Harry was sitting on his bed staring at the ceiling; wishing the sound of rain pelting his window to soothe him into sleep. He was back at Privet Drive and though he didn't have any chores his relatives had decided that ignoring him completely would suffice this summer. Harry had wondered if the Orders warning would cause him more grief but his Aunt and Uncle had arrived home and told him to go to his room. That was the last time he had spoken or seen his 'family'. They had apparently decided that if they ignored him nothing would go wrong. Unfortunately that means that they haven't even tried to feed Harry on top of everything else. Not that Harry had much of an appetite. After he had gotten his godfather killed he didn't think that he deserved food. Harry had wallowed in misery so long that he lost track of the days.

Harry was so lost in thought that he nearly hit the ceiling when a noise at his window startled him. Harry looked up and saw an unfamiliar owl pecking at his window. Harry snatched his wand from his bedside table and faced the window. Harry opened the window and stepped back to allow the owl in. It was a good thing that he had because as soon as the owl was inside it landed on Harry's desk and shook the loose water out of its wings. It dropped the letter and then, after giving Harry a nasty glare, took off back out the window. Harry stared at the letter wishing it would tell him if it was friend or foe. However as the letter wasn't a howler he highly doubted that it would speak to him. He slowly walked towards the letter and turned it over with the tip of his wand. That's when he spotted the seal of Gringotts on the top of the letter. Harry picked it up and decided that he had better read it.

Mr. Potter,

We are truly sorry that you could not attend the reading of the will for Sirius Orion Black due to security issues. There are issues that we here at Gringotts do need to speak with you about in person therefore we will be sending a goblin around to your place of residence at nine a.m. Friday. The goblin will appear directly within your bedroom to discuss these matters with you. If it appears that things need to be discussed here at Gringotts then the goblin will be able to bring you directly to an office and back without your minders or the enemy being any the wiser.

We at Gringotts hope this letter finds you in good health


Ragnock director of Gringotts branch London

May Your Gold Flow Freely

Harry stared at the letter in his hand in shock. He had no idea how the goblins would be able to pull this off but he seriously wanted to see them try. Harry stared at the clock and saw that it was already two in the morning. He figured that today was Friday and therefore he only had six hours before he had to be up again. That would leave him one hour to clean up his room and take a shower. Harry curled up under his covers and fell asleep ten minutes later.

9:00 a.m.

Harry was back to sitting on his bed and waiting for the goblin to arrive. Suddenly Harry spotted a shadow shifting in the corner of his room. Harry grabbed his wand and held it steadily at the goblin that stepped out of the shadows. Harry recognized the goblin immediately.

He smirked "What did you tell me when I asked about the security around vault 713?"

Griphook chuckled "That if any one tried what I did other than a Gringotts goblin that they would be sucked in and trapped. I then told you that we don't check the vaults for about ten years or so."

Harry lowered his wand "Welcome to my humble abode Griphook."

The goblin smiled a toothy smile at him "You truly are a remarkable wizard Mr. Potter. Now as I am here to discuss matters of your vault I suggest we sit down as this may take a while." Harry nodded and offered his beat up desk chair for the goblin as Harry sat back down on his bed.

The goblin sat down and took in his surroundings before turning back to Harry. "Mr. Potter I am here to discuss your family vault and what was revealed in the late Lord Black's will. First let's start with the will." Griphook then removed a piece of parchment from his vest pocket. "First off Mr. Potter it clearly states that your late guardian wished for you to be emancipated and given full access to all of your inheritance. Therefore you are now a legal adult and can perform magic outside of Hogwarts. It also allows you to have access to your family vault. It contains five different properties and countless family heirlooms. Your family vault also has over 27,894,267 galleons. Now however as the late Lord Black has left you almost all of his fortune. The Black family fortune adds six more properties and the heirlooms of the Black family plus 30,812,403 galleons. This leaves your total vault with countless heirlooms from the Potter and Black families, eleven properties and 58,706,670 galleons. That makes you the richest wizard alive. Now all that is needed is for you to sign these papers and I will be able to leave you to your day."

Harry sat there speechless he knew he had money but this was not something he had expected. Harry numbly reached out a hand for the parchment and quill that the goblin was holding out for him. "Before you sign them Mr. Potter I must warn you that they have to be signed with your full name. So as you are the heir to two families that would be Harry James Potter-Black." Harry nodded and signed his name. The papers glowed green for a second and then was gone.

Griphook looked confused so Harry had to ask. "Was that supposed to happen?" Griphook seemed to shake off the confusion "Mr. Potter if you signed the papers exactly as I said then the papers should have glowed blue. However if you had signed them wrong or you are not the person that the papers relate to then they would have not glowed at all. I am unsure as to why they glowed green." Harry and Griphook stared at each other for a minute before Griphook made a decision. "Mr. Potter I will take you back to Gringotts and we will discuss this with Director Ragnock. He should be able to answer our questions to this puzzle." Harry nodded still not sure what was going on or how he was going to get out of the house without the Order stopping him. Griphook held out his hand and Harry took it. Then all Harry could see was darkness and then the next second he was standing in the office of what could only be a very powerful goblin.

Griphook let go of Harry and walked to stand in front of the desk. "Director Ragnock we have a weird problem with the documents that the Lord Potter-Black needed to sign. For some strange reason they glowed green after he signed them." The director looked up from his paperwork and stared at Harry "Please sit down my Lord. We should have this settled momentarily." He then turned to Griphook "Griphook the reason that it glowed green was that he did not sign with his full name. The documents will glow green when the goblin and the person signing them are unaware that there is more to that person's title. So all we have to do is find out who the other family Mr. Potter is the heir to and we will be fine."

Director Ragnock stood up and grabbed a piece of parchment and a dagger and placed them on his desk. "It is customary for you to draw a small amount of blood and place it on this parchment. It will then list all of the families that you are the heir of. It saves us countless hours of tedious work and time." Harry nodded and took the dagger that the director held out for him. He drew the knife against the palm of his hand and suddenly there was a blinding light from the corner of the office. The director held up his hand to stop Harry from moving. He then walked over to the corner of his office and opened the glowing cabinet. He withdrew a small box and placed it on top of his desk. "That cabinet has never opened in over nine hundred years. My predecessor has never been able to open that cabinet either. It was rumored that the cabinet held a powerful magical artifact form the founders of Hogwarts. I guess we will see if that is true." He turned the box towards Harry

"As it reacted when you cut your hand I say it is something only you can open." Harry reached out with his hand and tried to open the lid. It wouldn't move, that is until Harry used his left hand and got blood on the lock. Suddenly the lock clicked and the lid opened of its own accord. Harry barely had time to see that the box contained rings when one shot out of the box and placed itself on Harry's left middle finger. Everyone in the room was staring at the ring now on Harry's finger and then suddenly Ragnock started laughing.

When Griphook and Harry stared at him Ragnock decided to inform them of what has happened. "Apparently the rumors have some basis in fact. For you see Lord Potter the ring on your finger will only accept the rightful heir of Slytherin House. I know that Tom Riddle came to us to find his magical ancestry and found out that he was a decedent of Slytherin but he was not the rightful heir. I believe that this box hold the seven rings for the Heirs of Hogwarts. We know that the founder's heirs would be part of the Heirs of Hogwarts but legend also speaks of three others. Now no one has ever been able to figure out who the other three are though."

Harry stared down at the ring "So you are saying that I am the rightful heir to Slytherin and that these rings belong to the other six heirs. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and three others that no one knows."

"Yes my Lord, I believe that is why the documents did not except your name earlier. Now if you would sign them again with the name Lord Harry James Potter Slytherin Black. I am sure that the papers will accept that better." Harry took the documents in his hand and signed them with his new name. The papers glowed blue and Griphook clapped from the corner that he was still standing in.

Director Ragnock clapped his hands together "Well my Lord now that all of that is taking care of. I believe we now need to visit both of your vaults. As the Black fortune has been place in the Potter vault as has all the money from your trust vault. So I believe we will visit the Slytherin vault and then the Potter vault before you leave today. Also there is one more thing, take the rings with you perhaps you can find the other heirs." Harry nodded and placed the box of rings in his pocket and then followed Griphook out to the carts.

The ride down to the Slytherin vault took far longer than he ever remembered the rides before being. The cart came to a stop at what appeared to be the end of the track. Harry followed Griphook out of the cart and down a narrow passage way. When Griphook stopped and pulled out what looked like muggle maracas made out of metal. Griphook started shaking them and Harry could see a giant shadow moving backwards.

When Griphook moved forward so did Harry but he made sure that he was always right behind the goblin. As they were passing the large cavernous space Harry could see a dragon lurking in the shadows as though scared of the metal thing the goblin was shaking. When they reached a vault marked with the number two they stopped and Griphook raked his fingers down the door in a complicated pattern.

The door opened on squeaky hinges and Harry felt his jaw drop. Inside the vault was a massive amount of gold and other objects that had to have belonged to the Founder himself. Things that the great Slytherin had never passed down to his family. Harry decided that now was not the time to really catalog everything within the vault but he did find some very nice robes that showed his house symbol. Harry walked around a bit more and found a few other items that he decided to take with him that would show proof to anyone who questioned that he was the heir.

He then followed Griphook back up to the Potter vaults were he simply had to press his hand on the door for it to open. When it did Harry walked in and stared at the amount of things that his parents and godfather had left him. Harry found his family ring and the ring for the Black family and placed them on the same finger as the Slytherin ring. All three rings melded together and then became invisible. Harry was shocked until Griphook told him that he simply had to call forth the ring he wanted to show and then for five minutes it would be visible and then would turn invisible again. Harry followed Griphook back up to the top and was led back into the Directors office.

"Well my Lord did you find everything to your satisfactory?"

"Yes Director I did, Thank you. Now is it possible to for Griphook to take me back to my room as I fear I have been away too long and the Order might get nervous if I don't make an appearance soon."

Director Ragnock nodded his head and motioned for Griphook to come over to take Harry home. Just before Harry left the Director smiled "My Lord please do not hesitate to call upon the goblin nation for assistance for we will be here. Now don't forget to try and find the other heirs, for Hogwarts will be strongest if all seven of the heirs are present and knowledgeable of their rights." Harry nodded his head and smiled as Griphook took him back through the shadows to his room.