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Chapter 20: Blood of a Killer

"Rosie Rose! Girl, whatcha up to?" I exclaimed cheerfully when Rose stepped back through the door to my dad's mansion-house-thing. She'd been gone a while.

"Nothin' much, just chillin' out. I had to take a hot shower, check on the twins. Danny's with them right now. They've sure got him wrapped around his finger." I laughed and agreed.

"So, you won't be leaving for a while, right?" Rose put on a real smile.

"Not for a couple of weeks. I've got…paperwork…to fill out. Good news though, I got promoted. I don't deserve it though, if anything, you should get credit for making this easy!" I knew she was lying, but I decided to ignore that.

"So! Are you and Danny gonna date now?" Is it just me, or did I sound drunk? Did someone spike my punch? The room started spinning.

"Yes, Logan. We've talked everything out to the point it became boring," she answered. A blonde girl with a familiar voice walked over, and Rose started talking to her.

"Thanks, Elena. I think we need to make sure he doesn't remember anything about today. The same goes for James, Carlos, and Kendall. Actually, hold Logan, I'll have to do Kendall myself. I can't believe Marty had the guts to show that video…" I blacked out before I learned what the heck she was talking about.

I didn't even get to see her, the twins, Danny, or the rest of her family again after that night. I do mean though, the entire night.

"The mission I sent you on was for you to work for the uncle, and kill the boy, Miss Malana. You were not supposed to protect him!" snapped Rose's true boss. He paced behind his cherry wood desk with his big, firm, and slightly wrinkled hands behind his back. Rose didn't flinch, or blink.

"Sir, if you just looked at the mission details, you would know that I what I did was for the best," she insisted. He glared at her.

"What on earth are you talking about?" He demanded. She sighed, and pulled the folder out from behind her.

"Logan Mitchell is the son of Ryan Mitchell, nephew of Marty Mitchell. Marty Mitchell has been in and out of insane asylums, and Ryan Mitchell was once the best assassin in the world. Sir, if I killed Logan and the uncle, the father would come after me and kill me. It doesn't even matter which brother it was, whoever Joanna married and had a baby with would have come after me and killed me if I killed Logan." The man paused and let that sink in.

"Well, what about Logan's blood? If it's similar to his father's- and we both know we're not talking about type of blood- then we'll have chaos on our hands in just a few short years," the man reminded her.

"Freight Train is keeping a look on him. If Logan starts to get the urge to kill like his father did, Freight Train will notify us, and we'll take Logan, and train him like you did for Ryan Mitchell. Heck, in about a year or so, Gustavo Rocque will be checking in on Logan, and his friends." He raised an eyebrow there.

"First, Gustavo Rocque hasn't done anything in our division since his last group of assassins 'broke up'. He's a bum, and a waste of time. Second, what do you mean, he'll be checking in on Logan and his friends?" Rose smirked, because she knew far more than he knew at the moment.

"Logan and his friends all have the same talent Gustavo's old 'boy bands' did. Singing No one expected Boys in the Attic to be a group of creep-o assassins, right? Well, this new band will be the same way. Only difference is, only Kendall and Logan will really be one of us." The man squinted, silently asking who Kendall was.

"Kendall Knight. His father was the last man Mr. Mitchell ever killed. We've completely wiped Kendall's memory, so he has no idea of the video that he watched. However, when Mr. Knight disappeared just a few days before Mr. Mitchell was supposedly murdered, it looked the opposite of the truth. Mrs. Mitchell didn't move to this town in Minnesota by accident. Sam wasn't nervous about protecting Kendall, she was nervous about protecting the entire Knight family." The man nodded. He sat down in his chair, and it was silent for a moment while he debated something. Then he decided against saying something, but it didn't really matter.

"A boy with no memory of family that just happens to know every language I'm fluent in moves in to the building that I'm assigned to stay in for the mission, just a month before I do? Not to mention, his uncanny appearance to the Danny you hit with your car that one day, and his baseball history? Fiona found out what your intentions were sir. She brought the twins down to meet him, and they have him down to jelly by now. He's wrapped around their little fingers. We know that you sent Danny to kill me, sir. Too bad, that mission was aborted. I'm just surprised it was my adoptive father that wanted me dead." Rose stood up, and the man looked up at her in shock.

She knew. She'd known for a while. She'd had time to think about what she was going to do.

"Mr. Malana, I believe that your reign as the head of this department is officially over," Rose said as she pulled out her gun. He didn't even say a word, but nodded, and she pulled the trigger.

"Rose? Is it over with now?" Mr. Mitchell walked in behind her, but she didn't turn around. She nodded.

"Yes. From now on, I will head this division, and my name won't be Rose Malana. You will address me as Rose McCree." He nodded, and she finally turned to look at him.

"Xander will be here shortly. He's our clean up man," she told him gently. He smiled at her sadly.

"Your father was our group's clean up man. Marty, Jerald, and I would always pay for his dinner after a done job," he told her. They shared a handshake, and she left.

As Rose was walking down the steps of the building, she felt a presence behind her, and she swiftly turned around. She subtly sighed with relief when she saw me.

"Don't leave without saying goodbye," I whispered. She smiled a sympathetic smile, and she stepped forward.

"Well, there are two things with the whole concept of goodbyes that I'm not comfortable with. One, the words you're supposed to say. Two, I'm really not much of a fan of hugging, not anymore," she replied. Then, she sighed once again.

"Of course, you've been through enough. I guess you deserve it. I…Logan, you're the first person on a mission that I actually like. I mean, obviously, if I let you sleep in my apartment," she told me. I scoffed.

"Yeah, on the floor! But yeah, I get what you mean. Thanks, I guess, for not killing me," I say nervously. She smiled, and tilted her head, as if asking me if I knew anything. I gave her a confused look, and she shook her head.

"Okay, your welcome, but really, I didn't want to kill you. So, um, come here, okay, I'm just going to hug you," Rose had trouble doing something she probably hadn't done in a while. I smiled, and hugged her back.

"When will I see you again?" I whispered. She squeezed tighter, and I knew the answer wouldn't be completely settling.

"I don't know. Like this time, I'll probably be seeing you before you see me," she answered.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." We pulled back and she started to walk away.

"Now, watch as I perform my greatest trick." She ran down the steps, and into the road. A large black van with the sun roof open started driving, not slowing down, right towards Rose. She winked at me before she turned to it. At the last second she jumped up and put her feet on the front bumper, and bent backwards, slid towards the windshield on her hands, her feet going towards the sun roof. When she was close enough, she prepared to jump into the van through the sun roof.

Then I couldn't see her anymore.

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