Chapter 1

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Madison's POV

I felt the cool breeze of the wind on my bare shoulders. Running towards the playground, I let my hair out of my loose braid and slowed to a stop. In front of me was a large park filled with children, parents, and a small playground. I scavenged the area to see if I could find Olivia Sanders, one of my best friends. I then saw her pushing her little cousins on the swing set. That wasn't unusual, for Olivia loves children. Always has, and always will.

"Olivia!" I yelled from across the street, running to her. She stopped pushing, looked toward me, and ran closer. We greeted each other very warmly, and I examined Olivia from head to toe. Her usually long and curly blonde hair was about two inches shorter, and in a side ponytail, tucked with a daffodil. Right now, right this very instant, she looked so happy. For Olivia, that was a rare feeling because because her dad died when she was twelve in a car crash.

I had not seen Olivia for over two months, because I was on vacation. But, it was summer vacation, so there was really no reason why I couldn't. And it wasn't like I was alone. I always went on vacations with my parents and older brother and sister. But as summer was slowing to an end, I wanted to make the last few days count. And with making the last few days count, you have to work around your family's plans.

"You ready?" I asked Olivia as I handed her a ticket. A little bit confused at first, she registered what they were for, and grinned as she replied with a yes. We were going to the Junior Ice Skaters Competition of Los Angeles to support our other best friend Kyle Bradley. Ever since Kyle was five years old, she had been ice skating. She began competing when she was seven at a ten year old level. Olivia and I had to support her, not only because we are her best friends, but also because if she wins this, Kyle will go to Regionals in Seattle, Washington. This competition is a very big deal for her.

I ran to the other side of the park and waited for my mom with Olivia. We talked about things most girls would enjoy talking about: boys, clothes, celebrities, music, sports, and other stuff like that. After about ten minutes, my mom pulled up in her red 2010 Toyota Camry, decorated with streamers and writing that said "Go Kyle!" and "Kyle Rocks!" on the windows. She started to honk and motioned us to get in. I couldn't believe it. As much as I love my mother and I want to support Kyle, this was embarrassing. Everyone started looking at us as my mom honked again and drove off with us.

As we got in the car, I buckled my seatbelt and stared out the window. For a second I couldn't look at Olivia because I was so embarrassed. I felt my face burn and maybe even a tear coming on. But I blinked away the tear and looked at Olivia. She didn't seem to care and just looked at me when I looked at her. Olivia smiled and began to comfort me as I checked the car's clock, which read 1:31. It sure is a good thing the competition doesn't start until 5:30, because I know that Los Angeles traffic usually takes a while.

"You know," Olivia said to me, trying to make me laugh, "Remember my tenth birthday?" I nodded, pretending I remembered it, even though I didn't. It was a really long time ago, since Olivia and I are fourteen. "Well, right as everyone was arriving at my house, my mom cartwheeled out of the garage and into the living room, dressed up as a clown. She squirted a water flower on me and sang Happy Birthday to me in her dopey clown voice. Embarrassing, right?"

I tried keeping myself from laughing at that. Now I remember! Mrs. Sanders also smashed Olivia's face into a pie and told jokes as the "entertainment". It was humiliating for her. We laughed about it and talked for the whole drive from San Diego to Los Angeles for two full hours.

Unsurprisingly, there was a boatload of traffic on the way to Los Angeles, even though it was almost three hours more than what was average. Usually there was traffic in Los Angeles, but not this much. Luckily, we had left that morning and had just barely enough time to get coffee and go to Kyle's competition. When we arrived in Los Angeles, my mother pulled into a coffee shop so we could get coffee and stretch our legs. It felt really good to get out of the car, because Olivia and I had been sitting for four and a half hours.

We arrived at the ice rink where Kyle was competing twenty minutes after stopping. When I looked around, it was more like a professional stadium than an amateur ice rink! Inside there were multiple concession stands, a VIP area, large locker rooms, three floors, and two ice rinks. This place was amazing!

Olivia and I scavenged the enormous building for Kyle, but I wasn't surprised that we couldn't find her. We were about to give up when I saw a few girls with curled hair and wearing sparkly dresses go into the VIP area. Olivia and I figured that Kyle would probably be in there, so I walked up to it and tried to get in, but a man stopped me.

"Sorry Miss, but this area's for skaters and their friends and family only." he said. A little bit of spit from his mouth landed on my cheek, but I wiped it away gingerly. I saw a few more girls enter and leave, when Kyle walked out and saw me. At first, I didn't even recognize her. Kyle usually wore a little bit of mascara and lip gloss, but today she looked dazzling. Her usually pale cheeks were lined with rosy red blush, with bright red lips and light purple eye shadow. Kyle's hair was in a high ponytail and wrapped with a pink ribbon, which matched her pink and silver dress.

"Hey Madison!" Kyle said, running up to me. We hugged and greeted each other like always, even though I had seen her last Thursday when we met at the San Diego Airport. "Where's Olivia?" Kyle asked. I told Kyle to hold on for a second and ran up to Olivia. She was paying for a bouquet with roses and carnations in them, in pretty pinks, reds, and whites.

"Good luck!" Olivia told Kyle, handing her the bouquet. Kyle smiled and hugged us tightly. Olivia and I hugged back and smiled even more.

"You guys wanna come inside here?" Kyle asked us. Well, of course we wanted to! Kyle led us inside the VIP area while she talked to the guard, whose name apparently is Fred. In the VIP area, it smelled like lavender and vanilla and was filled with dozens of other skaters. Some of them were hugging and were wishing each other good luck, while others were giving each other nasty looks that could kill someone. There were a lot of moms doing girls' hair and makeup. Most of them absolutely hated that part. I would too, if I had to be stuck in a chair that reeked of lip stick and hair spray.

Kyle came back in and with three bottles of raspberry water. "Catch" Kyle said as she threw us a bottle. Olivia gracefully caught it, but my bottle hit me in the head. Hard.

"OW!" I exclaimed as the bottle hit me and knocked me to the floor. I ran my hand over my forehead and my eyes bulged. There was a big bump on my forehead. Olivia and Kyle ran up to me and examined my forehead. Kyle got someone out of the VIP area who looked like a nurse of some sort. The lady looked at the bump for a while and gave me a really cold ice pack and told me to not take it off for at least twenty minutes. Great Not only was my head freezing cold, but Kyle just left to get ready. So it was just Olivia and me, sitting on the floor. Before I had time to stand up, I could hear the announcer telling everyone to take their seats because the show was starting. Olivia and I ran up the stairs and found my mother sitting next to two empty seats. Right as we sat down, the announcer talked again and the ceremonial music started.

Kyle's POV

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Kyle Bradley!" the man on the loudspeakers announced. My coach, Samantha, looked at me with a smile and patted me on the back as I glided onto the rink. In the center, I adjusted my arms and head in the right position, and the music started playing. The soft swiftness of Swan Lake, the music I was skating to, helped calm my nerves. I did a few spins and glided backwards, then did a double toe-loop. A few more spirals and camel spins, then a waltz jump, for my grande finale: the triple lutz.

"WOO! GO KYLE!" I heard someone screaming my name. Out of the corner of my eye while spinning, I saw Olivia and Madison screaming and waving. When I saw them, I smiled, and did my last few moves. When I stopped, the crowd was cheering wildly. Everyone was screaming and clapping, while I got two nines, an eight and a half, and a ten from the four judges. For a moment I just stood there, wonderstruck, and smiling the biggest smile ever. As I glided off the ice, Samantha hugged me smiled. Usually she was very strict and always said I needed to try harder, but I could tell that she was truly proud of me. There's no better feeling than that in the world.

"Oh my god! You did it!" Madison exclaimed as she and Olivia ran up to hug me. even Mrs. McKinnley, perhaps the most uptight mom in the world, congratulated me. They all crowded around me as I told them what it was like being up there in front of three hundred people, and how I could hear them cheering me on. Wow, I was seriously blessed with awesome friends. This day couldn't possibly get better.

A man in a black suit stepped in front of the podium and spoke into the microphone. By listening to his voice, this guy is the same guy who announced everything on the speakers. He welcomed everyone to the Junior Ice Skaters Competition of Los Angeles and thanked them for coming while he mentioned several names. After a few minutes, he got everyone settled down and focused their attention on us skaters.

The man named several people and what rank they received in the competition. A few younger girls I knew got first, second, third, and fourth places. Once he got to 13 and under girls, I stood up straight, adjusted my hairpiece, and smiled. Even though I turn fourteen in a few months, I'm still thirteen years old. So that gives me a bit of an advantage. And even though I skate at a sixteen year old level, I am required to compete in my age's group.

"Alyssa Newton, Kyle Bradley, Patricia Maxwell, Louise Nelson, Rose Peterman, and Paige Aliber to the front" he said. Those were all the girls in the 13 and under age group, which consists of eleven to thirteen year olds. We all walked up next to the microphone and smiled. I smiled at all the girls and mouthed 'good luck' to all of them, while most of them smiled or didn't see me. But Patricia Maxwell, my biggest rival in figure skating ever, just rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me. How rude! Well, I guess some people just act like they were raised in a barn.

"Louise Nelson, fourth place!" he said. Louise accepted her award graciously, even though it was nothing more than a paper certificate. Too bad for her! Only third, second and first place continue onto Regionals. "Rose Peterman, third place!" Rosa was ecstatic and hopping up and down for joy. And so would I, if I were the only twelve year old in the group going to Regionals. When she returned with a bronze medal around her neck, she stood on the podium in the third place position.

"Kyle Bradley, second place!" the man said. Oh. My. GOD! I was frozen for a second, but the it kicked in as I walked up to receive my silver medal. He put it around my neck and congratulated me and smiled to the audience. I walked up to the second place spot on the podium and stood there. Even though I didn't win first place, I was going to Regionals! At that very moment, I felt like I was on top of the world. Olivia and Madison were smiling and waving at me silently, only because the man requested so.

"And in first place... Patricia Maxwell!" he said! My jaw dropped and my eyes bulged. PATRICIA? She's going to Regionals? I couldn't believe it. I would have to compete against Patricia Maxwell, without a doubt the most vicious and evil girl in all of California. You may ask why I hate her so much, but let's just say that she likes to pull a lot of pranks (especially mean-spirited ones) and knows how to cheat. Very well. But on the bright side, I won't have to see her again until Regionals. I am so lucky that she lives all the way in Sacramento.

When I walked down from the podium, a bunch of people I didn't even know came up to congratulate me. After weaving my way through the crowds of people, I found Madison and Olivia by the front entrance. Once again, they hugged me and told me how stoked they were for me. Trust me, I was pretty stoked, too. While talking to the others, my mother, father, and brother come up to me and congratulate me. My mom was getting teary and my dad took a lot of pictures of me. As for my sisters? Well, one of them is only four, so she didn't really do (or say) much. But my 11 year old, bratty sister, Rebecca? Nothing. Not a single word.

"Hey honey, guess what?" my mom said to me. I didn't know if I should be worried or excited but I asked her what and she pointed to Olivia and Madison. "Your friends over there were so proud of you, they threw a beach bonfire in your honor." I was speechless, but then I started crying. I really do have the best friends! When they saw me crying, (which I really hoped that they wouldn't, though) Madison and Olivia ran up to me and told me all the details. So I changed (in the VIP area) into a pink and blue bikini that my mom bought for me, and on top of that I put on a faded green tee shirt with a panda on it, denim shorts, and flip flops. Could this day possibly be any better?

On the ride home from Los Angeles, Madison, Olivia and I played a lot of games of 20 Questions. Madison was easy; she always thought of some type of dog, and I usually thought of some celebrity, but Olivia always stumped us (even Madison's mom!) with her answer. She always thought of something weird like a microphone or a lantern or the stomach flu or whatever. Oh well. That made time fly even quicker.

Even though it was a terribly long drive, (we were stuck in traffic for two freaking hours!) we arrived at the bonfire a little bit before sunset. I stepped out of the car and saw quite a lot of people from my neighborhood and school at the beach. A few people congratulated me, some were swimming, some were eating by the fire pit, and others were making out with each other. The others got out of the car and Mrs. McKinley drove off. When I looked around, there wasn't a single parent in sight. This night was going to be epic.

Walking to the cooler to grab a soda, a boy I had never seen before blocked the way. I tried to circle around him, but he stopped in front of me and smiled. He had dimples on cheeks and spiky dark blonde hair. Before I could reach into the cooler, he pulled out a can and gave it to me.

"Grape soda?" he said, as he handed it to me. How did he know what I wanted? This guy was seriously creepy. But, being the nice person I am, I thanked him quickly and walked away. The guy ran up to me and then introduced himself.

"Hey! I'm Charlie. Charlie Anderson. I just moved here on Saturday. You're Kyle, right? Nice to meet you." Charlie said as he stuck out his hand. Charlie looked really friendly and all, but there was something about him I just couldn't put my finger on. What was it? But I just ignored that feeling I had and sparked a conversation.

It started getting dark in a matter of minutes. Most everyone got out the water and at least in ankle deep water. Torches and bonfires were being lit as a few girls handed out leis for everyone to wear. Olivia and I roasted marshmallows by the fire while Madison was off flirting with some boys. Eventually Madison returned, with multiple cell phone numbers and email addresses in her pockets.

"Hey guys, look how pretty the moon is tonight!" Madison told us, pointing upwards. Even though it was dusk, it was still a little bright out. Tonight was a full moon, which was very pretty. The moon had just risen and was hanging over the water, causing a beautiful reflection on the surface. In the distance was Sardora Island, the creepiest and strangest island on the coast of California. Once, in 1974, a group of explorers camped out there and never returned.

"You guys like the moon, huh?" Charlie said to all of us. Madison and Olivia had no idea who he was, but we all answered with yes. "Well, I could take you on a boat ride along the coast of this beach, if you like." Olivia was grinning and immediately replied with a yes. Madison looked at the moon, then Charlie, then the water, then back at Charlie and agreed. And of course I said yes! So Charlie led us to his small speedboat and let us on. He turned the keys and started the boat as we zoomed away.

Five minutes into the ride, Charlie strapped on a life vest. He had a nasty look in his eyes like something bad was about to happen. I questioned what was happening in my mind as the boat slowed to a stop. So there we were, parked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

"Charlie? What's going on?" Olivia asked him. "And why are you putting on your life vest?" Olivia looked really scared. I was scared, too. But Madison? Nah. She was frightened one bit. At least, I don't think so... Charlie grimaced and grabbed the keys. He threw the keys into the water and stood up.

"I'm leaving you girls stranded in a boat, what does it look like I'm doing?" Charlie told us, grinning even wider. "Besides, I don't need this pile of crap! I have dozens of other boats at my home!" That was true. Charlie told me that his father was a multi-millionaire. I was speechless! That son of a bitch! How could he? In just a minute, Charlie waved his arms, which got the attention of someone driving a boat. Charlie swam up to it, climbed onto a ladder on the side, and gave whoever was driving it a fist-bump.

"SUCKERS!" Charlie yelled, screaming as the boat sped off. As I looked around, I realized that it would be almost physically impossible to swim back to shore easily.

I sat there, frozen for a few minutes alongside the others. Olivia tried calling someone on her cell phone, but when she reached over the edge of the boat, the phone fell in. So not only were we stranded, but we had no way to contact someone. This was truly awful.

" Uh... You guys? You might wanna see this." Madison said, pulling out two oars. We looked at them and placed them in the water as we paddled toward Sardora Island, the nearest land available. Madison and I rowed while Olivia kept watch and made sure we didn't hit any rocks or trees. It was hard to imagine how just a few hours ago, I won second place in my figure skating competition. What if no one ever finds us? Will we starve to death? Swim home past the sharks surrounding it? Hopefully someone will realize we're gone sooner than later.

I stepped out of the boat and onto dry land, sat down, and brushed sand off my butt. Olivia got off, then Madison. When she got off, Madison bolted away from Olivia and I at the speed of light. We had no idea where she was going, but we continued following her and yelling her name.

"Madison?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. There I saw Madison perched right in front of a hole that lead underground. Olivia and I walked up to her and sat down. Oh my god, I couldn't tell you how mad I was at Madison right now. I asked her what she was doing, sternly. And of course, Madison said she "heard something".

"Race ya down!" Madison exclaimed, pushing herself down the tunnel. She yelled and then there was a loud thud. After a moment of silence, she laughed and told us to go down. So Olivia slid down, then I slid, and looked around as I marveled at this cave's beauty. There was a large pool filled with water, directly under the cone of what looked like a dormant volcano. The walls were glowing a bluish tint, and shined slightly. But once I pulled myself up from the ground, something miraculous happened: the water began to bubble, boil, and churn. Madison freely jumped in the water and smiled.

"It feels awesome!" she said to us. So I jumped in and felt my body tingle with delight. Madison and I coaxed Olivia into the water quickly; not only because we had to get out somehow, but also because we didn't want Olivia to miss out on the water. So, right as she jumped in, a full moon appeared over our heads as the water began to sparkle and water molecules floated to the sky. This continued for about thirty more seconds, but then abruptly stopped. 'That was extremely odd' I thought.

We all swam out of the cave underwater and up to the surface. Suddenly, a bright light flashed in our faces. A few sirens went off, and someone yelled "We found them! We found them!" loudly.

"This is the police. Please swim up to the boat and get on. We will take you girls home." a lady said over the speakers. I cursed a few words under my breath, but was relieved that someone found us and was taking us home. But I cringed when I imagined getting home. For me, it wouldn't be much of a problem since it's probably only midnight, and Olivia's mom won't even notice, but Mr. and Mrs. McKinley was going to FLIP. Poor Madison! Her parents are very strict.

The police dropped us off at my home's boating dock and talked to us about water safety, especially at night. I couldn't tell you how relieved I was to be home after such a wacky night! From being stranded to Charlie, the "mysterious" jerk, to Sardora Island, it was insane. Boy oh boy, could I wait to fall asleep in my bed! Since Olivia and Madison were already here, I let them sleep over. So we all crashed in my bedroom on my twin beds and trundle in our soaking wet clothes immediately.

Olivia's POV

I woke that morning to find myself in a very familiar lime green bedroom: Kyle's. I remembered the crazy night we had and everything before and after it. Oh, the memories. Seeing that I was the first person awake, I got out of the trundle and walked to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, I checked my face for any zits, and washed my face. I stuck my hands under the water and reached my hand into a pile of washcloths and towels. But then, the strangest thing ever happened: I suddenly couldn't feel my legs and lost my balance as I fell to the floor, along with the towels. What the hell just happened? I looked down at my legs and screamed, because that wasn't I saw. In place of my legs was a long, slender, and bronze fish tail.

"Olivia?" Kyle asked, running to the bathroom. " Are you okay?" Oh my god, I couldn't let Kyle see me like this! I didn't know what to do, but I only had a few seconds. So I slapped my tail against the door (in a clumsy way, because I was not used to having a tail.) and held it there so she couldn't get in.

"I'm fine!" I yelled through the door. Kyle jerked at the doorknob, but she couldn't open the door because of all the weight on it from my tail. My tail. I had a tail! Oh great. Not only was I stuck in the bathroom, but I was stuck in the bathroom half-fish. At Kyle's house. I have no clue how this happened, but this is a major problem. I reached across the floor, grabbed a towel, and began to dry myself off. In a matter of seconds, my legs reappeared, like usual. So I walked out the bathroom and looked at Kyle. "See, I'm perfectly okay." I said to her.

Madison's POV

"Thanks again, Kyle!" I yelled as I began walking home. Not too far of a walk, only like a mile or two. I'm not too proud of myself for not calling Mom and telling her I would be sleeping at Kyle's but she's usually a late sleeper, and knew I wouldn't be home until midnight-ish. But I still winced at how she would react.

I reached my house about ten minutes later, to see the kitchen lights on. Uh oh. I really hope that wasn't Mom or Dad! When I opened the front door quietly, I saw Avery, my seventeen year old sister channel surfing while drinking coffee and flipping through Vogue Magazine. She hears the door open and spins her head around, with her blonde hair flying around her head. My sister, Avery, and my brother, Cole, both have bleach blonde locks, a blessing from my mother and her family. As for me? I was cursed with my dad's dark brown hair. Some people prefer to say brunette, but that makes me sound like a snobby rich girl or something.

"Well, well, well!" Avery says, grinning. "Look who we got here. A small, good for nothing runt! Why weren't you home last night at midnight, like you were supposed to? Mom literally flipped when she found out you weren't here!"

CRAP! Mom knows I was gone? I'm gonna get punished, for sure. I didn't know what it might be, but I didn't want to think of that. As I walked into the kitchen and toward the stairs, Avery handed me her plate.

"Wash that off." Avery said, crossing her legs in her seat, daintily. Just because Avery is one of the most popular girls at Harborside High School,where I will begin high school at in just a few days, she thinks she can treat me like dirt. And guess what? Avery gets away with it because she's always so sneaky about it. Besides, my parents wouldn't even believe me. They never do.

I set the plate down on the sink and walked away from it quietly. The sooner I left, the better. So I trudged up the stairs to my pink bedroom. I used to not like it because of the pink, but now I don't mind it. I still don't love it like I did when I was eight, but it's fine.

Because I'm so tired from last night, I decide to take a nice, hot bath. Which is kinda funny, because to clear my mind from last night's water, I'm going to soak in a lot of water. So I turn on the bath, pour in some bubble bath soap, and strip of my clothes ni let my clothes fall to the floor and I step into the tub.

Picturing all the bubbles, I imagine the bubbles being my stress and having them fall through the drain. I open my eyes to quite an interesting surprise: in place of my legs was a fish tail. It was smooth and glowed a golden-bronze tint, which sparkled a little bit. Oh my god. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! To make sure I wasn't dreaming, I pinched myself. Hard.

"Ow!" I exclaimed at the unsuspected pain. I still couldn't believe what I was seeing and stroked the tail. It felt cool and crisp, yet warm and tender at the same time. As I continued stroking it, I kept thinking: I'm a mermaid. I'm a mermaid! Wow! This could be the best... And the worst thing that's ever happened in my life.

Kyle's POV

My mom just dropped me off at Bette Sherman Ice Center in downtown San Diego. Obviously, since its 70 or 80 degrees fahrenheit, I can't ice skate outside, or the ice will melt. So I have to practice indoors, and a lot more often, now that I'm going to Seattle for Regionals. Right now it's 9:14: almost 15 minutes before the rink opens. But since I'm a regular there and almost family, the owner gave me a key to Bette Sherman ice Rink, so I can practice before and after hours.

I ran inside with my rolling bag with all of my stuff in it. Once I unlocked the second set of doors, I set my bag down next to a couch, untied my sneakers, put on my skates, and headed out onto the ice.

I didn't know quite what to do once I got out there, so I warmed up with a few basic spins and jumps. When practicing my camel spin, I got the footing messed up and fell onto the cold ice. I tried brushing off the ice like nothing happened, but when I stood up, I fell straight to the cold ice.

"AAH!" I screamed when I hit the ice, because for some reason it was exceptionally cold. I looked down at my chest and in place of my Disneyland sweatshirt was a gold and bronze bra with scales on it. 'What the...?' I thought and tried to get up, but my legs wouldn't budge, mainly because I didn't have legs. In place of my legs was a tail that exactly matched the scaly bra on my chest. I gasped and just laid there for a moment, awed by its looks. Luckily, I was right by the edge of the rink and right by the door, so I reached for my phone and called Samantha Browning, my skating coach.

"Samantha?" I said into my phone. "This is Kyle Bradley. Sorry, but I just threw up in the bathroom and can't skate today." I told her, making up a lie on the spot I absolutely hate lying, but I can't let Samantha see me as a mermaid. When I told her, she did not sound happy because she was already halfway here, but agreed and said we'd make up for it in two days. "Okay, thanks. Thanks for understanding. Alright, bye." I spoke, then hung up. Now that I've been sitting here on the ice for so long, my butt, sorry, TAIL, was getting really cold. Wait. How was I supposed to ice skate if I'm taking a huge risk about me sprouting a tail whenever I fall?

I dragged myself to the bleachers on the side of the rink and laid down, completely off the ice. To speed up drying off, I took my tiny rag for drying off my skate blades and began rubbing myself vigorously. In an instant, my legs returned, like usual. Only this wasn't usual. I don't how, when, or why, but I'm a mermaid.

Maybe this had something to do with last night.

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