Faro would probably criticize fanfictions as well as books & movies... not that we care, right? lol

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On airplanes: "Why would you want to fly when you've got legs to walk with? Of course, legs aren't as good as tails, but still. If humans were meant to fly, they would have wings; and what exactly is the point of ripping the Air apart in a big, metal thing, I ask you?"

On basketball: "There is a 'ball', and there is a 'net'. There are people in two groups fighting over the ball to get it into the net. Did I miss something?"

On credit cards: "What exactly is a credit card? Humans sure talk about them alot; they must think they are important... or they don't have anything better to do."

On dairy cows: "Milk is milk. 'Farming' milk is another thing..."

On endoscopes: "Aren't 'endoscopes' those things you use to see inside somebody? Why would you want to see the inside of somebody if you can see the outside? Typically human."

On flashlights(torches): "Oh I get it... humans don't have good eyesight, so they invent things to help them see in the dark... okay..."

On gum: "Why would you want to chew something forever and never swallow it? If it doesn't satisfy your hunger, why would you want to 'eat' it? Just for the taste? Disgusting. And it isn't as if humans have such good taste about food, either..."

On hula hoops: "Those things are another strange object that humans seem to enjoy. It is a hoop made out of 'plastic' (which is another weird invention) that humans rotate around their waists or feet or necks or wrists. And it seems that small female children are especially fond of these contraptions; if one of them can't succeed in mastering the strange game, the other girls shame them or something. Hmph."

On ice cream: "Okay, it is at least some sort of food. Humans seem to enjoy it, but I doubt it is better than strawberry anenomes."

On jumping-jacks: "Humans don't seem to be able to get much exercise, so they act ridiculous and flap their arms and legs around. Sapphire showed me what it looks like, and I laughed so hard..."

On karate: "Is self-defense something humans have to learn as an 'art'? It seems very stupid to me, with all those unnessecary movements. If someone is trying to kill you, don't elaborate. Just lunge for their throat and eyes. "

On lighting: see 'flashlights(torches)'

On money: "It seems that humans can't survive without it and never have enough. Unless they are normal and have seen the light..."

On narcotics: "I guess humans just don't know how to heal without the use of these 'drugs'. And once they use them, some people can't seem to stop..."

On omelets: "I know it is some kind of food, but it's just kind of fun to say: 'omelet' [laughs]. How RIDICULOUS... [still chuckling]"

On pumice: "It's an abrasive stone; and humans aren't the only ones who know about it, in case you're wondering."

On quicksand: "Sapphire told me it's waterlogged sand that sucks you in and kills you. I told her that had to be a myth, or smart sand."

On roaches: "Insects that humans seem to either hate, be afraid of, or both."

On sumo wrestling: "It originated in somewhere called Japan (obviously a kingdom of Air...) and involves wrestling and extremely overweight people, from what I hear."

On tarmac: "Some of that stuff that humans put on the earth to choke it, and stop it's life."

On uranium: "There are obviously two different kinds of 'elements': Earth and Ingo, and all those things that humans like discovering and putting name labels on."

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