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This is a mixed continuity. Assume for the most part that there was a war, they had gone to Earth, now it's over. The rest will be explained. Characters are, in my mind, their Movieverse selves, in that they aren't blocky, but as you'll see from character descriptions I held more true to G1 colors for the most part with a few exceptions.

It is to be noted that while Sideswipe's movieverse self is damn sexy, it is not what I have in mind for this story, so he and his twin are more their typical, gladiator, tough framed selves.

Other things to note, the references will be made more clear as the chapters progress, this one needed to serve a specific purpose so there isn't much background information for a reason.

Also, I refer to Shy-Light's guide from deviantart on Autobot optic color. The idea of them all having the same boring blue optics is well, just that, boring.

Chapter not Beta'd, doing this for fun in the middle of finals. Tried to catch any glaring errors but over all I'm not too worried or concerned about them. This is for fun!

Sunstreaker was downright randy.

That was really the most sensitive way to put it.

In truth, Sunstreaker was currently challenging every petro-rabbit's record for the number of times, duration and overall sheer processor blowing interfaces he could get with his twin; not that Sideswipe minded in the least.

Peace was boring. As a former gladiator, turned former front line warrior there was little for Sunstreaker to do, so he did his twin as often as time and energy would allow.

Returning from another processor numbing shift on comm. duty the golden warrior radiated annoyance. Sideswipe was the lucky one who'd been off duty today and was stretched out on the couch in their quarters, attention focused on the game he was currently playing. He might have been giving off the air of disinterest but Sunstreaker knew better, it was a ploy, because when it came down to it, Sideswipe was just as hot under the plating as his twin.

Grabbing at a pede Sunstreaker forcefully pulled his twin's lower half off the couch to make room for his own frame, stretching out himself (the right way mind you, with pedes on the floor and arms thrown over the back of the couch) Sunstreaker decided two could play that game and set about ignoring his twin. When two silver pedes headed for his lap a growl was all he need give to have them reconsider their current course. They were replaced by Sideswipe's upper frame, the red twin pausing his game long enough to shift and drape himself over his twin's lap, nuzzling his black helm against a golden shoulder briefly before going back to the game.

They didn't need words, they had a bond like no other, when it came down to it, the things they didn't say held the most weight in their relationship. All it took was a smirk from Sunstreaker, arms encircling his twin and clawed fingers dancing across plating for Sideswipe to know what was coming.

The red twin could only thank Primus that Sunny had rescued him from his own boredom, after all, how many times could you beat a game before it became a chore to play? Glancing up to the perfectly polished features of his twin, Sideswipe couldn't help but smile as he tilted his helm up and stole a kiss.

The last coherent thought he had, was on how his little game character was going to rescue the princess without his help. Oh well, some things you had to face all on your own.

When the red twin came around there were many little things his processors soaked in. From his time in the Pits of Kaon his skills had been honed and he was a work of deadly art. Everyone knew Sunstreaker was vicious at best, downright berserk when he wanted to be, but he knew he wasn't often roped into that same category. That only served to make him more deadly. He could fit in better with the crew, he could 'turn off' that lust for battle, so they thought anyway. It was there, it was always there, even in peacetime it was still there, no amount of peace would ever have his skills, forged in battle, fading.

For this reason he noted several things immediately. The lights were too bright, even before he fully onlined his optics he could feel the intensity across his sensor net, his and Sunny's room was dimly lit at best. This wasn't his berth, the air temp was wrong, everything about where he was wrong. This didn't immediately set off a panic mode as Sideswipe knew exactly where he was, the Ark's medbay.

Blue optics finally lit as he took in the sight of his twin, seated in a chair by his berth, the golden warrior was slouched, arms crossed over his impressive chassis and dozing. Shifting to better sit Sideswipe took in the rest of the 'bay, there was no flurry of movement, no after battle rush or influx of wounded so it was safe to say he hadn't been involved in a battle. He didn't feel damaged anyway. He did a quick internal scan but it came up negative for any virus or other invasive programming so he didn't think that was the reason for his visit either. Stumped the red twin checked his chronometer and only then began to worry.

Three days.

He'd lost three days.

He remembered everything up until a very hazy, but incredibly satisfying overload-as usually he and his twin merged sparks just to sweeten the deal and keep their bond strong and then…nothing. He searched his memory banks but they were empty, not even fragmented files to indicate he'd been online at all during the three day lapse.

"Guess you really did a number on me Sunshine." He offered softly, trying not to alert the deadly beast-not his twin mind you, this deadly beast was probably prowling the area nearby, or hiding in its 'den' waiting for helpless victims to wander by.

The golden warrior was alert in an instant, frame tensing as he came online and shifted to sit up in his chair, the pristine mech said nothing to his twin, averting his optics and that had Sideswipe worried. He reached across the bond but his twin was shielded, a hint of the unknown wavering across the bond. "What's going on Sunshine?" His voice had risen to a more normal decimal, not that he'd show it but there was fear across the bond, only annoyance colored his tone.

The beast had been woken.

Sideswipe could see the beast crossing the medbay, stalking ever closer and the red twin knew he was the beast's prey. What he didn't expect was the downright defeated air about the medic when the white and red mech stopped by his berth, opposite Sunstreaker. "Sides, how are you feeling?"

Sideswipe was worried now, the unease that had been settling in his spark was now tenfold. Of everyone who knew the medic, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker knew him best. When you had nothing to worry about physically, you had to worry about the medic's temper, snark and wrench. When there was something seriously wrong you had to worry about, you saw this other side. Sideswipe didn't like this side of the medic.

"How should I be feeling?" He asked honestly, the medic knew something and Sideswipe wanted to know what.

He was fixed with a dry look, but Ratchet didn't rise to the bait just yet, instead he turned his attention to the various monitors, studying their read outs in silence. Sideswipe knew he was starting to stress out. He could face Grimlock on a bad day, he and his twin had taken on Devestator more than once. Frag, they'd even been a part of a five mech crew who'd taken down Trypticon once; but the here and now had him wondering if this was what a human panic attack felt like.

"Sideswipe you need to calm down." Ratchet's voice was even, a hand moving to rest on the red twin's shoulder as the monitors beeped indicating his spark's current state.

"Then tell me what the frag is going on!" That sounded more like Sunstreaker but the red twin'd had enough of this. Sunny wasn't telling him, Ratchet was asking questions he knew the answer to, and he was in the dark.

"Sideswipe, you've sparked."

There was silence following that statement. Sideswipe stared at the medic for several long moments before glancing to his twin. Sunstreaker was offering up nothing, refusing to meet his gaze, arms crossed over his chassis in a defensive gesture. Was this some sort of sick joke? To make up for all the pranks he pulled? If so, it was terrible one. "This isn't funny Ratchet."

The medic's features were pressed into a hard line, "No it's not." He agreed, unable to continue as Sideswipe cut him off.

"I'm a twin. I can't spark. You said it yourself, you need two sparks to create a new one." They hadn't worried about installing buffers because they were twins. They'd been merging sparks since they were younglings and never had they sparked off new life.

"I know," Ratchet's tone was both apologetic and defeated. "There just….there is so much we don't know about split sparks….nothing ever suggested…" He shook his helm and Sideswipe began to understand where the medic's mood was coming from, he blamed himself for this. Granted, the twins had whined and begged and moaned about not wanting buffers installed and eventually had convinced Ratchet to give up on the task, but the medic blamed himself regardless.

"So…so I'm sparked." Sideswipe still wasn't convinced; perhaps this was just an elaborate prank, if so it was a cruel one. "Can I….can I see it?" Neither twin had much experience with the creation of new life, but Jazz had made it a point to show everyone pictures of every stage of his and Prowl's newling's development. The medic nodded slowly and keyed up the monitor nearby, pulling up the right image he turned it so that the twins, both of them, could see.

Sure enough, there was an adult spark-Sideswipe knew it was his, much as he wanted to believe this was just an image of Prowl's spark with their newling, it wasn't. He and his twin were split sparks, by nature their sparks were different, not whole. Both in size and shape their sparks were set apart from all others and this was most certainly his spark, his or his twin's anyway. Sure enough, nestled close to his spark, leeching off its energy was a growth, a dim little spark. Their newling. Their creation.

"This isn't a joke." It was a statement seeking confirmation.


"This isn't…this isn't some sick prank?"

"Sideswipe I'd never-" Ratchet couldn't bring himself to finish his statement, not with the look the red twin was giving him.

"Then we'll….we'll deal with it." Sideswipe threw a glance over to his still silent twin. "Might not have wanted it but…I mean, it can't be that bad." Being a creator. "Need to have a little sprocket to teach my pranks to, legacy and all." The red twin was trying to rationalize it, something deep in his processors told him there was more that Ratchet and Sunny knew about this and so in his worry, he babbled like Bluestreak.

"Sideswipe stop." Ratchet demanded, begged, it was hard to tell. It had the desired effect and the red twin turned violet optics to the medic. "You….This…" Why was it so hard? He'd seen so many deactivate. He'd been there, he'd made the call over who to help, and who to let die. He'd seen so much death and destruction but telling it to these two bots…why was it so hard? "You can't carry this newling to term." It hit like a ton of bricks, he saw the twin's optics refresh at his statement, "You're spark wasn't designed to support another, if I don't medically terminate that spark now it will kill you, all of you."

Sideswipe was left staring at the medic, letting the information sink in. So this was why Sunstreaker was so silent, why he wasn't responding across the bond, he already knew. "You mean…it's possible it'll kill us. There's a chance that it won't right?" The medic's expression told him more than words could but Sideswipe couldn't accept that. "I mean…it wasn't possible for me and Sunny to spark but here we are, so it's got to be possible that we can…that I can…"

"Sideswipe." His tone was soft, far more gentle than he'd ever used, hands rested on red and black shoulders in a comforting gesture. "If there was even a chance, a sliver of a chance that you could do this, you know I'd support you. I've seen you two through more high risk situations than I ever thought you'd have the chance of surviving…but this one, this one isn't among them. Your spark is already showing signs of strain, you know how long a newling must be carried before it can enter its first frame and I'd say you aren't even going to last a quarter of that time. I might be able to buy you some time, but not enough." His hands slipped away as he took a step back, throwing a glance to the silent golden warrior. "I'll let you two discuss it." Ultimately it was their choice, no matter what Ratchet wanted or what was best for them, and the medic silently made his retreat across the empty medbay to his office, unable to face the twins any longer.

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