"I love these busts." Ronnie was grinning as he pushed the 1-niner into the backseat, "Something" he slammed the door, and turned toward Lem, resting his hand on the butt of his gun, "good always happens." He stood still for a moment, looking at Lem over the top of his sunglasses; he almost didn't-he almost pretended he didn't want to, but he winked at Lem; and Lem sort of smiled; not quite; and before Ronnie could push the issue at hand-the issue they both refused to acknowledge, the issue they acted as if didn't exist-Lem turned, and walked away.

It was difficult for him to understand what was going on; ever since the night that he and Lem had-… connected, things had been different; things had been awkward. Lem didn't call him; Lem didn't visit him; Lem had transferred out. Lem had gone (gone-gone-he was long gone; and there was no getting him back now).

It took a bit of self-control not to reach out after Lem; but he managed, and he watched the other man walk away; and he knew they wouldn't get a moment alone; not like this. He needed to see Lem; talk to him; he needed, he realized to be with him. He just needed him.

And yet; he watched him walk away.