Chapter 4

Hermione drew the sheets over herself and propped herself on her pillows as she heard the lock to her door turning.


"Yes" he replied. Hermione took a deep breath and finally asked "If I were to be in any kind of danger on this ship you would tell me right?" "I mean I really need to know...I need to leave as soon as possible and I was hoping you would take me to see the captain..."

There was a pregnant pause. He then finally answered.

" This is certainly no ordinary ship in any shape or form."

He sat next to her as she simply asked Why ?

Lorcan closed his eyes,long eye lashes casting slight shadows on his cheek bones. "I wish to tell you so much more but I cannot, the captain has forbiden me to do so Miss Granger." But...Wait she looked at him suddenly sitting up straighter than before.

Finally, she asked "How do you know my name?"

I ca... suddenly the captains voice cut through the air like a knife almost in a snapeish way.

Mr. Furey come to my outside your assistance is required immediately.

He got up to leave. As his hand turned the door nob Hermione spoke.

Please ask him how I can leave you don't understand how much I need to leave.