Set After Nessa's Wedding Drama

"Well… that was…eventful" Pam murmured as she stumbled out of the Church, clinging to Mick's arm. "Like one of those Soap weddings on the telly, I bet Cath'll be distraught, I mean Gavin and Stacey's big day was wonderful and to think she just watched her son burst into the church and ruin a wedding, I wish I could've seen her face Mick".

"Pam, you shouldn't say things like that, but she was asleep anyway" Mick replied. "And Smithy didn't ruin the wedding; you're always so…dramatic".

"Michael! Did you just call me dramatic? I'm not the one who moans if I don't get my breakfast before nine!"Pam retorted.

"No Pam, you're the one who didn't come out of the house for three days because you saw a black cat and it wasn't even a cat, it was a bin bag in the wind".

"It was the pills; you know they made me take a load of pills to get rid of the urine infection!" Pam hissed.


Gavin and Stacey walked out of the church holding hands.

"I can't believe that!" Stacey laughed, "Was that Smithy's declaration of love?"

"No, for his and Lucy's first date he took her to Burger Palace so they could use his sister's staff discount" Gavin grinned.

"Oh my god, that is terrible. Remember our first date?" Stacey smiled.

"How Could I forget, and look at us now Babe, we're gonna be parents!"Gavin Whispered, before kissing his wife.


Bryn strolled out of the church, with Gwen and Doris trying to catch up behind.

"Well that was…." Said Gwen, who was clearly struggling to find the right words.

"Brilliant I thought!" Said Bryn in an enthusiastic tone that startled Gwen and Doris. "I mean it was powerful and romantic"

"Fucking Hell Bryn! You sound like a poet!" Moaned Doris.

"I severely dislike that sort of profanity Doris!" Bryn scolded.

They all stood in an awkward silence for a moment, before Doris decided to talk.

"Well I've got to go now, got a crackin' night ahead of me I have Gwen" Doris smiled.

"Scott takin' you to the bingo, is he?" Gwen responded.

"Bingo? Don't be stupid Gwen! We're havin' a shag! Bye all" Doris waved.

Gwen's smile turned into a blank expression, "well, that was rude".

"Right" said Bryn, eager to change the conversation, "Where to next?"

"Oh I dunno, I quite fancy a cuppa." Gwen smiled.

"Right we'll go to the Café round the corner, I'll get everyone now" Bryn said.

"Can you believe it Stace?" Pam said as she walked over to her son and his wife.

"I know I'm shocked too" Stacey replied.

"Feel a bit sorry for Dave though" Said Pam.

"Yeah" Said Stacey, nodding in agreement.

"You Know, I always thought his last name was actually Coaches, like the Black Eyed Peas called themselves that because they were actually gardeners" Pam said in her wise tone.

"That's not true mum" Gavin grinned.

"Yes it is, Big Fat Sue told me and you know she's like a big fat encyclopaedia"

"No it's not Pam, Even you understand that Sue isn't as bright as she thinks don't you?" Mick Said.

"Sue is clever, she's like an English Stephen Fry" Said Pam.

"Stephen Fry is English" Gavin interjected.

"Who told you that?" Mick moaned.

"Big Fat Sue" Pam said at a fast pace hoping Mick didn't hear it.

"Ah there you are! Me and Gwen were wondering if you would like to accompany us to the café." Bryn Smiled.