Csilla: I've been wanting to write a Kukai x Amu fanfic for quite a while... well before I got into Fairy Tail...

I want the record to show that - I am a KukAmu fan AND ALSO a Amuto fan ;)

So no - flaming my secret obsession with this cute pairing XD

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Amu will never forget the first day she stepped into Seiyo Academy. How she wandered the empty halls of her new private boarding school until she ended up in the literature wing. She'll never forget the paper that drew her in amongst the others: 'Truth of Tomorrow'. An intriging title that drew the rosette girl closer to it, reading the first line that later became the last line. It was then that she realized the warm droplets landing on her outstretched arm was her tears.

"I wish I could meet the person who wrote this," She whispered, wiping her tears away with her blazer sleeve.

And so it began, every day Amu would re-read the well-written paper. She would even read it a few more times if she was feeling down about something. Not too feel better but to know even at Seiyo Academy, where every student is well-taken care of, there can still be some tears shed from something other than a silly heartbreak.
Amu had been a student for two months, fully adjusted to her new life with her new friends until she was met with a soccer ball to the back of her head as she was walking with some friends in the quad.

"-u-chan are you okay?" One of her friends bent down to help pick her up from the ground as Yaya hollared: "Alright, who did that to Amu-chii?" angrily.
No one spoke. Everyone looked around curious of where the soccer ball had come from. Amu was back on her feet when a sandy-brunette teen broke through the crowd muttering, "Now where the hell did that ball - Ah! There!"

Everyone watched as the student ran over to the accused soccer ball happily before the teen noticed the scene he had just walked into.

"So you're the one, Souma-san!" The angry brunette twin-tailed girl growled pointing an accusing finger at the male in front of her.

"What did I do?" Kukai asked, scratching the back of his head before noticing Amu rubbing the back of her head and fianlly putting together what probably happened.

"W-Wait! I didn't mean to hit anyone!" He explained, glancing between Yaya, Amu and the remaining posse.

Growing irritated with the crowd that had only grown from the start Amu barked, "Mind your own damn business! You're not the ones who got wacked in the fucking head with a ball!"

Kukai jumped back, slightly scared that she was pissed, as the crowd diminished. It hadn't taken him long to know exactly who she was after that bark: Hinamori Amu, student body president for the first year class! Even though he was a year ahead of her so pissing her off wouldn't affect him too much - she still held some power over how much funding the soccer club, he belonged to, recieved.

"And you," pointing an accusing finger as a the brunette male gulped, "give me your name and class!" Amu wasn't much for punishment but the soccer field was on the other side of the school and there was no way a stray ball would make it to the front.

"Souma Kukai. Class 2-B"

"Sophomore, huh?" She muttered before turning on her heels with her friends in pursuit.

'just great...' He mentally cried as he walked towards the male dorms.

He plopped down on his bed the moment he entered his room on the third floor. His teammates would be pissed at him if their funding lessened. He turned his head to the side to see familiar words scrawled on a piece of loose-leaf paper that sparked a little sigh from him. He sat up, reaching out to grab the crumpled paper from its previous hiding spot as he re-read what was written on it.

"Anikki, I've grown up haven't I," sighing heavily as he fell back onto his messy bed before adding, "Probably not..." closing his eyes.

-Next Morning-

Kukai glared at the neon numbers on his alarm clock; god how he wished the time would start going backwards so he could avoid practicing his kicks and in turn not hit the first-year student body president in the head! With fifteen minutes of mentally arguing with himself over whether to get up or pretend to be sick when someone knocked on his door, he sat up and proceeded to get undress for a quick shower. He was dressed in his uniform heading out the door five minutes later with his breakfast dangling dangerously out of his mouth. He whipped around the brick entrance only to run head-first into someone! And not just anyone as he soon realized when he looked over to apologize only to see a very irritated familiar mob of rosy hair: Hinamori Amu! He gulped as he watched her get up, wondering why she had a piece of toast stuck to her blouse before realizing his breakfast was no longer in his mouth.

'Oh shit...' Kukai mentally swore as he backed away from the angered first-year, who merely grounded out his name: "Soumaaaaaa" as she clenched her fist.

Expecting to be hit, he lifted his arms to protect himself only to feel like an idiot when nothing happened; he watched her retreating back head into the school before guilt bubbled up to the surface. It wasn't like he'd see her around the school considering he was a year ahead of her but he always took notice of her whenever he was in the literature wing, standing in the same spot everyday. He couldn't figure out why; the only things at that spot were the compositions he and his classmates had written when they were first-years. He pouted when he was drawn back to reality by his stomach - he was really hungry now!

He made a dash for his first period, making it there just before the late bell rung, and took his seat so the teacher could begin class; "barely made it... what did you oversleep or something?" Ikuto, sitting next to him, whispered in a low voice.

"I had a little problem-"

"didn't need to know that..." Ikuto twisted his face in disgust which only took Kukai a second to realize what his friend was thinking.

"NOT THAT SORT OF PROBLEM!" For a moment, he forgot they were in class and in that instance he had gotten everyone's attention.

"Souma! Tsukiyomi! Would please take your personal problems elsewhere," The duo grabbed their stuff and left the classroom; the moment the door shut Ikuto lets out in a coy tone: "Ah! At this rate, people might assume we're married or something,"

Kukai could only nod in his head in agreement; they were constantly being sent out of the room because of their personal problems (well mostly Kukai's). They headed off towards the track in the back of the school to hang out for the remainder of their class; Ikuto plopped down on the first bench before he asked: "So what happened?"

"I sort of had a run-in with the first-year president," It wasn't the whole truth but regardless both boys knew that Kukai would spill his guts with a few more of Ikuto's questions.

And that's just what happened...

"So what? You are a year above her..." Ikuto began.

"Y-Yeah but... I sort of pissed her off," Kukai started.

"How so?"

"well... today-"

"You mean there's been more recently..."

"Y-Yeah... Yesterday as well,"

"Any other times?"

"N-Not that I know of..."


"I might have accidentally ran into her and got my breakfast on her,"

"toast with strawberry jelly,"

"Y-Yeah..." Ikuto knew Kukai since they were kids; toast with strawberry jelly is the only thing the sandy-haired teen will eat on the go.

"And yesterday?"

A barely audible, "kicked a soccer ball too hard and hit her in the head,"

"That's new for you..." The dark-haired male snickered next to him before breaking out in a fit of laughter.

It felt like an eternity until Ikuto finally stopped laughing, earning a glare from his friend he decided against cracking a joke and instead went with: "So what do you think she'll do? I'm pretty sure you gave her your name and class right?"

Brown hair shot down in grief; he was royally screwed if Amu didn't see to it that the soccer club lost some funding: she'd probably try and make his school life hell; he knew it wasn't too hard for her to read his records and see the club was the only thing he had going for him. Aside from his award in literature, the memories of the head of the literature department pushing him to write more rung up.

"Guess all you can do is wait... maybe she won't do anything to your precious club," Ikuto knew that soccer was important to his best friend, had been since they were kids, and that Kukai was determined to be captain someday.

"I hope so..."

"By the way," Kukai looked over to see dark blue eyebrows furrowed close, "what is her name?" He asked; student body presidents were introduced only two weeks ago but the two had been kicked out to deal with their 'personal problems' so they had missed hearing the names.

"Oh... Hinamori. Hinamori Amu." Azure eyes widened a fraction before a smooth coy Ikuto mused: "Is that so? This'll be interesting,"

( - - - - )

Csilla: My first successful-ish attempt at a KukAmu fanfic~ so how'd I do? :D