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Chapter 29

Lorenzo kneeled down at the alter and clasped his hands together in prayer. "If I'm ever meant to see her again, I will be kinder…" He felt a touch upon his shoulder. He looked up at Gallos staring down at him so he slid over making room.

Gallos got down on his knees and pretended to pray before forming the Trinity in the air. "Amen. We must work together Brother."

Lorenzo sniffled. So many emotions filled his throat. His world was filled with confusion. He missed Luis. "I don't know that I can trust you."

"I tried to kill him."

Lorenzo stood up and reach his hand out to Gallos. "Mikkosavich?"

Gallos accepted the help and stood up on his feet stretching his arms into the air. "Yea."

"That won't solve anything. I must focus on finding Alexis."

"It won't matter Brother. She doesn't love you….you're about to lose everything. I imagine the prince will be included in that list of casualties."

"I have a plan."

"Will it involve kidnapping a child?"

Lorenzo raised his eyes to Gallos. "No. I'm going to fight for my rights as a father to Mikkosavich."

"You're a fool."

"I have to believe that I can win."

Johnny bit at his nails. As he grew older, and since the crash of the Crimson jet, his fear of flying grew. He observed his surroundings. Spinelli worked hard punching away at his laptop. Michael got up to pace in the small space until he decided to slip away into the bathroom. Johnny's eyes fell on Ethan resting his head against the window and lost in his own thoughts. Johnny took a deep breath filled with worry as he turned his head to Zander resting his face in his cupped hands.

"Guys, we look like a sad group. All of us together will get this job done. I know we will. Where you taking us Zander?"

Zander ran his hands down his face. "Switzerland. It's where my father lives. I can only guess that might be where Helena would keep Alexis."

"Not Greece?" Michael stepped out of the bathroom and zipped his pants. "We should try the Cassadine Islands."

"Helena loves symbolism." Spinelli interrupted with a raised hand. "I agree with Young Sir. We should detour."

"We're not detouring!" Johnny hopped up and wrung his hands." His eyes landed on Ethan refusing to move. "What say you? You were the last to see Helena. Any indication of where she might be?"

Ethan perked up and looked Johnny in the eyes. "No Mate. That much I don't know. We should cover Cassadine Islands as well. I'm always up for an excursion."

Johnny dropped back down into his seat. "To bad we're on a time crunch."

Sonny followed Taggert and Anna into the PCPD. "I want all of your resources on Alexis." He demanded.

Jason and Sam rushed in behind Sonny. "Anna! " Jason pulled Anna aside into a corner. "Did you know Mikkos was found?"

"Yes." Anna nodded.

"And?" Jason waited for more.

Anna sighed. "Robert and I saw him. He's doing well. I can't tell if he's been traumatized."

Jason grabbed at his hair. "I need to see him. Sam needs to see him."

"Alexis needs to be our priority right now."

"Alexis is the reason Mikkos was lost in the first place."

Anna paused. "I can't rock the boat Jason."

"We're partners."

"We are." Anna grabbed Jason's arm. "We are partners. But we can't be hot heads. Lorenzo will run with him if we make any sudden moves. We don't want that."

"He wouldn't do that to Sam."

"He would. He loves that little boy too much. He feels backed in a corner."

Sonny walked over to Anna and Jason. "Any leads?"

Anna shook her head. "I'm sorry Sonny. This will be a waiting game."

"Jason." Sonny signaled Jason to follow him to another part of the PCPD. "The guys are on my private jet to Switzerland. Spinelli thinks he might have a lead. I told them to try all of their resources. I knew this was odd. I knew Alexis wouldn't let me down."

"If we find Alexis, something has to be done. "

"What do you mean?" Sonny asked.

"Losing Mikkos…we can't take that situation lightly."

"What do you want me to do about that?!" Sonny raised his voice in frustration. He walked away from Jason to Sam who was waiting patiently. "I'm going home to the kids. I need to reassure Molly and Spencer that everything is ok. You need anything?"

Sam shook her head. "Thank you. I'm good."

Sonny reached out to Sam and embraced her. "It's tough being the big sister. I'll make sure Kristina shares some of the load."

Sam nodded and wiped away a tear. "Sonny. Will you work with my dad on this? That's all I ask."

Sonny released her and shrugged. "I make no promises."

Lorenzo sat down on the bench next to Gallos. "Stefan is giving me access to the Cassadine jet. I'm afraid if I go to find her, she'll reject me when I get there."

"You have to take risks I suppose."

Lorenzo rubbed his hands on his legs. "Any ideas where I should go?"

Gallos stared ahead. "Try Switzerland." He turned to Lorenzo. "I have sources there."

"Not the Cassadine Islands?"

"Too obvious."

Lorenzo stood up and buttoned his suit coat. "Will you watch Mikkosavich?"

"The King or the Prince?" Gallos looked up at Lorenzo.

"You're the only brother I have left. I guess I should learn to trust you."

Gallos stood up and grabbed Lorenzo hugging him tight. He kissed Lorenzo's cheek before pulling back. "That's what I needed to hear. I've had so much anger in me now that I know from where I came. She was beautiful…our mother. I'd catch a glimpse of her before I was to be sent off away from the adults. She used to stare at me longingly. There was something in her eyes that I didn't understand." Gallos' eyes filled with tears. "Why did she never give me a sign?"

"Maybe she was afraid." Lorenzo put his hand on Gallos' shoulder. "Sometimes a look says it all."

"But did it mean that she loved me?"

Lorenzo breathed in deeply. "She wanted you to live as a prince should live." He smiled. "That's what she used to say to me. She'd read me stories and she'd say to me I want my boys to live as a prince should live. I never understood it. I wasn't a prince. Maybe she hoped that message would get to you somehow."

The delirium fell from Alexis' eyes as she sat up in her bed. The pain still lingered. Her eyes scanned the room. It looked familiar to her but she couldn't recall how. "Korina." She realized her voice was almost gone and her throat was weak.

Alexis could hear footsteps outside the door. It slowly cracked open and Korina walked in with a pan of steaming water and towels. "I am here Natasha. Your water hasn't yet broken."

Alexis sunk back down in the softness of her bed. "I'm not Natasha. I'm Alexis. Where am I?"

Korina soaked a towel and drained it of the excess water. She placed it on Alexis' face. "You will always be my little Natasha."

"I'm not where I should be. I don't know anyone here. This all looks familiar to me but it doesn't."

Korina swallowed hard and pressed her lips against Alexis' ear. "You are here against your will. So am I. But I delivered Alexandra so I am useful."

"Korina." Harlan walked into the room.

Korina immediately stood at attention.

"How is the patient?" He asked.

"Tired. Not as closed to birth as you'd prefer she be."

Harlan nudged Korina aside and leaned over Alexis. "King Mikkosavich's pride and joy in my possession. I will get what I want. I've finally inspired him to see things my way."

King Mikkosavich sipped his vodka. He sat in silence in Stefan's study truly lost on what to do. The door opened and Stefan walked in.

"Good Evening Father." Stefan stood with his hands clasped in front of him. "It is time. We must leave."

King Mikkosavich slammed down his glass and stood up almost unsteady. "Is it wrong to admit that if it was any of my other children, I would sit here and drink?"

Stefan raised his chin. "The truth will set you free."

King Mikkosavich picked up a picture of Alexis taken in her teenage years. "I owe this girl." He held the picture close to his heart. "I've let her down too many times." He placed the framed picture back down onto the desk and went to Stefan. He rested his hand on Stefan's cheek. "But you protected her the best you knew how."

Stefan's heart trembled. He was touched by his father's gentleness. "I could do better."

"If Natasha is found, you will be rewarded for your loyalty."

The door crept open and Gallos and Lorenzo walked in.

"Are we ruining a bonding moment?" Gallos laughed.

King Mikkosavich dropped his hand to his side. "The jet is ready?"

Stefan nodded. "It is. Will you be coming Lorenzo?"

Lorenzo smiled. "I will. And Gallos will watch over the prince."

The door opened from its crack and little Mikkosavich ran straight to Lorenzo.

"I go too Daddy!" The little boy shouted with enthusiasm as he leaped into Lorenzo's arms. He buried his head in Lorenzo's chest and held him tightly.

"Not this time Mikkos." Lorenzo kissed Mikkos' face. He noticed Brenda walk into the room. "See that pretty girl over there." Lorenzo pointed to Brenda.

Mikkos nodded with sadness in his eyes.

"She will take good care of you."

Brenda reached in and pulled Mikkos from Lorenzo's arms. "I sure will. Have you ever ridden a horse?"

"No." Mikkos shook his head.

"By the time your Momma comes back, you can tell her that you're a champion horse rider." Brenda touched Mikkos' nose.

Lorenzo watched as Brenda left the room. "Let's go find Alexis. And let's hope we bring her back in one piece."