A/N: Just a little Jily drabble.

RavenclawLupin11 presents:

A Beautiful Friendship

The Gryffindors were all down cast and sullen. The only person who didn't seem to be was Lily Evans. She understood nothing about the sport and wasn't all cut up about not winning the stupid trophy that caused so much rivalry between houses. She'd much rather just not go to the matches. But, she went to be with her friends. Yes, she was a little put out that the Hufflepuffs had the silver trophy? Currently, she was finishing off her Charms homework when she spotted, shaded in the corner, James Potter. Or at least, it looked like James Potter. The only part that she could see of him from his neck up was his dark tuft of jet black hair. He had his face buried in his arms, which were resting on his drawn up knees.

He looked really depressed about losing that cup, it seemed. And why wouldn't he be? He's the captain of the whole team. Lily saw Sirius Black saunter up to him and try his hardest to lighten Potter's mood. But all Potter did was shrug a buried shoulder and make a non-committal jerk of his black hair. Black walked away towards the fire, where sat Remus Lupin and little Peter Pettigrew. A few minutes later, Pettigrew went over to Potter. And again, Potter never moved. She expected Remus to try but he shook his head, knowing his efforts would be faulty.

Lily finished her piece of homework, put away her ink and quills, rolled up her parchment and set off to bed. But as she was passing Potter she thought she heard a sob issue from him. Was James Potter crying? Lily walked over to him, crouched down on her haunches, placed her hands on his arms.

"James, look at me," she prompted.

"No," he said, resolutely.

Lily hardened her voice. "I said, to look at me, Potter." James Potter finally looked up. He had puffy eyes from crying, his cheeks were tear stained and his forehead was covered with blotches of red. "You look awful."

"Well, I feel awful, Lily. So if you don't mind leaving me aloneā€¦" he got quiet as he let his sentence trail off.

Lily pulled apart his arms and took his hand. She pulled him to a standing position and led him over to his friends by the fire. "James, your friends have tried their damnedest to comfort you. You'd do the same for them. They're here for you all the time. They're worried about you and frankly I am too." James looked at her with shock at her words. So did Black, Remus and Pettigrew.

"You're worried about ME?"

"James, it's just a stupid trophy. It's just a stupid game. In thirty years is it going to matter that you won or lost? No. It's not. Quiddich is a dumb game that puts houses in a rift with each other. The Sorting Hat wants us to be friends with other houses, but how can we do that if every three months we're pitting ourselves against the other houses in a game?"

"Lily," Sirius started. "You don't play. You wouldn't understand."

"I understand that Muggles do NOT get THIS appalling come game day. James, you lost. I know you're blaming yourself for losing but, it's not one person's fault. You're a team and there is no 'I' in the word team. You lost, yes. But you'll always be first place to me."

Lily gave them all a smile and bade them goodnight. The next day, James Potter was just as lively as ever. Lily went back to calling him Potter and loathing the ground he walked on. But something happened to both of them that both realized that, with a little help from Quiddich, they had become friends.

And it was the start of a beautiful friendship indeed.

A/N: Yes, I used the "always first place to me" line in IYWG but, I liked it. Think of this as a parallel story to that one! :D