Chapter 1

Sparks flew from the ruins of Sam's Christmas gift from Jason. Everything on his body seethed with pain. He could barely breathe but he thanked God that he even had a thought that he should be breathing. Jason's nose burned with fumes from the smoke. As he turned onto his back, he realized that the combination of gas and fire wasn't good and maybe he should get as far from the crash site as possible. He tried to lift his legs but the pinning of parts of the cockpit made it difficult for him to move. His legs shook and he worried that maybe he was paralyzed. Jason you're an idiot. You can feel your legs. A sense of relief overcame him until he remembered that he didn't make that trip alone. Oh shit. "Brenda! Jax!" He shouted but his voice was a bit hoarse from the dropping temperatures that started to fall that week. Port Charles had been blessed with an unseasonably warm winter but the days leading up to New Year's Eve blew in a blistering cold. And there were times when Jason would leave the house in his black t-shirt forgetting to cover up. He coughed heavily inhaling smoke every time he tried to take a deep breath. It was too dark to see Brenda or Jax. There was no movement from either.

Jason sat up and felt around his ripped pants for his phone. It was nowhere to be found. He took a moment to soak in his surroundings. His concept of location was just as worse than him being underwater. The anxiety attack overcame him. The last time he and Brenda were lost, she read the map and he followed until she slipped into a ditch spraining her ankle. "We survived before. We'll survive again."

Lulu was rushed into the emergency room on a gurney. Patrick ripped his tuxedo from his body piece by piece and found the nearest pair of latex gloves nearby at the ready. He hovered over Lulu with his bare chest close to hers to feel her breathing. "She's still gasping for breath. We gotta move quickly people!" He charged outside to the nurses' station. "Epiphany, I know you don't like demands but can you get me a pair of clean scrubs please?"

"No problem Drake Junior." Epiphany aimed to please seeing the blood soaked blanket that covered Lulu's body upon entrance of the hospital.

Robin could barely contain herself in the elevator. As soon as the doors opened, she hiked up her dress from the ground and ran to Patrick still shirtless in the lobby and gathering his paperwork together. "Patrick, can I be in on this?"

"I need you to stay with Laura. She's completely beside herself." Patrick eyed Epiphany double checking the scrubs before handing them off to him. "Thanks." He quickly slipped on his shirt and hurried into the ER.

"What the hell happened to Lulu?" Epiphany demanded barely noticing Robin still unnerved.

Robin leaned on the counter and stretched her body still tense from hearing the gunshots below the ballroom. "Someone shot her. They were trying to shot Stavros but Lulu was hit."

"How do you know Lulu wasn't the target? Have you found the shooter?"

"Well Stavros was asked to leave and someone was aiming for him. Unfortunately Lulu was not far from Stavros."

Elizabeth stepped off the elevator and rushed over to Robin. "How is she?"

"Patrick just went into surgery."

Stefan ran down the halls of General Hospital and stopped into his office. He went into a frantic search through the drawers of his desk.

Kevin knocked on the frame of Stefan's office door. "What are you looking for?"

"Proof." Stefan averted his eyes upwards to Kevin waiting in the doorway.

"Proof of what? Is this about what we discussed? Lulu being your daughter? Do you think this is a good time for this?"

"If anything bad happens to Lesley Lulu, I want her to know for certain that I am her father."

"Part of a person's healing process is the lack of stress. This isn't a good time for Lulu or for Laura."

"Shouldn't you be chasing after the drama queen that is my sister?"

Kevin walked into Stefan's office and slammed the door shut behind him. "You said to Robert that I am on your payroll. You made it sound as if you bought me. I can't be bought, Stefan. I care about your sister. But she's out of control. And for some reason I think you want it that way. But why? What do you get out of your sister being deemed incompetent?"

Stefan remained tight-lipped.

"Stefan, do you know where Mikkosavich is?"

"I don't have a clue! How dare you accuse me of stealing my own nephew?"

"You've blackmailed Alexis before. When she came to you begging for help to get her little girl back from the custody of the Quartermaines, you told her you wouldn't help her if she didn't get you off of murder charges. What kind of brother are you?"

"A better one than Stavros or Valentin could ever dream of being. Yes the Cassadines are a deviant bunch but I've always looked after my sister's best interests. And while I had nothing to do with Mikkosavich being missing, I will admit wanting more control over his future."

"Look how well that turned out for Nikolas."

Zander was finally able to get some rest. He and Mikkosavich fell asleep together on the windowsill until Zander was awakened by the glittering Swiss sun. He loved the feeling of all 30 pounds of sleeping Mikkos resting on his chest. "I'm going to teach you how to ski today. It's a new day and a new year. One more obligation to get done for Helena and I should have enough money saved up to strike out on my own again. It'll be just you and me."

Zander was able to put Mikkos down in his crib and get himself together for another day of acting as an interested audience for the man that he called his father, Harlan Barrett. Harlan took Zander under his wing shortly after Zander's "death". He did it in hopes of grooming Zander into the son that he never had. Instead Harlan was strapped with two daughters, Julia and Brenda. Though he loved them both, Harlan bought into the meme that only boys and men were valuable to the family business.

Zander pulled his iPad from his backpack and slipped it under his arm before entering Harlan's massive office. The size was fit for the ego. "Happy New Year." His voice was low and shaky as he feared Harlan. Zander was privy to phone calls had between Harlan and Faison. And their discussions were nothing short of vengeful. Even though Zander's hands were bloody with his latest murder, of Ric Lansing, he felt he was justified in his revenge. He took a seat in one of the plush chairs situated across from Harlan and turned on his iPad hoping to finish off a game of Words with Friends with some person he thought he'd never met. "Man! I just got slammed with a 105 point word and it's like five letters. Fuck You Queen of Sheba!" He was a child lost in his toys and just happy to take a break from both newfound fatherhood and taking orders.

Harlan sighed and took a seat at this desk. "You're wasting time with that. Happy New Year by the way."

Zander switched over his screen to business. "Happy New Year Sir." He lifted his head and wiped the smile from his face.

"How is the little boy today?"

"He's good. I had this photo in my pocket. I almost forgot I even had it. I gave it to him. He loved it. I think he just needs to see a woman's face. Reminds him of his mom I guess." Zander's puppy dog eyes were a dead giveaway when something was bothering him.

"Is this about Veronica?" Harlan took a cigar out of his case and offered one to Zander.

"No thank you. I appreciate everything that you've done for me but I'm nothing but a liability. I just need to get this last job done for Helena and Little Z-Man and I are out."

"Where will you go?"

Zander sighed. "I haven't figured that out yet I guess. Luckily Helena is giving me some time to regroup and spend a little time with the baby."

"Regrouping means allowing you time to think and talk yourself out of it. You have a big job before you. Killing the prince is no small feat."

"True. In the meantime my goal is to beat Queen of Sheba at Words with Friends." He flipped back to his game and kicked his feet up on Harlan's desk.

Jason was able to move legs from under the heavy debris but he couldn't stand. He decided to crawl until he felt he was a safe distance from the wreckage to recuperate so he could stand on his own two feet. He lay back down on the ground and stared at the night sky. "I don't pray much so I don't deserve to be talking to you right now but I need the strength to find Brenda and Jax." He rolled over onto his stomach and buried his face in the grass. The silence was deafening until he could hear emergency vehicles in the distance. He lifted his head still seeing nothing more than the stars. He turned back and noticed small balls of fire popping up from the wrecked plane. "Dear God. Please let them be alive."

Gia, Spinelli, and Johnny all showed up at General Hospital. Johnny tried to hold back his distress not wanting to make Gia uncomfortable considering they had just met but his mood wasn't lost on her. As they rode up in the elevator in silence, Gia noticed Johnny lean his body against the railing barely able to stand. She tapped Spinelli on the shoulder but Spinelli shrugged her away not wanting to break any unspoken bros before hoes oaths by divulging too much of Johnny's past.

They stepped off the elevator with Johnny not wasting any time to pump Robin and Elizabeth for information. Robin could see the determination in Johnny's eyes. "Just wait in the waiting room. She's in stable condition. Patrick is doing all that he can."

"Robin please keep me in the loop."

Robin reached out and hugged Johnny. "I promise I will."

Gia followed a despondent Johnny into the waiting room. "Were you and Lulu close?"

Johnny yanked off his suit coat and tossed it onto the ground. "We dated. I was in love with her. It just didn't work out. She moved on and so did I." He rubbed his tired eyes. "I need to take my mind off of worrying."

Gia pulled her phone from her purse. "I played a 105 point word today on some guy named Z-Man. That's not you is it?" She smiled.

"I can't spell very well." Johnny stared off into space. "I sucked at school. I didn't try very hard. Sometimes I wish I did...maybe Lulu and I would have worked out."

"It's just Scrabble. No pressure. Something to take your mind off of everything. You can cheat."

Johnny pulled his phone from his pocket. "I bet Dante is a mess. Did you see any idea of who might have shot? I heard shots coming from a couple directions?"

Gia slowly shook her head. "We were looking for Mikkos remember?"

"Fuck." Johnny dropped his phone onto the ground and buried his face in his hands. "Forgot about the kid for a minute."

"You seem pretty invested in what happens to Alexis' little boy."

Johnny sat back in his chair. "I know how much she loves that kid and she made a lot of sacrifices for him. I had a thing for Alexis for a minute."

"What kind of thing?"

"I'd go to Greece for business reasons and…" He laughed softly. "Let's just say…things happened."

"You and Alexis had sex?"

Johnny nodded. "It wasn't a big deal. At first I wanted it to be a big deal but I realized that I wasn't the man that Alexis wanted."

"You don't have much luck with women huh?"

Johnny looked at Gia. "No. So consider yourself fairly warned."

Sonny made it back to the Greystone and soaked in his calm surroundings. He was relieved to be home not suspecting that maybe his shot didn't hit the intended target. After taking a couple deep breaths to gather his thoughts, he was unnerved at the sound of someone in his house. "Who is it?"

Mike flipped on the lights and met Sonny in the lobby. "What the hell happened tonight?"

"I needed to come home before I go and find Alexis."

"Where the hell is Alexis?"

"I don't know Mike." Sonny went into the living room to his bar and poured himself a Scotch. "I needed to come home before I do something I might regret." He sipped his drink.

"Speak in sentences Son."

"A.J. is back and he's got his hands on my daughter."

"What does that mean?"

"Kristina is back to lying to me again. It felt like Courtney." Sonny's eyes teared up. The day that A.J. dug his claws into Courtney sent Sonny on a rampage of almost murdering Jason's brother.

Mike tried to comfort Sonny with a hug but Sonny nudged Mike away. "Let's not go down this road again."

"Mike I have another problem and I don't know how to solve it. I might lose Alexis and I just can't." He wiped his eyes.

"That's why I'm here. What do you need? I'll do anything."


Mike was almost rendered speechless not knowing what he was agreeing to. "We're family. You're my son. I've failed you way too many times before. Anything."

"No matter what happens that baby Alexis is carrying is mine."

"Alexis is pregnant? I didn't know."

"Are we on the same page Mike?"

Mike nodded. "We are Son."

Lorenzo left Natasha alone again locked in the cell. He looked back at her holding tight to the bars. "You're not helping Natasha. You've got to take this situation seriously. Your son is missing."

Natasha bit her lip not wanting to say more. "What happens next?"

"In what way?" Lorenzo had to back away from her as he found her to be more than irresistible.

"You and me."

"You're marrying Sonny Corinthos."

"I didn't agree to marry him."

"You seem to be forgetting that sometimes you're one person and other times you're a woman that loves Sonny."

"I have no use for him. Do you remember you and I, as children, horseback riding on the beaches of the Cassadine Islands? My father asked you to bring Natasha back in one piece."

"And I did just that. And I'm going to do the same for Mikkos."

Natasha started to feel faint. She grabbed at her stomach in pain.

"What's wrong?" Lorenzo moved in closer to her cell bars.

Natasha went over to the corner of the cell and sat down on the ground while carefully straightening her dress. "I'm pregnant…and Little One never fails to remind me."

"Natasha, when Kevin gets here, I will see to it that you get out. But to avoid any confrontations with Robert, this is the best place for you."

Robert was oblivious to all that was going down outside of the tunnels. The last time he was there it was in search of the man that he'd just found out was his son, Robert Frank Scorpio. He felt defeated as he forgot why he was so passionate about storming through the tunnels to find a woman that he knew wanted nothing more than to protect her son.

"Robert!" Sam ran down the tunnel corridors spotting him from afar.

Robert couldn't believe his eyes from the sight of Holly and Ethan trailing behind Sam. "Holly?"

Sam made it to Robert and bent over to catch her breath. "Don't hurt my mother please."

"Calm down Samantha. I'm not going to hurt to your mother. I'm just going to teach her a lesson."

Holly and Ethan both caught up. Holly couldn't resist wrapping her arms around Robert. "I told you we'd ring in the New Year together."

"Is it the New Year?" Ethan asked.

"I lost the concept of time after childbirth." Sam exclaimed. "Speaking of children, where is Mikkosavich?"

"Your grandson is missing?" Holly asked. "What can I do?" She continued to hold Robert tight.

Robert slipped his hands around Holly's waist. "You can use your extra sleuthing skills to help me find him."

"Do the two of you need a room before we do this?" Ethan asked.

The thunderous sound of shoes running filled the tunnels.

"What the fuck is that?" Sam ducked behind Ethan.

Luke stopped running after hearing what sounded like Sam's voice in the distance. "Is that Sam? It's Luke."

"Luke it's Sam!" She moved from Ethan and in the direction of Luke's voice.

"Are you alone?" Luke hid behind a crevice until he could see for sure that it was Sam.

"No Holly, Robert, and Ethan are here!" Sam yelled back.

Luke gave in and crept out from hiding. "English?"

Holly turned to Luke. "Happy New Year. Isn't this appropriate. I have both of you to kiss at midnight."

"Can we not lose sight of what's going on here? My son is missing!" Sam shouted.

"Your son?" Holly asked. "How is Mikkos your son?"

Sam threw up her hands. "I can't even get into the dynamic of how that happened. But after he is found, I am staking my rights as his mother. This is ridiculous. How could my mother just let someone take him?"

"Sam, calm down." Luke sighed before plopping down onto the ground. "I hate to compare problems but I just fucking killed someone." He looked up at the group hovering over him and ready to be doused in their judgment.

"What are you saying Mate?" Robert asked.

"Wait…who did you kill?" Sam asked.

"What the fuck happened Dad?" Ethan sat down next to him.

"Oh now you call him Dad?" Robert rolled his eyes. "Seriously Luke?"

"I shot Stavros. I'm a fucking coward. I just ran. Robert, I need your help. The good Lord upstairs spared me in killing Jake. I don't know that he's gonna help me this time." Luke pulled up to his feet. The tears coveted his eyes. "How the hell did this happen? I ran away so now I look guilty. I'm not doing time for that piece of shit."

"Since when do you care that Stavros dies?" Holly pulled from Robert and went to Luke.

"I just got a bad feeling, English."

Patrick left the operating room wanting nothing more than to just go home but he couldn't avoid the crowd forming outside of Lulu's operating room. Stefan caught Patrick before he could get far. "Is there something you need to tell me Dr. Drake?"

Laura could barely keep it together sitting outside Lulu's room with hope. She pushed through the crowd to Patrick. "Can I see her?"

Patrick's eyes fell to the ground. "She's going to make it."

Laura clasped her face in relief. "Then why do you seem so solemn?"

Patrick looked ahead at Johnny, Gia, Spinelli, Maxie, and Elizabeth gathering around to hear. "Laura, I think we should talk in private."

Lucky rushed off the elevator. "Bullets came from multiple directions. Dante and Ronnie are searching the premises and keeping an eye on Stavros." He could barely catch his breath. "How is Lulu?"

"She definitely suffered from multiple bullet wounds." Patrick said. "I would still prefer to speak to Laura about this alone."

"As a member of the General Hospital staff, I wish to be a part of this discussion." Stefan said.

Patrick sighed and focused on Laura. "Whatever you wish. We can talk in Stefan's office."

David showed up at the PCPD still covered in his blood-drenched suit. He buttoned his jacket hoping not to alarm Anna with messy his appearance. But she caught him outside her office. "David, what happened?" She rushed to him and ripped opened his jacket. "Were you shot?"

David shook his head. "No. The young blonde girl. They were calling her Lulu."

Anna slapped her hand to her mouth. "That's Luke and Laura's daughter."

"THE Luke and Laura? She was shot. They helicoptered her to General Hospital. I just got word that she'll survive."

Dread overcame Anna as she thought back to an angered Robert. "Trying to remember if Robert had a gun. He was out of control."

"I didn't see Robert."

Agent Bates went over to David and Anna. "I have a lead. Your grandson is somewhere in Europe. We're going to continue to ping the GPS."

"What do you mean by Europe?" Lorenzo approached them. "That's not narrowing much down."

"As I stated, we're continuously pinging the bug. Keep in mind that it's a simplistic device stored in a stuff animal."

"And I didn't anticipate that it would need to come of use." Anna interjected.

"Natasha is saying that she left him in Greece." Lorenzo continued. "I'm certain he was kidnapped from there. I know the woman that tends to the stables. She would have called us immediately if she found him."

"As soon as his whereabouts are discovered, I will hop on a plane and get Mikkosavich myself." Anna said.

"May I ask a favor?" Lorenzo eyed Anna. "Please take Natasha with you."

Anna groaned. "Not a good idea. Mikkosavich may be my grandson but this is an investigation that should not involve civilians."

Lorenzo grabbed Anna's arm and pulled her aside. "You wanted things to work between you and Alexis and what better opportunity than working together to find Mikkos."

"You're forgetting that it's not Alexis in that cell back there. It's Natasha and she killed my son. He wasn't perfect but he was still my son and I still want her to pay for his murder. As soon as Franco's body is found, I intend to seek justice for his death."