Hey guys, this is a story on Magnus's sister, Mara Bane. Enjoy.

Name: Mara Golinia Bane

Age: 16 (250)

Hair: Black with rainbow highlights (demon mark)

Eyes: Blue

Relations: Mother- Meridia Bane, Father- Yolu (demon), Brother- Magnus Bane, Love Life-Greg Austin (vampire)

A girl walks through the streets of New York City. She is on her way to meet her brother The High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane.

The girl pounded on the grey painted door. A man with rainbow and gliddered spikes, dressed in a neon pink, skin-tight shirt and black

leather pants opened the door.

The girl smiled at the man,"Hello Magnus."

The man's green cat eyes widened and a grin formed on his thin lips,"Mara!"

Mara Bane giggled and when Magnus threw open the door and grabbed her into a huge hug, she snuggled in.

Magnus pulled back,"Mara, where have you been? I haven't seen you since 1923. June 4, I think."

Mara was suddenly uncomfortable, pulling on the collar of her t-shirt that suddenly seemed very tight, she said"I, um, I was traveling around

the world w-with a friend."

Magnus's eyes narrowed,"What friend?"

"Just a friend,"said Mara, trying to get off the subject.


Mara's hand shot up over Magnus's mouth,"Shh. Can we discuss this inside?"

Magnus sighed and allowed Mara to enter his apartment.

Mara walked in and sat down on his purple sofa, and sighed,"You have a nice place here, Magnus."

Magnus shut the door, sat down next to his sister, and pointed a threatening finger at him,"Don't try to change the subject. Were you traveling

with Tessa? I told you we were to leave her alone. She is still mourning over Will and Jem. Why were trying to help her find out what she is?"

Mara felt her temper flare,"Don't act like you're so innocent. You think I don't know why you came to New York in the first place. You were trying

to trying to find her past, weren't you?"

Magnus hesitated,"Fine. Yes, I admit, I was trying to figure out what Tessa is. But that doesn't mean you should. You are still a young witch."

"Magnus, just stop. Tessa needs to stop mourning. Mortmain is still after her. You know this!"

"I know, but getting involved with Tessa is dangerous. Mortmain could kill you, and I don't need to lose another sibling to Mortmain."

"Mags, I get that you're worried about me, but Mora is the past. I've gotten over it, Why can't you. And, besides, Tessa is like family. Family never

leaves family alone. And I need your help, Mags"

Magnus looked at Mara,"Fine. I will help. What do you want from me?"

"I need a place for Tessa and I to hide from Mortmain."

Magnus nodded,"I have the perfect place."