a groan as his green eyed companion grinds their erections together and brings his mouth to Shunsui's ear, "Make me scream."

A shiver runs down Shunsui's spine at these words and Ukitake lifts his body enough to allow room for the future Captain of Squad Eight to insert a wet finger into his warm entrance. The white haired man lets out a groan of pleasure mixed with pain as the brunet slips his finger in deeper. It doesn't take long for Shunsui to have three fingers moving inside his lover with Ukitake pushing down on them forcefully, "Oh, Ju…I need you."

The pale man lets out a blissful cry as his most sensitive spot is prodded with Shunsui's fingers, "T-take me…take me, now!"

Shunsui doesn't argue as he removes his fingers and places his hands on either side of Jushiro's ass pulling the pale flesh apart to allow him easier access to that tight opening. Ukitake places his hands on the brunet's strong shoulders and lowers himself down around the large cock beneath him. He releases his muscles and allows gravity to help impale him on that warm, throbbing shaft. Shunsui squeezes his grey eyes shut at how snug the man straddling him feels, "S-so…unbelievably hot."

Ukitake gains great pleasure from hearing those words and seeing the ecstatic expression on Shunsui's face. He captures the larger man's lips with his as he lifts himself up and slams back down forcefully causing them both to moan loudly. Their lips separate and Shunsui moves his hands to grip Ukitake's hips to help guide him up and down his pulsing cock as he bites into the pale skin of his friend's wet neck causing a bright red mark to appear there. Ukitake knew it would leave a bruise, but at this point the didn't really care as he continues to rise and fall burying Shunsui's length inside him over and over again. The white haired student can't say anything from the wonderful feeling of his lover being so deep inside him and can only gasp and moan at the pleasure he's receiving.

"Faster (gasp), faster, Ju!" The brunet releases Jushiro's hip with one hand and begins pumping the pale man's stiff, weeping cock at a fast pace.

Ukitake does as he's told and quickens his movements and whimpers at the delightful feeling of Shunsui's hand on his cock. At his quickened pace, Ukitake finally manages to land at just the right angle allowing his lover's erection a direct hit to the sensitive spot inside him making him cry out in absolute pleasure. He continues slamming down at this angle and eventually feels his orgasm fast approaching, "Sh-Shunsui, I-I'm (sigh) almost there!"

"Me too…(moan) just don't…stop!" He keeps up the stroking of his white haired friend's cock as he feels himself coming closer and closer to releasing into that tight hole.

Finally, the pale student cums with a shudder and a cry of his lover's name releasing his seed between their bodies to trickle into the stream around them. He continues bouncing on Shunsui's lap as he rides out his orgasm causing the brunet to cum deep inside him with an urgent yell of completion.

They don't speak as they revel in the afterglow of their intense sex session and Ukitake rests his head on Shunsui's shoulder still breathing hard and feeling his friend's cock soften inside him. Shunsui eventually speaks again breaking the silence, "Did I ever tell you how cute your face looks when you cum?"

He can feel Ukitake's lips turn up into a smile against his shoulder, "And, have I ever told you how stupid yours looks?"

"Asshole." He hears Ukitake's chuckle as he finally removes himself from Shunsui's lap.

They wash themselves off in the stream and even though Shunsui's robe is soaked so are they and they use it to lay on to keep the grass from sticking to their wet bodies. Shunsui turns his head to look at the face of his best friend and roommate.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Shunsui?"

A serious look appears on the brunet's face, "I love you."

Ukitake's green eyes widen at his words, "You what?"

"I love you." He takes in a deep breath before continuing his confession, "And, I don't want to just be friends or fuck buddies or whatever we are right now! I wanna be with you!"

"Shunsui, it would never…"

The brunet places his large hand over Ukitake's mouth stopping his words, "Don't say it won't work. Please, don't say that!" He removes his hand, but keeps talking, "I wanna be with you all the time and when I'm not with you I think about what we'll do when we are together and I wonder what you're doing and if you think about me when I'm not with you."

The white haired man is quiet for a moment trying to register what his friend has just revealed. When he speaks again it isn't what Shunsui expected, "You don't love me."

Shunsui feels as if he'd been slapped with these words, "Yes, I do! What makes you say that?"

Ukitake's green eyes fill with tears, but he doesn't let them fall. "Because, if you loved me you wouldn't have slept with that girl the very next day after our first time together!"

All the color drains from his face because he can't deny Ukitake's accusation, "I thought that's what you wanted…you said you just wanted sex and I was showing you that I could do what you wanted!" He lets out a frustrated sigh, "I was confused. I've always liked girls, but then you came along and really fucked up my heterosexual mind. I didn't enjoy sex with her at all because I kept wishing it was you and you're one to talk considering you had sex with a girl after our second time."

The white haired student looks away from Shunsui, "I only did that to make you jealous! I never wanted it to just be sex, but I thought you did!"

Shunsui finally sits up with a determined look on his face, "I don't want that! I want you! I want all of you and I love everything that makes you you!"

A disbelieving look is cast at the brunet, "Everything?"

The future eighth Captain nods, "The healthy you, the sick you, the happy you, the sad you, the angry you…I want and love all of you."

"Forever?" He gulps loudly at the direction this conversation has taken their relationship, "Just me forever? No one else?"

"Yes." He grabs the smaller man in a loving embrace and holds him tightly against his damp naked skin, "We've had our fun through out Academy and I've slept around, but none of those girls meant anything to me. They were just a means to an end. I used them and they used me. Academy is almost over and I'm tired of meaningless sex. I need something real to help me make it through what comes next." He releases the embrace as he looks into his best friend's eyes, "I need you and no one else."

Ukitake finally allows a happy smile to grace his lips, "You mean that?"

"Of course I do and that's not to say I won't still flirt with girls, but it'll only be you that I want." He returns Ukitake's smile, "I love you."

"I love you too and I can deal with flirting as long as that's all it is." He grabs Shunsui's face in his small hands and brings his lips tenderly to the brunet's lips. The kiss only lasts for a second or two before Ukitake pulls away to whisper in his lover's ear, "Show me how much you love me. Make love to me."

Shunsui nods as he helps Ukitake lie gently down on the now drying robe and he places his body between his lover's pale legs as he leans down to place a loving kiss on his lips. The kisses eventually travel down his jaw and down his neck, continuing down to his chest where a pink, wet tongue swirls around his nipple causing him to gasp at how wonderful it feels. The brunet doesn't stop with just one nipple as he switches to the other and gives it the same attention. When he's certain Ukitake's chest has been thoroughly attended to, he trails his tongue down the white haired man's firm, flat stomach and dips his tongue into his friend's navel.

Ukitake's breathing quickens as he anticipates where that sinful tongue will go next and Shunsui doesn't disappoint him as his tongue slides up his shaft and teases the slit once he reaches the head. Green eyes close as the pale man lets out an appreciative moan and the brunet soon engulfs Ukitake's stiff cock with his hot mouth. The white haired student lets out a pleased sound as he bucks up into the mouth that's giving him such pleasure. The larger man places a hand softly on his friend's hips to stop them from rising as he takes more of Ukitake's length into his mouth. He sucks lightly as he bobs his head up and down causing the most arousing sounds to leave his pale friend's lips. While the brunet has his lover distracted, he slips his index finger into Ukitake's entrance that is still moist from the stream and his essence. Shunsui hears his name being said softly as he bobs his head and moves his finger in and out.

The green eyed student didn't really need prepping again, but Shunsui's actions were just done to let his lover know he would take him soon. Shunsui releases Ukitake's cock from his mouth and removes his lone finger from that tight heat. The brunet looks deep into Ukitake's eyes and knows he's made the right choice in choosing this man to go through whatever trials he may face with him, "You ready, love?"

Ukitake nods, "I trust you." He then spreads his legs wider to allow his lover room to enter him, "I love you, Shunsui."

He smiles as he grabs his shaft and guides the head of his cock slowly into his lover, "I love you more." With a quick snap of his hips he enters his green eyed best friend completely and they both release a moan.

Ukitake wraps his pale legs around Shunsui's toned waist as the brunet begins pumping into him telling him how much he loves him and how beautiful he is until his heavy breathing doesn't allow for any more words. Shunsui eventually slams into the spot he'd been looking for making Ukitake arch his back and meet the next thrust with a lift of his hips, "Harder, Shunsui!"

Shunsui complies to his lover's request and pounds into him with more force, "Ju…(gasp) touch yourself…(sigh)…I wanna see…you touch (moan) yourself."

"Only…because I…love you." The white haired man reaches between their bodies and strokes himself with as much force and speed as Shunsui is slamming into him.

"Oh, gods…you're so…so sexy!" He grabs Ukitake's hips and begins thrusting faster, "I'm gonna cum!"

"That's…the point (moan)…isn't it?"

Before the brunet can make a smart ass comeback, he spills his orgasm into the panting man underneath him. When Ukitake feels the warmth enter his body, he cums forcefully onto his own fingers and milks Shunsui's cock until there's nothing left. When their orgasms subside, Shunsui pulls out to lay beside Ukitake on the robe and brings the naked man into his arms.

The pale student lets out a content sigh as he snuggles into his friend's warm, comforting arms, "You know if Yamamoto sensei finds out we snuck in here and defiled the place we'll be in big trouble, right?"

"Just relax, Ju. No one's gonna find out." He kisses his lover sweetly and hugs him tighter.

When the two future Captain's of Soul Society return to the Academy after their break they find themselves together again, but in a not so romantic way. Ukitake shoots his friend an accusing glance, "Funny, how you said no one would find out, but yet here we are sitting in detention for trespassing in Yamamoto sensei's private/personal garden."

Despite their situation, Shunsui is smiling, "Yeah, but you'd think if they wanted to punish us they wouldn't have left us in detention together." He gives Ukitake a wink filled with dirty intentions.

The white haired student shakes his head in disapproval, "You're a pervert, Shunsui."

"You like perverts."

Ukitake smiles at this statement, "I only like one pervert and I'll love you until the day I take my last breath."

"I hope that day never comes." He places his large hand under Ukitake's chin and places his lips on the perfect lips of his roommate/best friend/lover/soul mate/ Jushiro Ukitake.

The End.

Started: 4/16/2012

Finished: 4/28/2012

It is done! Tell me what you think because as you know I've become a review whore. I'm not ashamed to admit it. If it makes you all feel any better, I cried while writing the first two chapters myself. Also, I had a couple of other songs I thought about using, but I liked "Lonely Day" better. The other two were 1. "My Immortal" by Evanescence 2. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie. Once again thanks to all you readers and as always, Love Ya!