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"So what did your poem say anyways?" A soft giggle escaped as a response to Kukai's question; it had been about a week since the festival and today was the day all Amu's poem would be getting hung up. Of course she hadn't showed him the handwritten version she always hid from him...

"You'll see~" She hummed as they walked into the school building, past the students who were doing club activities at the school - minus soccer, which had ended earlier than the other clubs.

Pouting as the couple made their way over to the Literature Wing; anticipation bubbled up as they noticed a teacher stapling up papers - it was taking all of his energy not to make a dash in order to read his girlfriend's poem. Amu's hand squeezed tightly around her boyfriend's tanned hand, which he took notice of right away; he could see the worry flickering in her honey eyes. He squeezed gently before whispering, "Don't worry... no matter what it says, I'll like it"

Two pairs of eyes stared. One at the paper before him and the other at the boy standing beside her:

/Truths of Today/

Even though without realizing it,

you gave me a place.

A place where your poem was my reason...

My inspiration...

My hope...

My driving force,

Leading me straight to you,

the author...

the boy who kicked me in the head with a soccer ball.

But most importantly, my concealed heart's companion.

/Truths of Today/

Emerald eyes felt water drip from the sides as he finished reading; he couldn't believe a poem about him, of all things, won first place. Kukai never figured he meant this much to Amu back then or even now but all those negative thoughts evaporated when something warm brushed his cheeks making them instantly flare up with color. His free hand reached up to touch his cheek as he glanced over at his girlfriend in awe - had she really just-?

Again, Kukai's thought were cut off when Amu leaned in and kissed her boyfriend shyly on the lips before quickly pulling away with cherry-tinted cheeks. A cheeky grin spread across the teen's tanned features as his girlfriend glanced to the side in pure embarrassment, obviously trying hard to get her presidential facade back on before anyone saw her (other than Kukai) like this.

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