Thank you and welcome to the first chapter of Redemption. I am trying to fix several mistakes I made in my first story. For the shippers out there, let me say this I am not going to turn this one into a Harem. Let me iterate, there will be several jokes, a couple of embarrassing situations, and maybe a couple of opportunities, but no Harems, not this time. Will Ranma date other people? Yes, he/she is a teenager that's natural for him/her to explore his/her options. Oh well I hope you enjoy this.

Redemption mark 2.0

For lo it is written that Adam Alfather said unto his sons and daughters. "Truth is like a serpent, in that it is beautiful but deadly if mishandled. Truth can also be bent unto the point of being in knots but in the end it will still be a serpent. Let not your tongues speak direct deceit, for if you say it in the end so shall it be."

Terran Code rule five

Juban District

Crown Arcade

Minako and Makoto were relaxing in a booth at the local arcade. They were splitting an ice cream sundae and gossiping when a grumpy Ami stormed up to the bar. "A cream soda no ice," the bluenette ordered before taking her drink to the girls booth.

Hi Ami, what milked you off?" Minako asked in a concerned voice.

"Lousy, stinking, idiotic, jerk," Ami said as she put the straw into her drink.

"I take it the date with Sai didn't go well," Makoto said as she watched the girl stir the soda for a minute. "You do know those things taste crappy warm don't you?"

Ami's response was to take the glass of amber liquid and blow across the top. A fine layer of ice spread across the soda. She glared at the other girls before sipping her drink.

"Wanna talk about it? I can't beat the crap out of him if you don't tell me what he did."

Ami sighed, "It was going good we had a nice lunch and a fun walk to the theater. The movie he picked was pretty good, that new romance movie Usagi won't shut up about. Well I thought it was the perfect evening until I felt something on my leg. That bastard was sliding his hand up my skirt. I asked him to stop but he told me to just keep quiet and enjoy "the real show". I screamed and kicked the pervert between the legs. The theater actually banned me because they said I made a ruckus. Damn pervert's uncle owns the chain. Do you know that I can't go to the movies anywhere in Juban anymore? Little bastard."

"Oh his reputation is so shot when we get back to school." Minako said as she put an arm around Ami. "Leave it to your big sister Minako, the whole school will know what a creep that asshole is. Also that it was lucky your aim was good otherwise you would have missed such a small target"

Ami's mouth took a slight upturn at the corners. "Thanks guys, I guess this dating thing is pretty hopeless for an egghead like me."

"The right one is out there Ami-chan," Makoto added. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure he'll turn up eventually."


Jusenkyo China

The Guide listened to the scream of righteous indignation and shuddered. Yep, Mr. Fat Japanese Bastard Customer could deal with the impending ass whooping himself. He had watched as Young Mr. Japanese Bastard Customer, correction Ms., rose from the pool of the drowned girl in a tower of shimmering light. He noticed that she stopped to examine her body before saying something in a relatively calm voice at Mr. Fat Japanese Bastard Customer. The Guide was making tracks for his meager cabin when Mr. Fat Japanese Bastard Customer mouthed off at Ms. Scary As Hell Honored Customer. He quickly threw everything he and his daughter owned into a sack and hastily decided to visit his daughter in the Amazon village. The Guide tried to pick up the pace as he heard Ms. Scary As Hell Who Now Happened To Have Glowing Hands Honored Customer chanting something he couldn't quite catch as he ran for his life. He felt the pressure wave slam into his back as Mr. Fat Japanese Bastard That Decided To Screw Around With Dangerous Magical Pools Despite Several Warning Signs Being Clearly Posted In Several Languages Customer passed him in the air doing at least sixty miles per hour. Yep time to enlist the aid of the Amazons, he had a feeling that the Musk wouldn't survive the encounter with Ms. Scary As All Hell Who Can Shoot Lightning From Her Tits and Hellfire From Her Eyes Most Honored Customer. That's it he was going to ask Saffron for a raise, fire be damned.


Village of the Amazons (Chinese edition)

"Great-Grandmother. Great-Grandmother."

Cologne sighed as she put her romance novel down, now she would have to wait to see it that stupid girl would choose the hot werewolf, which reminded her of that handsome musk warrior from her youth, or that idiotic sparkly vampire. She shuddered a bit at the thought of a bloodsucking corpse doing that to her. Give her the warm one any day. "Yes Great-Granddaughter, what is it?"

"Great-Grandmother, I like just had a vision. I saw the Queen of Terra like rising from one of the cursed pools. She was all like glowing with power and junk and she was all like hovering there and she like electrocuted a panda for some odd reason. Why do you think she hates pandas Great-Grandmother? Anyway I like started getting all these memories of somebody named Nephrite, who was really cool and he, or is it me, like kicked so much ass. I was all like "WHooo" and they were like "Oh shit" and I was like "WAhHh" and they were like "Please don't hurt us Mister Badass." and I was like "Eat it bitches." and... Oh sorry Great-Grandmother I mean I defeated a lot of strong warriors. And I think the Queen is like coming to the village."

Cologne pinched the bridge of her nose as she ran the conversation back and extracted the pertinent information. "Great-Granddaughter, I have looked at your past lives before, you were not one of the Heavenly Kings."

"But Great-Grandmother, it like felt so real. I'm getting partial memories like you said someone would if they were getting back memories from a past life."

"I will tell you what child, we will have to test your past lives again. It shouldn't be possible for you to have been one of the Legendary Heavenly Kings as they were never reincarnated."

"Yes Great-Grandmother, what do you like want me to do?" the purple haired girl said as she bounced on her heels.

"Not much child," the matriarch said as she pulled a gem from her pocket, "Just hold still this might pinch."

Cologne looked at her Great-Granddaughter through the light of the gem. She saw several unimportant lives that Shampoo had. It was rather boring until she got to her current life. When she got to when Shampoo was eight, she watched her die in a training accident. Cologne blinked at this, there were two divergent paths in her great-granddaughter's life line. Such a thing was impossible, a life may branch in several directions but once the choice was made the other tangents disappeared. It was as if an outside life had attached itself to Shampoo. Her great-granddaughter had survived that training accident, Cologne had treated the wound herself. She remembered it had been close though, the wound had gotten infected and the girl's fever had been rather high, but had broken after three days and the girl recovered.

If what Cologne was reading was accurate, then this was cause for celebration. One of the Heavenly Kings had been reincarnated. The tribes of the Jusenkyo would rejoice for if one soul made it then perhaps their Queen was coming back too.


Nerima Japan

Tendo Dojo

3:15 A.M.

Nabiki groggily stirred at the small tapping on her door. She rolled over to again hear the quiet tapping. Muttering curses she got up and padded over to her door. Her mind took several minutes to figure out that who was standing there in a house coat and wringing a blanket between her hands. "Kasumi?" Nabiki asked.

The eldest Tendo mumbled quietly, "I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you Nabiki?"

"Sure," the groggy Tendo said as she led Kasumi over to her bed. "Which one was it this time?"

"It was Klandathu, it was horrible. There were these giant bugs everywhere and they just came in wave after wave," the trembling Tendo said as she got under the covers.

"It's all right Kasumi, get some sleep and remember Akane and me want to hear the whole story in the morning," Nabiki said as she started to drift back to sleep. Kasumi's dreams were getting to be regular morning entertainment for the Tendo sisters. The five warriors her older sister dreamed about were so fascinating, she had already sold several copies of Kasumi's dreams at school. Nabiki particularly liked the dashing auburn haired man, he sounded so handsome and romantic. Surprisingly Akane had taken a liking to the four guys in Kasumi's tales, although she thought the lone girl was a pervert for being a lesbian. If that wasn't the pot calling the kettle black, all Akane had to do was reach up and pull the cord so she could see she was in the closet.


Kuonji Compound


Ukyo stared in disbelief at her father, "please daddy, reconsider." She was on the verge of tears. She had put up with this farce for years now, living her life as her father's son, going to the all boys school, dressing as a man. Hell she even talked like a guy most of the time.

"My mind is made up, until you erase the stain from our family honor by either marrying the son of Genma Saotome or bringing me his head, I have no child. You are ronin until this matter is settled once and for all. Leave my house."

All her pleas fell on deaf ears and Ukyo did the only thing she could think of. She left her family compound and made her way to the train station. She had a few vague memories that Genma and his son lived in Tokyo somewhere. Her sadness turned to rage as she remembered the cause of her disgrace. Making a vow she looked at the map, surely it couldn't be that hard to find martial artist of that caliber in the big city. As she sat on the train a strange thought drifted into her head, it wasn't like this was the first time my family had abandoned me. As she drifted off to sleep she had visions someone with long white blonde hair holding her close.


Cherry Hill Shrine

The Inners were meeting for the usual study club, fortunately for them the Unified Tokyo School District had mandated that all schools, even private ones follow roughly the same curriculum. Rei was munching on a cookie while swatting Usagi's hand every time she tried to grab more than one at a time. Makoto was cussing the bastard that made physics a freshman course, "Base of all science my toned ass!" Minako, who had surprisingly finished her homework in detention, was needling Ami about the new book on dreams Ami had picked up. "So, what kind of dreams you been having?" the blonde asked.

Ami blushed, "It's nothing, I just keep seeing this redhead."

"Oh what's he like? Is he tall, dark, and handsome? Were you goinking?"

Makoto looked up at that, "My Minaesse needs work, what's goinking?"

Minako rolled her eyes, "Shagging, boning, bopping, humping, doing the deed, true Greek wrestling, bumping uglies, hiding the salami, yah know. Gettin' it on." the blonde said as she pumped her fist.

The scouts started to find history particularly more boring at this point. Ami had a nice shade of red going on. "No it's not like that. The most she ever does is kiss me."

{Insert sound of needle scratching record}

"She? You're having dreams about a girl?" Usagi said mouth agape.

"Only one, it's not like I'm looking at girls in gym or anything," Ami protested.

"Don't worry we won't judge you," Rei said as she put a comforting hand on Ami's shoulder. "We put up with the Dynamic Dykes after all."

The Inners giggled at the new nicknames for Michiru and Haruka. "So what's this mystery girl like?" Makoto queried.

"Well she's really strong, I mean freakishly so, but she's not really muscle bound. She's got more like a swimmer's body, nice and toned." Ami blushed, "She's actually very gentle when I want her to be."

"She got a nice shelf?" Minako asked lifting her own talents into prominence.

"You mean, "has she got a nice rack?"" Usagi corrected.

"No, it's closer to needing a shelf," Ami supplied extending her hand in front of her own modest set. "About out to here."

"Damn she has nicer talents than I do," Makoto supplied.

"And a butt that begs you to take a bite," Ami said before almost glowing red.

"So spill, I tell you a lot about the dreams I have about Mamoru, turn about is fair play."

Ami was sure that her face was going to be red for the rest of her life. "Well I am alone in a bedroom I don't really know, but it feels familiar. I was laying face down on my bed after a shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around me. I look over my shoulder and see her as she walks in like she owns the place. I was hurting from a hard workout and she started rubbing my legs. Kami, it felt good, her running those calloused hands up and down my legs. She started on my calves working the oil into my skin with strong smooth motions. She worked down to my feet where her nimble fingers hit places I didn't know I had. It tickled a little but she moved her hands so fast that all I could feel was the pleasure. After what seemed like an eternity, she move up my legs again repeating her ministrations only my calves. She played with the back of my knees for a few seconds before moving up to my thighs. She was like an artist playing a Stradivarius. She knew every muscle in intimate detail and I think she found several that medicine hasn't discovered yet. Her hands danced over the back of my legs, every so often her hands would teasingly dip between my inner thighs, bushing sensitive areas. I looked back when I sensed her pause at the bottom of the towel. At the nod of my head I lifted the towel and she moved with grace to my bottom where she kneaded my butt. She unwrapped the towel and applied more oil to her hands as she rubbed my lower back. I swore I would melt from the bliss. She worked her way up teasing my sided barely tickling me as she worked. It felt so good as she worked the tension from my shoulders. I jumped slightly as I felt her bare breasts rubbing against my shoulders. Her giant orbs of heavenly bliss were on either side of my head and I couldn't resist turning into them. She extracted my head and gave me a deep kiss as her hand slid down my belly. I woke up screaming at that point."

"If I woke up just as the main event was starting I would have been cussing," Makoto stated.

"Damn it, even your dreams get better dates than mine do. All I get are dogs sniffing me."

"I think I need to show Usagi something in my room," Rei said wiping the sweat from her brow.

"What's in your room?" Usagi asked.

"You know, that thing we discussed sharing last Friday," Rei said between gritted teeth.

"What are you talking about? The only thing we ever talked about sharing was Mamo… Be right there," Usagi grinned as she jumped up. "Sorry study groups over." she yelled as she dragged Rei around the corner pulling up her shirt.

"Do you think we want to know?" Ami asked the other two.

"Nah, I know Usagi's not like that and I'm fairly sure Rei's got the hots for that guy at the ramen shop," Makoto said.

They listened for a minute until they heard strange noises coming from the direction of Rei's bedroom. "You think they're just trying to pull a joke on us?" Ami asked.

"Not really, let's move the study group to my apartment."

The other girls quickly agreed and made for the door.


Nerima Japan

The citizens of Nerima district were used to a lot of weird things. In fact their ability to deal with the weird and unusual was rivaled only by the citizens of the Juban district. So it was on a cold rainy day that the citizens of Nerima watched a rather unusual site even by their standards. A petite, but busty redhead was walking down the main street with a full grown giant panda keeping up right beside her on two legs. What really got them was the fact that the two appeared to be holding a conversation. The redhead was grumbling as the duo walked toward their destination. "I swear to Kami-sama if this is another one of your (censored) idiotic scams, I am gonna shove a (CENSORED) lightning bolt up your (censored) to see if we can't jumpstart your brain, Pops,"

[Don't take that tone with me Boy!] The sign the panda had pulled from only God knows where read. Flip [This is a matter of family honor!] new sign [Besides, you should be grateful to be away from her] flip [Show me some respect boy.] new sign [You're starting to whine like a little girl.] flip [Damn useless crap she's been teaching you] new sign [making you lose your edge.]

"Just because I'm learning things you don't know don't make the techniques useless. Besides how else am I gonna learn about this lightning techniques and reincarnation junk."

[I still don't believe this shit about you being] flip [a reincarnated queen.] new sign [I mean really what's next] flip [I turn out to be a magical animal guardian?] the panda signed grumpily.

"Let's save that fight for another time," the redhead sighed. "So who is this we're going to visit?"

[An old training buddy of mine.] flip [We trained together under the old master.] flip [Good times.] flip [Why I could tell you stories of the things he used] flip [to make us do. It'd turn you hair white.]

The redhead thought for a second as they continued walking. "Did you just flip one sign four times?"

[Don't know. Don't care.] flip [Besides someone already did that joke.]

"So why are we going to see him anyway?"

[Don't matter to you boy] flip [Beside it's your duty to marry one of his daughters.] new sign [Damn it!] the panda swore as the red head took off running. Their chase ran through much of Nerima and caused minor property damage as the panda used random objects and occasional people to deflect bolts of lightning thrown by the girl. This being Nerima most just took it in stride. It was a little odd when the panda caught the girl that he duct taped a pair of neon yellow rubber gloves on the redhead's hands before he tied her up. Grumbling loudly the panda lifted the bound girl onto his shoulder and started whistling "We're off to see the wizard" as he resumed walking to his destination.


Inside the Tendo Home.

Soun Tendo was cowering in fear for his life. He had just broke the news to his little girls (The author would like to note that yes, even if said girls are fully grown, the parent will always see them as the cute little things you played with when they were first born) that one of them was getting married. This news didn't go over as well as he had hoped.

His baby, Akane, had threatened to give him the ability to do an up close and personal self inspection of his colon. Nabiki had inquired as her potential husband's financial health and if he was cute. Upon telling her he didn't know either of them, she promptly informed him of the dangers of making rash decisions on her and her sisters futures, particularly hers. Lord only knows where she would carry out her threat of using rope, a ceiling fan, and an industrial grade sander. The absolute worst was Kasumi, she just looked at him and went, "Oh my," and walked off. She had yet to speak another word to him but he had a feeling that her usual magnificent cooking was going to be only outstanding for a while, at least his portion of it.

The koi jumped in the pond and there was a knock on the door. Soun jumped up and ran to the door to greet his friend. Nabiki was hot on his heels when both of them screamed and ran quickly back to the dining room table. Akane and Kasumi were shocked to see a panda walk into the room carrying a hogtied redhead. "Daddy, do you know any people that keep pandas."

Soun violently shock his head.

[Hey buddy] flip [Brought the boy like I promised] read the sign the panda was suddenly holding. The large mammal placed the redhead on her feet in front of the startled Tendos. The panda made no move to untie the redhead and flopped down at the table. [Well introduce yourself boy]

"My name is Ranma Soutome," the redhead said sheepishly, "sorry about this."

Kasumi had kindly untied the redhead when Soun's brain reengaged. "Ranma-kun," Soun shouted as he enveloped Ranma in a manly bear hug.

[You might not want to do that Soun old boy.] said the sign the panda pulled from somewhere.

"Oh my, you are a well trained panda," Kasumi said as she inched away from the panda.

[I have been training for most of my life] flip [Thank you for noticing, my dear] the sign said as the panda flexed his muscles.

Soun about this time noticed that Ranma's pectorals were a little softer than someone who studied martial arts for over a decade should be, particularly someone in their school. Putting the boy at arms length he noticed that his shirt wasn't fitting quite right. Thoughtfully he reached out and tried to smooth the boy's shirt.

About this time the panda flashed a sign as he dived behind the table pulling Kasumi and Akane behind him. [Ah hell] flip [Duck and cover!]

Ranma took a breath, gathered his ki, and, just as Soun squeezed the bumps on the boy's chest, said "Fry pervert!"

Lightning raced up Soun's arms. Soun's long hair stood on end as electricity danced from the ends. He fell backwards and twitched while smoke drifted off him. Nabiki looked down at her hands that were about to poke the obvious girl shaped person in the chest and quickly hid them behind her back. Kasumi used the fire extinguisher to put out her father's robes.

[The boy has a severe reaction to males groping him] the panda's sign told Akane.

"Wow, do you think she will teach me that pervert shocker?" the star eye girl asked.

[Possible] flip [have to clear it with the old bitch first]

"If she catches you calling her that, she's gonna pound you for a week."

[Shut up boy] flip [We lost them in customs]

Ranma bowed to Kasumi, "Could we please have some hot water for Pops, sorry about frying your Dad."

Kasumi, despite the redhead justifiably shocking her father, was impressed with the redhead's manners. "No need to apologize, he quite deserved it for doing that to a guest. Would you like some water too?"

Ranma sighed as she stretched her muscles, "Yes I would but I can't really have any until the weekend. I have feminine training until then."

"A bra would help that," quipped Nabiki.

"I'm not wearing no bra, bad enough Obaba-chan says that I gotta get used to my curse. I refuse to dress like a girl if I don't gotta."

"Oh," Akane said, "Your dad raised you as a boy."

"Duh, I'm a boy," the redhead said as she pointed to herself inadvertently pointing at her chest.

The Tendo sisters nodded in understanding. The poor dear had obviously been horribly mistreated by an abusive father and now thought that she was a girl and the exceptionally trained panda was her father. "You practice the Art right? Let's go have a spar."

Ranma just shrugged. It had been a while since she had a regular match.


Tendo dojo

"Hold still damn it and let me hit you!"

Ranma rolled her eyes as she flipped over the raging bull. She giggled as she touched Akane on the back of her head. 'Damn it guys don't giggle. Stupid Obaba-chan and her Feminine training.'

"Wow you're good," Akane said as she joined in the giggling. "At least you're a girl, I would hate to lose to a boy."

Ranma frowned, "I'm a boy."

"Sure you are," Akane giggled. "You're some kinda guy that just happens to look like a girl. You know you're wicked fast even without all that shocky stuff."

Ranma grinned at the dark haired girl, "You're not bad yourself. You got lots of potential, when Obaba-chan finds us I'll see about getting her to train you a little. I can kinda tell it's been a while since you had a real sensei. Not bad for a self taught. So why do you wanna learn the Terran Arts?"

"It's complicated," Akane said as she sat down on the steps of the dojo. "Why is it Earth Arts if you throw lightning attacks around? I thought lightning and earth were opposite elements.

"The whole school is called the Terran Arts, like the ancient word for the planet. We have five different parts of the school that repersent a different element, earth, air, fire, water, and lightning. Each is different from the others but no one is more powerful that the rest. I got a lightning affinity, that doesn't mean I can't use the other attacks but they're a lot harder for me to do, so I just use lightning mostly when I'm not thinking about it. I need to know why you want to learn it, this stuff is seriously dangerous. You can't use it just because it's cool."

Akane sighed and stared at her shoes, "There's a nut job at school, he's got a crush on me but I don't like him. One day he says that anyone that wanted to date me had to beat me in a fight. A bunch of boys decided that it would be easier if they ganged up on me. Every morning thirty guys attack me, then the nut job. No one does anything to stop it because the nut job is from a rich family. It takes all I can do to get by them each day. Damn perverts! I'm scared that someday they'll win. They'll do whatever they want to me right there in front of the whole school. I put on a big show of not being scared but I know that he's better than me. He makes all those boys fight me then comes in like some kind of samurai hero. If they can do this to me, imagine what they could do to another girls. I try and protect them as much as I can but I can't be everywhere. I was thinking if I could do the things you do, maybe they would think twice about assaulting defenseless girls."

Ranma pulled the now sobbing girl into a hug, "I can't really train you in Terran Arts just yet because I'm still learning myself and I need Obaba-chan's permission to train you. But tell you what why don't we see what your affinity is and then we work on the regular Art. Will that work?"

"Thank you Sensei," the bluenette said as she pulled herself back together. "Whew we reek, let's get a bath before supper."

Ranma nodded as she knew that she hadn't had a proper bath in Kami knows when. "Alright but wait until I'm done before yours, I'm a boy after all."


Tendo Bath

It hadn't taken Akane long to fetch her bathing supplies. She had called out to Kasumi that she was going to get a quick bath as she ran down the stairs. Her new sensei was so cool. She couldn't wait to train under her so she could beat the stuffing out of those perverts at school. As bad as she didn't want to admit it, she knew that if all of those perverted boys decided to actually fight back and not just sprout mushy junk at her, she would be in trouble. Yep, now that she actually had a sensei that was willing to teach her again she was ecstatic. Now if her and her sister could do something about her sensei's gender confusion. Well why not take the bull by the horns and show her that they had the same equipment. Sure Sensei had said that she didn't want to bathe with her but didn't the Tendo sisters bathe together all the time? Yeah this was just what Sensei needed.


Ranma had finished scrubbing and briefly considered locking her curse before getting into the hot water. He decided against it seeing as how Cologne wouldn't ever have to know he had indulged in a little guy time. He really liked the old bat's training, and he could understand that there were no cures for the curses, but so much girl time was just irritating. If only he was able to lock the curse into boy mode, sadly something unknown prevented this. Maybe it was part of the water element and not his own lightning element. He had soaked for what felt like ages as the heat evaporated the tension he carried all the way from China. It had been an eye opener when the Amazons had told him that he had been the Queen of Terra in a past life. More of a shocker was the fact that he technically should have been dead. Thank whatever Kami was watching out for him that day. He had to admit it was drastically easier to command lightning when he was a girl. Sure he would never really like being a girl but he had to admit that the notions that his father had drilled into his head about girls being weak was stupid. Take a look at Master Cologne, she was incredibly powerful, smart, cunning, and as adaptable as a tricentragenarion could get. No way would he walk around with the notion that women were weak, hell he knew from experience that he wasn't weak worth a damn when he was a girl.

Ranma thought he heard a noise behind him and started to get out of the furo and resume female form. As he just managed to put one foot out of the water, the sliding door opened and a towel wrapped Akane stopped just inside the doorway. Ranma noticed that she didn't react at all even when he gave a small wave to the girl. She just calmly stepped back and closed the door gently. Ranma thought that was a little weird until he looked down and noticed that he had forgotten to shift back into a girl. "Ah shit," was the pigtailed martial artist's only words as the ear piercing scream tore through the house.


Soun and his eldest daughters listened with rapt attention as a now human Genma told of his and Ranma's journey. They were noticeably shaken when the rotund and well trained panda turned into a stout not so well trained man with the application of hot water. Genma proceeded to tell them a story of bravery, heroics, and self sacrifice. Nabiki, having been known to pull a few fast ones herself, noticed several obvious exaggerations in the "Tale of Valor and Self Sacrifice". She called her new Uncle Genma's bluff and after some cajoling got a more plausible story out of him, in spite of her father's protests. Further demonstrations of the effects of Jusenkyo magic were brought to a halt at the ear piercing scream from the direction of the furo.

The assembled Tendos and guest were shocked when a sky clad Akane ran past them before coming back and grabbing the table. "Someone go get Sensei, there's a pervert in the bathroom," the naked girl said as she brandished the table like a club.

"Akane wait," Kasumi said. "If you're going to fight at least put on a robe first. We have guests in the house."

"Don't go to any trouble on my account," Genma said as he took another hit from the sake bottle.

Akane at this point noticed the pudgy man in the dirty gi and directed her anger, and the table, at the new target.

"Pervert!" she screamed as the table found Genma's head. "Just wait until I find Sensei, she will take care of you."

"I'm over here Akane," a handsome young man walked into the room. "I'm Ranma Soutome, sorry about this."

Nabiki and Kasumi put two and two together rather quickly, "So this is your cursed form?" Nabiki asked.

"No, this is natural, the redhead is the curse."

Akane was quickly dressed and brought up to speed. She was split between Sensei being the defender of womanhood and a closet pervert. The Tendo sisters and Ranma left the two fathers to play games on the veranda while they had a discussion.

"So by family honor, one of us will have to marry you?" Nabiki asked as Ranma who had reluctantly changed back to being female via a soda spilled in her lap.

"I guess, problem is I looked through the old man's bag the other day and found at least five other written contracts and lord only knows how many he just agreed to with a handshake and a nod."

Akane decided that preemption was the name of the game, "I'm not marrying Sensei, no offence, but it's just too weird getting taught by your… Do you count as a wife or a husband Sensei?"

Ranma turned several shades of red, from embarrassment or anger who knows, "
I'm a guy. I would think that would peg me as the husband. Besides, it's not like we really wanta get married."

Nabiki face palmed, "Ranma, saying you're a guy works better when you're not pointing at your tits."

"Whatever, I don't got no plans to be married to anyone just yet," Ranma fussed. "The way I see it, we stall for as long as possible. I have to pick which one of ya I'm marrying, right."

Nabiki interrupted, "That could work, just say that you're dating each of us to find the one you're most compatible with. Not a bad plan Soutome. Just some fake dates and the fathers can't complain. So what do we do about the other girls?"

"Thanks, I tend to think best under pressure. As far as I'm concerned the old man broke his word so they're don't count. So who's up first?"

Kasumi raised her hand, "I'm the oldest so I guess I'm your first fiancée. Though I was kind of hoping you would be older than me."

Ranma blushed, "It's alright. Not like this is for real, just until we can get us out of this mess. At least I don't have to go to school or anything."

Ranma chuckled until the steely glare of the Tendo Trio brought him up short. "I don't have to go to school, right?"