I refuse to believe that Matt was killed, and that it was all a cover up for MI5. Amen.

The rainy nights where always the worst, Annie O'Sullivan thought darkly as she tugged her thin jacket closer around her. Everything bad happened when it rained. Her hair streamed backwards for a few moments before the wind changed direction and her jet black hair buffeted her face. As the cold drops of rain began to fall she pushed back her fringe with a frustrated sigh, letting out the little anger that was still left in her after the argument. She wasn't even meant to be here, they said that they'd call the police if she stayed any longer. So she'd left, but they couldn't arrest her for standing in the street.

Shivering, she frowned when the familiar sound of sirens grew ever closer. They weren't mean to be here, this was meant to be one of the nice suburbs, not like where they had lived. Maybe they had actually carried out their threat, she thought darkly before blending into the shadows. It wouldn't be the first time. Looking up from the pavement for the first time, her frown deepened when the blue lights that lit up the street came rushing towards her, sirens blaring so hard and so loud she had to cover her ears. There were two panda cars, followed closely by another two cars and a white van, going so fast that they probably broke the speed limit. Raising an arm in a feeble attempt to protect herself from the lashing rain, her heart pounded against her chest when she saw the house they pulled into.

"No, no," Her words came out in barely a whisper against her dry lips, as the flashing lights and noises stopped. "No, no, no!" The final word came out as a scream, as she watched several people carrying god knows what out of the back of the white van before two officers knocked on the door. Even from this distance, she could tell that something was wrong. Police don't knock politely; they just break the door down. The door was opened, and she could briefly make out a silhouette before the police and other people in white blue suits rushed in.

"You didn't," She croaked again, ignoring the warnings that she'd received earlier that evening, and began to run. It didn't matter that they could call the police, she didn't care. Her feet slapped against the wet pavement, as the rain stung her face spitefully. Without looking, she dashed across the quiet road and towards the gravelled drive.

A police officer was heading out of the house in her direction, and glanced up as he noticed the moving girl sprinting towards him like she was in the Olympic finals.

"Hey, you can't come in here." He frowned, putting out an arm to stop her as she slowed down. It was then that she noticed what he had in his hands. A large roll of that yellow and black tape that was always on police shows. The one that said Crime Scene.

"No, I'm," She gulped down the air like she was drowning; "I'm his sister."

The neutral expression crumbled, replaced by a look of pity and concern, as the officer in his shiny police uniform dropped his guard slightly. She noticed this, and took the opportunity to dodge round him.

"No love, wait-" But she didn't listen to his warning, didn't want to hear what had happened. She had to see that Danny, the only person that mattered in her life was alright.

The security lamp was still on, illuminating the house in an eerie glow as she rushed through the open door into the sudden warmth. This house, that was usually so dead, so lifeless, was filled with people, none of which seemed pleased to see her.

"You're not allowed in here…"

"Someone get her out of here."

But she ignored them, dodging the glances and hurried through to where most of the people seemed to be congregated, at the foot of the stairs. The pounding in her chest, so hard that it almost hurt, increased when she saw through the crowds. That little tuft of black hair that always stuck up, his precious Nike trainers were outlined against the cream carpet that was now stained with red.

"Danny!" She cried, rushing forward to where most of the people in the full blue suits where crowded only to be stopped by a woman wearing what looked like a plastic bag. "No, please, he's my brother."

"I'm sorry love," Joy's eyes filled with genuine pity as she prevented the distressed girl from getting any closer to the body.

"Please, I need to see him." Annie begged, but Joy remained firm.

"Come this way love." She guided the girl away from the foot of the stairs, towards a door. Annie struggled briefly but soon was overcome by trembles that racked her whole body. That sudden admission to sadness soon left as the door of the kitchen was opened and Joy let her go.

"You," She snarled, at the man standing at the sink, with his arm round his wife. Two other men that she hadn't noticed before looked up with interest as she glared at David Stone. "What did you do to him, you bastard?" Annie let out a scream, darting forwards in an attempt to attack that man that had caused her so much pain. But her flailing hands met the air, as a pair of considerably stronger arms blocked her way.

"Calm down, ok?" A pair of piercing blue eyes gazed down at her, as Matt held the girl back from attacking a grieving foster father.

"Get off me." Annie tried to shake him off but he held her firmly.

"No more swinging for people, then." Matt replied, with a glance to his partner. Ronnie had kids, girls in fact. Surely he'd be better at dealing with this than him. Annie nodded slowly, and he released her opposite the foster parents, but where they were protected by the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"What do you think you're doing here?" David Stone watched the girl intently, as she looked at him and his wife with hatred burning fiercely in her large green eyes. "I told you that if you came here again, I'd call the police."

"Save yourself a phone call," She spat back, "They're already here."

Matt and Ronnie looked between each other, confused at the conflicting emotions between the three people. Ronnie stepped forward to the girl, whose hands were clenched tight on the surface in front of her.

"What's your name darlin'?"

"Annie. Annie O'Sullivan." She replied, with a glance at the two people in front of her. "I'm, I was Danny's sister." She finished, her voice breaking slightly on the mix of tenses.

"I'm DS Matt Devlin, this is DS Ronnie Brooks."

"Annie, I know this is hard for you, but attacking your foster parents won't help." Ronnie smiled gently at her, as she scowled at her fingers.

"They ain't my foster parents. Thank god."

"Annie left us about two years ago." Angela Stone explained to Ronnie, with a distinct upper-middle class accent.

"No, I didn't leave ya, you kicked me out!" Annie exclaimed.

"It was a mutual agreement."

Matt could see that the girl was visibly shaking, not surprising seeing that she'd seen her little brother's body lying at the foot of the stairs. "Here, let me make you a tea." He offered kindly, but she shook her head.

"I don't like tea." She muttered, and her hands delved into the large bag, "I need a fag." She niftily pulled one out of her bag and was halfway to lighting it.

"You are not smoking in this house!" David protested.

Annie ignored him, lighting up before letting out a stream of smoke towards the ceiling. "It's only a fag."

"That's what you said the last time, and it wasn't young lady." Angela frowned, with an urgent glance towards the two detectives, who shared a sceptical look between them. "This is about your brother, and you're making it about yourself."

"Oh really, am I?" Annie's glance towards her former guardian was pure toxic.

"Put that cigarette out." David commanded, his deep voice filling the room with an invisible authority. Annie seemed to shrink slightly, before retaining her hard glare. With one last drag, she plucked the cigarette out from between her fingers before pressing it hard against the light wooden surface of the island. Angela Stone let out a gasp, as Annie glared at the pair of them.

"I'm going outside." She muttered, with a glance at the detectives before slipping out the side door into the rain. Silence descended on the room, as David glared hard and cold at the door in which the girl had left.

"How long did Annie live with you before she left Mrs Stone?" Ronnie asked, calmly pushing up his glasses onto his forehead.

"About a year," Angela answered, with a glance towards her husband.

"And why did she leave exactly?" Matt interjected, with a look towards the girl.

"She has a temper, and managed to get into several fights at school." David answered, with a reassuring pat of his wife's shoulder. "The girl has never had any discipline shown to her, and was a liability."

Ronnie nodded at the statement, but Matt raised an eyebrow. Liability was a word used to describe dodgy cars, not children in the care system. "And this is why she left?"

"Yes." David nodded carefully. "She wasn't helping Danny's development, refusing to let him out of her sight, breaking things when she didn't get her own way."

"Danny's development?"

"Danny had a form of Austism." Angela pursed her lips together tightly, and her hands shook as she dabbed the tissue under her eyes. "He needed calm, rational people around him. Not girls like his sister."

Ronnie pushed open the door into the cold garden. The rain was falling lighter now, but he could only just about make out a hunched figure at the end of the garden, illuminated by an orange pinprick of light. Walking through the wet grass, he felt a pang of pity towards the girl. She'd spent her whole life looking out for her brother with learning difficulties, never had a proper childhood herself.

"It's not weed, it's just tobacco." Her voice came out of the darkness as Ronnie drew nearer. "And I'm eighteen so it ain't illegal."

"That's fine by me then." Ronnie carefully sat down on the bench beside her. "Annie, you and Danny got on, didn't you?"

"Yeah. I loved him." She replied, "He was my little brother."

"I can understand that."

"I didn't do it." Annie's voice was shaking. "I didn't do it."

"I never said you did Annie, I was just asking-"

"Stop asking." She cried, climbing to her feet and letting the cigarette smoulder in the grass. "Why did you think I did it?"

"Annie, love, calm down."

"I loved him. I was the only one it that house who loved him." Shaking the wet hair out of her face, Annie took one last deep breath before meeting the eyes of the detective in the half light. "He was the one that did it, I know he was."

Ronnie frowned for a second, "Do you mean David?"

"Yes. No. I don't know." She garbled, as her hands began to shake again. "I'm going home."

"Listen Annie, we'd like to come back to the station with us, answer a few questions." Ronnie tried to block the girl, but she darted quickly out of his way. With one last look back at the house she turned and ran, disappearing out of a side gate that Ronnie hadn't noticed.

"What do you think?" Matt asked, as they walked back to the cars along the crunching gravel. They'd spent a little more time with the foster parents before checking with Joy on the verdict. It turns out it was more than the fall down the stairs that killed Danny O'Sullivan. He received a blow to the head before falling.

"I don't know Mattie." Ronnie replied honestly. "But that girl knows more than she's letting on."

"Interrogation time tomorrow then." Matt grinned. "My favourite part.

Hiya… So I've recently become slightly obsessed with Law and Order: UK, Matt Devlin/Jamie Bamber in particular. I've not really wrote much in third person before, so let me know what you think, and what you think of the storyline so far. (: