Chapter 15

It had been two weeks since the banishment of Voldemort and Harry seemed to be constantly found with a flock of owls following him wherever he went. A group of third year boys had been thoroughly scarred for life when they had entered the loo, only to hear a string of swear words as Harry couldn't even take a piss without being bombarded by the feathery beasts of burden. Every letter seemed to be either offering their thanks in words or in other offerings. Some had even added some very risqué photos. Those he had either wanted to burn his eyes out or stash them for further reference. Unbeknownst to him, Ron and Neville; Ginny, Hermione and Hannah had already stolen them. But they didn't know that Luna had taken them and had added them to her scrapbook of HARRY POTTER'S CRAZY FANS.

Harry had of course received some hate mail thanks to him being proved to be the heir of Slytherin. The Daily Prophet had of course written multiple stories on the events in Hogsmead. Harry had gathered every letter that had not been opened yet and left them in a large bag. He figured that when things settled down that evening he would go through them.

It was later that night that he realized that though Voldemort was gone, the prejudice in the world was not. He had just opened a letter from the Ministry when he let out a shout. This drew the other heirs to his location with concern written clearly on their faces. That is all but one; Luna was standing there as if in another world. When Harry noticed her he figured that she was probably 'seeing' something.

"Luna sweetie what is it?"

"You are upset because the death eaters caught have been released. They stated they were under the imperious curse again and money exchanged hands. Is this correct?"

"Yes I am afraid it is. Luna I need to know. What will come of this? What do you see?"

Luna shifted over to a bean bag chair and sat crisscross on top. She started humming a soft melody and swaying slightly. Her eyes were half closed and after three minutes those eyes burst open.

"It isn't pretty. If this continues the world will only allow others to step into Voldemort's shoes. The next Dark Lady is a muggleborn who has had enough of the prejudice. She will leave our world desolate. The Ministry will fall, Hogwarts castle will be no more and the muggles will once again hunt us down as they did in the Middle Ages."

The others stared at her in horror.

"Of course that is only one path. It can always change as people make different choices."

Hermione was the only one to speak.

"Well then let us wait and see, come what may. If and when this Dark Lady makes her appearance we will be ready. Let us take this time to plan and train. I have a funny feeling that what Luna says will come to pass."

I know that this is a short chapter, but I just couldn't seem to have anything more to add at this time. YES this is leading into a sequel. I may or may not be the one writing it as my husband has expressed a desire to write the sequel. However no matter who writes it, it will be added to my page. I thank all of you who have stuck with me through this story and my slow updates.